Friday, September 21, 2012

尖閣諸島問題について Concerning the Senkaku Problem

The Takeshima problem has quieted down, but recently there have been a lot of riots in China over the Senkaku issue.


Many Japanese officials, businessmen, and media people seem to think America will protect The Senkaku islands for Japan.


Well the answer to that is a definite NO.  America does not really want to fight China.  China owns to many US National bonds.  Also, in their hearts, Americans have always felt China is a more important country than Japan.  That is simply because of numbers of people, they look on China as a bigger market.


America has now invited China to participate in military exercises.


Americans have no understanding of how much Japanese people feel for America.


But if it came to war between Japan and China, Japan would win, without American help.


Please read what I wrote two years ago.



ruma said...

Hello, Max von Schuler-Kobayashi.

 Your blog is very significant.
 The contents are unique.
 The general media is commonplace and funny.

 I am agreeable for your opinions.

 Japan must be protected by ourselves.  The U.S. forces merely occupy Japan.  U.S.A. may not have the intention to help Japan.

 Probably the Japanese inwardly heart thinks like that. We do not definitely express the state of mind.

Thank you.

Max von Schuler-Kobayashi said...


Thank you very much for your comment. I worry very about the future of Japan.