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Wedding talk 結婚に関するお話

June has just finished.. In Japan, we often hear the expression “June Bride”, and you can hear it in the West as well. Many people feel it is lucky to get married in the month of June.

今季節は夏、6月は終わったばかりです。この月に結婚する女性は、 ジューン・ブライドと言いますね。西洋の国々もそうです。数多くの人々の考えで、6月に結婚すれば、運がいいと思われています。

So why do they feel so? June is named after the Roman Goddess Juno. She was the wife of Jupiter, the king of the Gods, so she was a Queen.

どうしてこの考えが有りますか?英語で、6月は”June”と言います。これは昔のローマ帝国の女神様、 ジュノーから来ました。ローマの神話で、彼女は神々の王様ジュピターの奥さんでした。だから彼女は女王様の存在が有りました。

She was the Goddess of finances for the Roman Empire, and the Goddess of marriage and a married couples household. This is why many people still today feel that it is lucky to get married in June.


Much of the culture of Western countries comes from the Roman Empire, and so do the months of the calendar.


Let us examine them.


January is named after the God Janus, God of the doorway. This God would have a cruel face next to the door of a Roman house, facing outside. However, next to the door on the inside of the house, this God would have a kind face.


The outside face was to scare bad people away. The inside face was to spread warmth and kindness to the family.


Today, this image of this God persists in the English language. If a person is kind to his boss, yet cruel to his co workers at the same level, he can be called “Two Faced” like the God Janus. It is not a compliment.

現在、この神様の姿が英語に残っています。有る人が会社で上司にすごく優しい、しかし、同僚に厳しい、英語で、彼が、”Two Faced”と言います、ヤヌスの神様のようにです。これは丁寧な話ではありません。

February is named for the Roman purification festival, Februa, which was held in that month.


March is named after the Roman God of war, Mars.


April is most likely thought to be named for the Latin word Apirere, which means to open. In this month flowers bloom, thus they “open”.


May is the different one, named for the Greek Goddess of fertility Maia.

June we already know.


July is named for the Roman Emperor Julius Caeser, who was born in that month.

7月は、ユリウス カエサル皇帝から来ました。彼は7月生まれでした。

August is named after the Roman Emperor Augustus Caeser. In Latin, August means a person of great respect. Sometimes, English literature, you might come across the expression, “He was an august person”

8月は、アウグストゥス カエサルローマ帝国を建帝した皇帝でした。ラテン語で”August”と言う意味はとても尊敬されている人です。時々、英語の文学で、”He was an august person”の様の文章が有るかも知れません。意味は、“彼はとても尊敬された人でした”。

Now the next four months. September is Septem the Latin 7. October is Octo, number 8. November is Novem, or 9. And that leaves December as Decem, which is number 10.

それでは、次の4ヶ月。ラテン語でSeptemは7、Octoは8、Novemは9、それとDecemは10。これは英語のSeptember, October, November, and December.です。

What? Did you say that they are two months off? Not really. .Originally, the Roman calendar started in March and ended in December. The winter, a period of two months, was monthless until 731 B.C when January and February were created.


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