Saturday, June 9, 2012

アメリカ大統領選挙 The American Presidential election

Well America is in Presidential election season.  Unlike most people in America, I do not watch the polls day after day.  I mean, there are some 5 months left before the election.


However, this poll shows that Romney is now nearly as popular as Obama, they are pretty close.


There are many things that I am disappointed in President Obama with.  This is normal.  A Presidential candidate promises many things, and often fails to deliver them when he gets elected.


Well, an American President is a human being, not a God.  And there are many forces in American politics.


However, there is one thing that President Obama accomplished, that in my opinion deserves more notice that it has gotten.  He stopped the Republican Candidates drive to start a war with Iran.


Such a war would have been a disaster for the entire world.  To me, this is his greatest accomplishment.


On the other hand, Candidate Romney has not made a clear statement of position on any issue, and has often changed his mind.


Well, his problem is his religion.  The Republican party has increasingly become a party of the radical Christian Right, the Christian Fundamentalists.


Perry and Bachmann were open Christian Fundamentalists, and the movement choose Santorum after their efforts failed.


That the Christian Fundamentalist movement could actually field open candidates in a Presidential election, I find very worrying.  However, the fact that their candidacies failed, I find reassuring.


Americans are still not ready to vote crazy religious revolutionaries into office.


But the problem is that they still dominate Republican party politics.  If Mr. Romney is elected President, I fear he will have to compromise too much with the Christian Right.


And he is very ignorant of the realities of the Muslim world.


I think both men, Obama and Romney will pressure Japan heavily to join TPP.  Well, any American would.  But I think that Romney is the more dangerous man.  Those crazy Christian Republicans will have too much power over him.  With a Republican Presidency, I feel that there will be greater possibility of America starting dangerous wars to prove that America is still strong.


And that is why I support President Obama for a second term.  He has shown that he has common sense.


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