Tuesday, October 21, 2014

常識が通じない国:韓国 Korea: The land where normal rules do not apply.

With recent events in South Korea, I think it is obvious, that in Korean minds, rules and laws do not apply to them.


They can make them up as they go along.  First, there is the scandal concerning the Sankei newspaper reporter.



Mr. Kato of the Sankei newspaper


All he did was reprint an article filed by a Korean publication.  The article stated that during the recent Korean ferry disaster, President Park was unavailable for 7 hours because she was having sex with her lover.


Personally, I do not care about the sexual activities of world leaders.  However, for 7 hours during a national emergency the President of South Korea could not be reached.  This is a very valid concern that reflects upon her competence to be President.


Obviously she was in country.  Why could she not be reached?


Presently Mr. Kato is forbidden to leave Korea while he is under investigation for defamation.


There are some people in China, South Korea, and the US who complain about hate speech in Japan.  Yet look at this demonstration by Koreans.  They are hitting people wearing masks of Mr. Kato of the Sankei newspaper, and Japanese Prime Minister Abe.



A Japanese reporter was simply doing his job, and Koreans act like this?


Now I will educate Korean people.  You are not special.  If you wish to participate in the world, you must obey rules like any other nation.  In a Democracy with a free press, it is the job of the press to find wrong doing by political leaders.


And why only punish the Japanese reporter?  What about the Korean reporter who wrote the original article?  Nothing has happened to him.


What is the problem with Koreans?  Do they hate everybody?


Here, Koreans are walking on a Thai flag.  Why insult Thailand?



In the Asian games recently, Korean cheating was rampant.  I saw the boxing video:



There was more cheating in wrestling, soccer, and badminton.



Badminton?  Who cheats in badminton?  Well Koreans do.  I remember the massive cheating Koreans did in the 2002 world cup.  Frankly, I do not think Korea can be trusted to host any sports event, and Korean teams should be banned from all international events.


In America, there are still some Americans who attack Japan.  Recently, the Asahi newspaper admitted that it’s reporting of forced recruitment of WWII was totally false.  The Asahi newspaper articles were the cornerstone of all accusations against Japan in this issue.



Yet those Americans in the above link continue to say that Japan was bad in the war, despite their evidence having been proved wrong.


Are these people simply deluded, or are they well paid by someone?  In any case, they are the shame of America.


Fortunately, I can say that I have American friends who realize that Koreans lie, and are helping Japan in such areas as the Comfort Women issue.


Looking at Korean recent behavior, I do not see how any one can trust that country, in any fashion.  And such cheating behavior is not anything new.


I lived in Korea 38 years ago and taught English.  ALL Korean run English schools I worked for refused to pay me.  Why?  That is their nature.  Many other American English teachers in Korea had the same problem.  They told me, the solution was to tell my students, and the students would cause a riot and lock the management staff in their offices until they paid me.  This was common practice for foreign teachers to get paid.  For me, this was too much trouble, I came back to Japan.  Well, at that time, I had hope that with more contact with the rest of the world, Korea would become a normal nation.


Unfortunately, I was wrong.  South Koreans have gone into some fantasy where normal rules and laws do not apply to South Korea.


They think they are special, and can lie and cheat as they please.  I am very sad to say this, but Koreans are not a civilized people, they are mud people.


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