Tuesday, November 22, 2011

”ウォール街を占拠せよ!”を壊されました。 Occupy Wall Street has been shut down.

All across America, in a coordinated action, Occupy Wall Street has been shut down.


In Chapel Hill North Carolina
ノースカロライナ州チャペルヒル で


In Portland Oregon

A woman in Portland sprayed in the face with Pepper Spray.

At the University of California Davis, police sprayed protesting students with Pepper Spray. Look at the video in the link below.


Well, what is Pepper Spray? Look at the chart below. U.S. Grade Pepper Spray is what is being used. People have experienced cardiac arrest, neurological problems, and even death from it's use.


In New York City, Occupy Wall Street protesters responded with an attempt to close down the New York Stock exchange by physically blocking the entrances. The attempt failed, but I was very impressed by the tactical direction given to the protesters. The plan was to force the police to help close down the Stock Exchange.


The way to do that, well if protesters come, then the police put up metal barricades. The barricades would also block the Stock Exchange workers.


In the first video in the link below, the National Lawyers Guild preps people on how to be arrested before the attempt to close the Stock Exchange. The Guild will represent all arrested protesters.



I mentioned tactical direction. Who is doing this? If you ask Right wing Americans, they will say that it is Communists, Anarchists, and so forth. But the truth seems to be a lot of the activists, and the knowledge that fueled the anti Vietnam War movement of the 1960's and 1970's is still there. These people, with their experience, are directing this movement. They stopped the Vietnam war, they won back then.


I have often written very critical things about America in my blog. Well the truth is, America is often bullying some country, often bombing some country and killing people.


But with this "Occupy Wall Street" movement, I find something to be proud of in America. I do not think this movement will disappear. It appeared, and quickly spread across the nation and the world. Simply by removing the protesters from public parks and spaces they occupied will not stop the protests.


And next year is election year in America, it promises to be very interesting.


But why now? There has always been income inequality in America.


What Mr. Greenwald writes in the link above, what has changed about income inequality is equality before the law. A key part of the founding philosophy of America is that all persons, greatly rich or miserably poor, are equal before the law.


Well, in America today, very obviously this is no longer true. Over the last couple of decades, banks and financial institutions have funded politicians, and used those politicians to repeal basically all national laws and regulations governing their business.


In turn, the banks and financial institutions have proceeded to commit economic fraud and crimes on a large scale. And this fraud and crime has hurt ordinary Americans.


Health insurance, mortgage loans, all types of financial transactions are no longer designed to help people or to provide a service, they are designed to take people's money. When 60% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical expenses, something is very wrong.


When I was a High School student in America, twice I was hospitalized and had an operation. My family was lower middle class, my father never had a steady job. Yet the hospitalization did not destroy our family, we could somehow pay. That is not true today.


In fact, I think what is new here, it is not simply that there is no more equality before the law. The rich 1%, through excessive health insurance fees, through fraudulent mortgage loans, are actively destroying the lives of American common people. The reason for this is simply to increase their profits.


The rich today are not rich because of brilliance or hard work, they are rich by defrauding the common people through unfair business practices. And the common people are angry. The result is the sudden appearance of the nationwide "Occupy" movement.


And this is the truth for Japan of TPP. For American banks and financial institutions, Japan and the Japanese people are simply another nation to rob. And our leaders agree to this.


In Japan, I think it is time to speak up.


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