Monday, May 11, 2009

豚インフルエンザが発生した理由  Where did Swine Flu come from?

Recently, Swine flu has been much in the news, as the epidemic covers the world. But where did this disease come from? Is it a natural event?


I do not think so. Rather, it is my belief that this is a result of American corporate farming. In the last 20 years, we have seen, in the United States, a significant increase in the number of pigs produced per year, while the number of hog farms has drastically decreased. The obvious answer here is that fewer farms are producing more pigs, for greater profit per pig.


This is done by economy of scale. But there are several downsides to this type of operation.


To create the most meat, pigs are bred for certain genetic traits. Hog reproduction is not by natural sex, but by artificial insemination. The more pigs that can be crammed into a certain physical area, the more profit that can be realized.

肉の量を大幅に生産する為に、アメリカの豚は決まっている遺伝形質に繁殖しています。豚生殖は自然セックスではなく、人工授精で行なっています。利益を増やす為に、豚小屋に出来るだけ数多くの豚を無理に詰め込んで います。

In nature, pigs need to roam freely to create a healthy animal. Also, natural sex between different pigs creates genetic diversity, which means more healthy animals.


So we have a massive amount of pigs, basically having the same genes, growing up in very confined quarters. Pigs are very vulnerable to infections. To counter this, their feed is filled with antibiotics to keep them healthy. Pigs grown up in such a manner face an extreme risk of being infected with a disease, which can quickly spread to all the pigs on a farm.


One more serious problem is pig feces. So many pigs living together is such confined quarters produces a lot of pig poop. Not only is this a vector for disease inside the pig farms, on large American pig farms, the amount of pig feces is too large to be disposed of . It is usually simply put in fields outside the pig barns. From here, the feces seep into the local lakes and rivers, and pollute the air. This was the case in Veracruz Mexico, where the present Swine flu began. Also, in the American State of Iowa, many fish have died in rivers near hog farms from the pollution.


There is a large farm run by the American corporation Smithfield Farms in Veracruz Mexico. This corporation is a pioneer of such large-scale pig farming for massive profit. The town outside the farm in Mexico has had a large incidence of respiratory disease in humans for some time before this latest attack of swine flu. Smithfield farms has previously had difficulties with disease at farms in the American state of North Carolina.

メキシコのベラクルス州に、このSmithfield Farmsと言うアメリカ大型農場企業は豚農場が有ります。この会社は、アメリカ大利益大型農場方法 のパイオニアです。そのベラクルス州農場近くの街が、現在の豚インフルエンザ感染前から急に人間の呼吸器系等の病気がふえていました。Smithfield Farmsも以前アメリカ国内ノースカロライナ州で病気の問題が有りました。

So much of all American industry concentrates on creating exactly the same product for every consumer. While I think that such processes are a good thing if we are building a car or refrigerator, I think we must remember, that the meat, fish and vegetables we eat come from nature, and we cannot truly raise them by factory methods. There will be unintended consequences. And it is my belief, that the present Swine flu is one of those consequences.

ほとんどのアメリカの企業は、全消費者の為に完璧同じ商品を作る事に集中しています。冷蔵庫でも自動車でも作るに、これが理想的と思いますけれど、私達人間が食べる肉、魚、野菜、が自然的な食べ物で、工場的な生産で育てられません。破滅的で意図しない結果が出ます。私は心で、現在の豚インフルエンザはその一つの 破滅的で意図しない結果だと信じています。

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