Monday, July 1, 2013

アメリカ内乱の脅威 American Civil war threats

Last week, the United States Supreme Court struck down DOMA.  What was that?  It was the Defense Of Marriage Act.  This was an attempt by the Christian Fundamentalists to make Gay marriage illegal.  It would have defined legal marriage as between one man and one woman.

先週、アメリカ最高裁判所はDOMAを無効にしました。DOMAは何ですか?結婚擁護法 でした。これは、アメリカ原理主義キリスト教の同性愛者の結婚を違反にする試みでした。この法律で、結婚は男と女だけ認める法律でした。

In the link below is a letter signed by many American Right wing Christian leaders.  In so many words, they threaten Civil War if the Supreme Court strikes down DOMA.


Basically, they say their concept of God is more powerful than the American Supreme Court.  And that they will not stand by if the Supreme Court strikes down the law.


That means that they will take action, violent action.


I don't think that the people who wrote this threat to the US government will actually start shooting just yet.


I think they are trying to encourage some emotionally unstable people to commit violence.


This happened a few years ago, When Sarah Palin encouraged people to shoot her political opponents.


Congresswoman Giffords was gravely injured, and several people were killed.


There has been a lot of violence against abortion clinics by Christian Fundamentalists.  Arson, bombs and several doctors have been murdered.


These extreme people are about 25% to 30% of the American population.  With greatly increasing poverty in America, a food crisis about to happen, this makes the possibility of internal conflict in America very real.


And about the people who campaigned for legalization of Gay marriage.  Too many people are only thinking about their own satisfaction.  They are not thinking of the good of the country.


The food crisis caused by Global Warming will hit this year.  Next year, people will begin to starve to death.


This is much more important than Gay marriage.


But the truth is, America is not truly a nation.  It is a collection of individuals who place their own satisfaction as more important than the survival of the group.


Such a country cannot survive.


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