Wednesday, February 13, 2013

北朝鮮の核実験について Another North Korean bomb test

So North Korea has tested another bomb.  The fact is, I really don't find that to of much concern.  The North Korean rocket program has finally shown that it can launch a rocket to reach outer space.


However, the construction of that rocket is rather crude.  Also, remember that it takes a few weeks to assemble a North Korean rocket and prepare it for launch.


All of this activity would be visible by satellite.   If it were a wartime situation, well the time for the first exchange in a nuclear war is about 30 minutes.  From a submarine, 5 or 10 minutes.  This is not an offensive weapon system.


The North Koreans do have Nodong rockets in silos, and perhaps they could be fitted with a weapon.


But America is bound by treaty to come to Japan's aid if attacked.  America has over 5,000 nuclear weapons.


And while China is the major trading partner with North Korea, Japan is also important.  There is a large group of Korean residents in Japan that supply cash and essential equipment to North Korea.  So I don't think they will attack Japan on a whim.


Note again in the link below that certain electronic elements in the rocket were purchased overseas.  At a guess, I would say that North Korean residents of Japan supplied them.


Two more thoughts.  Americans always panic.  There is a deep sense of fear and insecurity in American thought.


This was clearly stated by former Vice President Cheney in his announcement of a 1% doctrine after 9/11.


Basically, it means that even if there is 1% chance of a certain country attacking the United States, the US should attack first.


The result of that is a partly secret war in which the United States and allies have attacked people in numerous countries around the world.  With the casualties in the Iraq and Afghan wars, it is my personal estimate that America has caused the deaths of over several million people.


I do not see how this has made the world safer, or changed anything.


So America will be panicked about the new North Korean test.


In the Pacific war, it was American economic pressure that forced Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor and invading Dutch Indonesia for resources.  Before the war, there were many fear mongering articles in the American press about Japanese military bases in Mexico.


And the other thought.  For North Korea, nuclear weapons only make sense as a defensive weapon.  Americans, in their panic, assume that one day Kim Jong Un will be bored, and launch a nuclear missile for no reason.


This is ridiculous.  Events always happen for a reason.  Al Qaeda attacked America on 9/11 because of the presence of American troops in Saudi Arabia, and American support of the Saudi government.


Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because the American oil embargo was destroying the Japanese economy.


Americans just cannot understand these things.  So when American news media panics about the North Korea weapon, ignore them.


Also, anti missile systems are worthless.  They are just designed to make money for the companies that make them.


There is only one defense against a nuclear attack.  That is retaliation.  At present, the United States is bound by treaty to respond if Japan was attacked by a nuclear weapon of an other power. 


And it is my opinion that at the present time, America certainly would bomb North Korea in case they bombed us.  America has enough nuclear weapons to turn North Korea in to melted glass from coast to coast.


I say this because the heat of a modern nuclear weapon fuse the soil into glass in the area below the detonation.


We should remind North Korea of this fact.  And then ignore them.  And no, I am not at all happy about the North Koreans having a weapon.  But we should not give them more attention.  That just rewards them for bad behavior.


North Korea is a country that is starving.  If they want aid and help from other countries, they should ask like other normal countries do.  I do not like to have them threaten us with nuclear weapons.  So until they learn to behave normally, I say ignore them.


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