Saturday, January 24, 2009

オバマ大統領とイスラエル President Obama and Israel

Last night on Friday evening, I watched Asahi TV’s Hodo Station with Furutachi Ichiro. Now I must say that I am a big fan of Mr. Furutachi. The broadcast was about all the killings that Israel has done in Gaza, with very graphic video of the carnage.

昨夜(金曜日)、 テレビ 朝日「報道ステーション」で、古館伊知郎さんはメインキャスターでした。私は彼の大ファンです。昨日の放送は、ガザ地区で、イスラエル軍が大勢の普通の人々を殺した特集でした。

This was included with video of President Obama saying that Israel should not be bombarded with Hamas rockets. The implication was that perhaps President Obama supported Israel’s attack.


The truth is, President Bush supported Israel in whatever they did. The 2006 war against Lebanon was also quite awful. For the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah, Israel conducted bombing raids across the country, and fired many cluster bombs into civilian villages in Lebanon.

真実は、ブッシュ前大統領は何を行っても、イスラエルを支持しました。2006年レバノン戦争は 特にひどかったでした。南レバノンのヒズボラはイスラエル兵士二人をさらって、イスラエルの反動がレバノン全土に沢山の空襲を行い、クラスター爆弾も一般市民の市町村に落としました。

President Bush supported Israeli Prime Minister Olmert no matter what he did against the Palestine people. However, President Obama has been very busy in his first few days overturning many of the things President Bush did.


As far as the Middle East, he did say that Israel had a right to protect itself from Hamas missiles. However, he also said that the Palestinian people have a right to food, water, electricity and fuel. Israel has been blocking these things to the people in Gaza for a long time, and this is a major cause for the Hamas rockets.


Israeli Prime Minster Olmert’s public comments that he can pull the American President out of a speech and dictate how America should vote in the UN have really angered many Americans, including President Obama.

イスラエルのオルメルト首相の公のコメントで、アメリカのブッシュ前大統領はスピーチ中でも、彼をそのスピーチから引っぱって、 電話で国連投票を辞める命令を出す力が有りますと自慢しました。アメリカ人は、この事をとても怒っていますし、オバマ大統領も怒っていますと思います。

And most Israeli’s did not support this war in Gaza, neither did most Jewish people in America.


I think that Prime Minister Olmert and George Bush are close friends, they have the same worldview. In relations with other people, if you have a difficulty, bomb and kill.


Well George Bush is now gone. And I think that President Obama is about to give Israel some tough love.

ブッシュ前大統領は終わりです。私の考えで、これからオバマ大統領はイスラエルに”tough love”をします。

Tough Love  と言う意味は、甘く育つでは無く、厳しい規律をしながら、その相手に正しい事を分かる様にします。これは、特に、問題の子供の場合で使います。

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