Friday, May 27, 2011

シー・シェパードのグループはうるさくてたまりません!   I can't stand the Sea Sheperd group!

The Sea Sheperd people have become insulting again. Despite being helped by the people of Iwate Prefecture after the earthquake, they have returned to cause trouble.


I am getting very disgusted with these people. They have no decency.


Their leader, Paul Watson was overjoyed at the earthquake. He made a poem about Neptun's revenge upon Japan.

このグループのリーダー ポール・ワトソンさんが、大地震で喜びました。ネプチューン(海の神)の日本にたいしての復讐の詩を書きました。

Why do we have to let these people into Japan? They only come to make trouble. Their actions against the Japanese whaling fleet was very dangerous, it was only a miracle that somebody was not killed.


I propose that the Japanese government draw up lists of these people who belong to the violent organizations, like the Sea Shepard group, and the group who trespassed onto private property in Taiji. And I propose that these people be barred from entering Japan.


For a foreigner to visit Japan is a privilege, not right. They are guests, and guests should behave politely.


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normalcat said...

I was very delighted to hear such an opinion like yours. I thought that every foreigner might think that Japan is the worst country, because it catches whales even now.
It is said that whales are as smart as human beings.
I really thank you for reading my comment.
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