Friday, February 8, 2013

2013年2月アメリカ干ばつ最新情報 American drought updates February 2013

A few months ago, a friend asked me how can trust the American media.  Well, I answered, you must understand Americans.


As I have often written, Americans are very over optimistic.  In the middle of last month, this article appeared on the net.


Well that seems like great news doesn't it?  Barges can now be sent down the Mississippi, the economy of the American Middle West will not collapse, all is well.


Well the truth is, the water level did rise about one centimeter for one day.  In the next week, it dropped about 15 centimeters.  The truth is, America is not saved.


To discover this fact, I simply checked the US government website for the river level at Thebes Illinois.


This next piece goes off even deeper into fantasy.  And American religious leader of the Christian American political Right, announced that Governor Perry of Texas had stopped the drought by the power of prayer.


The fact here is that the drought has not abated at all.  This is complete fantasy.  But Americans often make such public statements.


So what is going on with the American drought?  I will now point out three very ominous facts.


Many species of trees are dying in North America, because of the drought.


Butterfly species are declining.


In the state of Kansas, farmers had to dig two meters in the soil to find moisture.


The tree deaths and disappearance of butterflies are an extremely dangerous sign.  This proves that the climate has shifted, that such plants and insects cannot survive.


The state of Kansas is prime farmland for America.  There should be soil moisture within at least a centimeter or two of the surface.  Two meters of dry soil, well there is no more farming future there, only desert.


Kansas is the highest producing state for Winter Wheat in America.  I read reports that only 20% of the crop is in good condition in Kansas.  The rest is poor or dead.


61% of America's winter wheat states are in severe to exceptional drought.  Winter wheat is used to make bread in America.


Looking at these signs, they are very scary.


And even in the The Great Lakes, water levels in two of lakes have dropped very low.  There are many industrial harbors around these lakes.  However the low water means that the water level at the docks is low, so ships must now carry less cargo.


The is a further drain on the US economy.


The average American does not study much about anything, and does not have a broad knowledge of the world.


Thusly, they really don't understand the danger they are facing.  And they will not try and move until it is too late.


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