Wednesday, August 24, 2011

現在のアメリカを考える。 Thinking of the present state of America.

American Vice President Biden has just wrapped a tour to Japan, China, and Mongolia. I could not help but notice that he spent twice as much time in China than Japan.


Well China does have a lot more money invested in bonds than Japan. But I cannot help feel that Americans take Japan for granted. Too many Americans think of Japan as a colony that will simply obey orders.


Whoever is to become the next Prime Minister of Japan should think of this.


So the big question here is, is America financially stable? I don't think so.


Vice President Biden made his trip to reassure us in Asia that America is all right despite the close call at default. However, as I have written, the near default this month was due to political movements by the hard right Republican party. The Republican party in America is now controlled by Christian Fundamentalist elements through the Tea Party.


They want radical change that amounts to Civil War in America. They have indicated how they will use this type of political maneuver, pushing issues to the limit, again. In effect, they are promising more political turmoil.


So politically, we cannot expect any improvement in America's situation. In fact, we can expect things to get worse. And since the Christian Fundamentalists seem willing to go to Civil War if they don't get their demands, I think the political situation will get much worse.


The Christian Fundamentalist movement is a cancer growing in the heart of America.


No political stability means no financial stability.


American financial institutions have not changed their ways since the 2008 crisis. They are still doing credit default swaps, the mortgage market in America is getting worse, not better.


In fact, just this week, the New York State Attorney General was fired from a probe into the mortgage market.

The banks and the Obama administration want to finish up the investigation quickly. New York Attorney General Schneiderman wanted to probe deeply. So since he is fired, does that mean a comprehensive probe will not happen?


So as far as I understand, the problems that nearly destroyed the world economy have not been fixed in America, they are ongoing. And there is no desire in Washington to fix them.


In the Blogosphere, there is much frustration on the American Left with President Obama. He has not withdrawn from Iraq or Afghanistan. (despite announcements of an Iraqi withdrawal, there are still 46,000 US troops there)


Also, President Obama has not been able to fix the American economy. To be honest, I no longer think any US President can fix the US economy. It is in terminal decline.


President Obama is a decent man, but America has passed from the time where decent men can have an effect.


And if President Obama does not win reelection in 2012, then we are likely to have Michelle Bachmann as President, and Civil War.


So in Japan China, we are faced with a problem. We have a lot of money invested in the United States. Yet the United States is beginning to fail, and it is becoming obvious.


What can we do? If we withdraw all our money, sell off the bonds we hold, it will trigger American collapse, and destroy the world economy.


On the other hand, Americans seem to be incapable of fixing their problems, or managing their economy.


America cannot give up it's wars in Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries. They are hopeless wars that serve no purpose. There is no way that any kind of victory can be made. And in the case of Afghanistan, the Taliban were originally not enemies of America.


Yet like an addict, America cannot stop throwing tremendous amounts of money into those wars with no end.


Perhaps we should remember that we are stockholders in America. Perhaps we should convert our cash investments into infrastructure investments.


Sell the bonds, and use the money to build electric railroads in America. This will provide jobs for average Americans. This is something American corporations refuse to do.


American collapse is inevitable. But we should try to save what can be saved.


And to get America to pull it's military back from overseas, and employ them at home.


Perhaps this is the way to invest in America. Don't give money to it's financial institutions, but build something real. Americans, despite their denials of Peak Oil, will soon need electric trains to survive. They refuse to learn.


Well, perhaps it is time for China and Japan to act as responsible partners, and apply some "Gaiatsu" of our own.


Because if we do not change our ways, and simply continue to give cash to America, it is like giving cash to a drug addict. It will not help America, and American collapse will be certain. And the destruction of the world economy will soon follow.


I think we should invest in American infrastructure, and reality. And save America and the world.


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