Friday, February 12, 2010

The American Cougar Phenomenon アメリカの新しい男女関係

If I asked you what is an American Cougar, and you answered, a large cat, like this:


Well, you would be partially correct. Yes, the animal in the picture is a North American Cougar, which lives throughout the Western United States, and southern Florida.


Yet there is another type of American Cougar, and here is a picture of such a cougar hunting her prey;


Well in this case, when we are talking about a two legged American Cougar, the prey is very specific. And he is called a "cub".


This phenomenon become known in America first in the late 1990's. Basically, it is defined as a women over 40, who goes after men in their lower 20's. Although marriage may happen, the basic goal seems to that "girls just want to have fun" even if these girls are over 40. Well, why not?


Last December, there was even a "Cougar cruise" a ship left San Diego for three nights of fun. 300 people participated.

昨年12月、楽しい三日間 “クーガークルーズ” は、サンディエゴから出発しました。300人が参加しました。

A movie, "Cougar Club", and a TV show "Cougar Town", have been created highlighting this new social event.

映画 “クーガークラブ” とテレビドラマ ”クーガータウン” が、この新しい社交行事を反映して創られました。 

A famous couple was recently quite openly displaying themselves last August at a teen achievement award ceremony.


I am sure everyone remembers the 2008 Presidential campaign in America. On the Republican side, Sarah Palin was the candidate for Vice President. During the campaign, it became obvious that her daughter Bristol was pregnant. The young man involved was determined to be a certain Levi Johnston, the young man in the above photo. After the election, Levi was forced by Sarah Palin to sever connections with the Palin family. The woman in the above photo is Kathy Griffin, an American famous comedienne. She is 49, he is 19.

A classic case of Cougar and Cub.


And how about the young men, I mean "cubs" involved in this movement. Well, it seems that they are genuinely young men who are interested in older women.


Many Americans are very conservative, especially concerning sexual matters. They will of course be angered by this "Cougar" and "Cub" social movement. What do I think? Well, everybody wants to have fun, they are all adults, why not?


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