Thursday, April 9, 2009

Part 3 アメリカがイスラエルを支持する方法。How America supports Israel

Now we have come up to the time that Israel was established. Americans generally took a very positive view of Israel. The Israeli settlers were often portrayed as heroes in the media, struggling to establish a nation. To Americans, this reminded them of the establishment of America, and the pioneer spirit.

それでは、イスラエルが建国に時に来ました。基本的に、アメリカ人はイスラエルについて肯定的な気持ちを持っています。イスラエル定住者は、マスコミで 新しい国を創る動力をしている英雄として見せられていました。アメリカ人はそのイスラエル人を見て、自分達のアメリカ建国とパイオニア精神を思い出しました。

There was one complication however. There were already people living in Palestine. Some Jews had always lived in the area since Roman times, but since then the majority population had always been Moslem Arab. In the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, the majority population has always been Moslem Arab, even today.


From the time of the first colonization by White people in North America, some part of the American population has been Jewish. And some of these Jewish people were able to become quite wealthy. Such Jewish families were able to provide financial help for the new Jewish State. Also, Jewish people often worked in the US government, or the American media. In these positions, they were able to help create a sympathetic feeling for Israel in the United States.


As for Arabs or Moslem people in general, until the last recently, there had been almost no Moslems living in the United States at all. At this time, there are very few Moslems who have high positions in American society. Most Moslems in America today tend to be working class.


In my last two blog posts, I have described how Christians persecuted Jews in history. Yet for 2,000 years, Christians and Jews had lived together, even if it was not always so amicable. But Moslems were from a different world. In the year 732 at the battle of Tours in southern France, and in 1529 at the siege of Vienna, Moslem invasion of Europe were defeated, and Christianity saved.


Very few Europeans traveled to Moslem lands, and even fewer Moslems went to Christian countries. Trade, if it existed at all, was negligible. So until the present day, Jewish and Christian people had existed together, while Moslems were viewed as strange and threatening. It was thus very easy for pro Israeli organizations in America to create a sympathetic image of Israel in America.


So from the time that Israeli settlers first came to Israel in the late 1890’s, and until the present day, the Israeli people have always been in some kind of combat with the Moslem people who lived there. The greatest help for the settlers was Jewish people living in Europe and the United States, who provided financing. Once Israel became a country, the primary backer became the United States, which provided financial and military aid. This aid is vital to the State of Israel, without it, Israel will cease to exist.


While the Palestinian people receive some financial aid from Arab nations, any serious aid or military help is blocked by the United States and Israel. Any Moslem in America who provides money to a charity to help Palestinian people is in danger of arrest by the American government, the charge would be helping terrorism. This is because, particularly under the Bush administration, most Moslem charity agencies, NGO’s and so forth were classified as terrorist organizations.

パレスチナ人はアラブ国々から金融援助を少し貰っていますが、ほとんどの金融と、勿論、軍事援助はイスラエルとアメリカで止められています。アメリカでは、モズレム人はパレスチナ人援助の為にチャリティとかNGOに寄付すると、国際テロ行為の手伝いで逮捕の可能性が有ります。ブッシュ政権で、ほとんどのイスラムチャリティグループは、勝手に テロ行為と決められ ました。

続きます。   To be continued.

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