Sunday, October 21, 2012

米兵事件:シンガポール解決 Problems with American military personnel: The Singapore solution

Recently there has been another rape in Okinawa.  Frankly I am getting tired of constant problems with American military members.


I know what I am talking about, I was a US Marine in Japan myself.  And for many years I worked in the television industry in Japan.  I was a casting agent to put foreigners on Japanese television.


I have to say it, but the truth is that American military and military family members are very selfish, arrogant, and unreliable.  The acted like wild baboons.  The officer class was different and tried to help with problems, but the average American military member was so much trouble that we stopped using them.


Well Singapore has agreed to base 4 of the US Navy's newest warship type, the Littoral Combat Ship, in it's territory.


But Singapore seems to be well aware of the problems with American military personnel.  All US personnel will be restricted to their ships while in port in Singapore.


this is an interesting solution to a vexing problem.  What are Japanese government personnel thinking of to protect Japanese people from US military personnel?


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