Thursday, May 7, 2015

安倍総理はアメリカ議会で演説しました。 Prime Minister Abe makes a speech before a joint session of Congress.

First of all, I must say that the speech was a masterpiece.  It seemed to have been written by an American, it was done just as Americans would make a speech.


I have heard that some Americans criticized Prime Minister Abe’s English.  Well yes, the English was rough in a few places.  But Prime Minister Abe does not speak English.  It is obvious that he went to much work to be able to make that speech.  I speak 4 languages, but very few Americans speak a language other than English.


They do not know how much work it is to communicate in another language, so they can be very critical.


The speech was full of much praise of America.  Well, Americans like that, in their own speeches, they are always praising themselves.  So this speech is just the same as any normal speech in America, full of praise of how wonderful America is.


Of course, the reality is very different, America is no longer such a wonderful country.  But Americans have no interest in hearing reality, they will always choose to hear the fantasy of continued American greatness instead.


If in fact, you have a discussion with Americans, and you do not praise America, they will become angry.  It is necessary in any discussion.


Prime Minister Abe mentioned American casualties in WWII, and used the word freedom many times.  He made no mention whatsoever of Japanese casualties, and in particular Japanese civilians killed by American bombing.


Unfortunately, if you want to talk to Americans, this was necessary.  Abe did what he had to for political expediency.


Too many Japanese think because of Michael Yon, Kent Gilbert, Tony Marano and me, American thinking about the war and Japan has changed.


Extremely few Americans understand Japan in WWII.  Many want to cooperate with Japan post war, others still want to fight the war and to continue to fight Japan, these latter are allied with South Korea.


But ALL Americans believe that Japan was an evil country back then.  Perhaps they believe that Japanese people were deceived by evil leaders.


But there is NO WAY that Prime minister Abe could have told the truth, that America forced Japan to go to war, and that American troops were very brutal.


Americans would have become quite angry if Prime Minister Abe had spoken of the sacrifices of Japanese people in the war.   For Americans, they do not want to hear that, they are only interested in what happened to Americans.


America would have used all it’s power to remove him as Prime Minister of Japan.


What he did was buy time for Japan on the history problem with Korea.


The main problem here is that South Koreans have created extreme trouble for Japan by going overseas, particularly the US, and mounting a campaign of hate against Japan.


Prime Minister Abe’s speech will satisfy a lot of Americans, as an apology.  And he emphasized the post war Japanese American friendship, which the correct thing to do.


So in the future when Koreans keep pushing for Americans to cooperate in attacking Japan, these Americans who heard Prime Minister Abe’s speech might just tell the Koreans to stop.  Maybe.


America is very near collapse.  California has a year of ground water left.  From my studies, I can assure you that there will not be enough rainfall to break the drought.


California produces 2/3 of America’s fruit and vegetables.  In drought years, 60% to 70% of the water for those crops come from ground water.


California has about a year’s supply of water left.  After that, no more water, no more crops, starvation and social chaos in America.


It will be difficult for America to maintain military forces in Asia.  Japan should prepare for that time now.  We need to use the US Navy as much as possible, expand the Japanese military, and prepare for possible Japanese deployments to South East Asia.


The pro China Americans with their South Korean allies will do their best to keep attacking Japan with history issues.  They already are claiming that Prime Minister Abe did not go far enough in apologizing.


But I think most Americans will think the issue is settled.


So we should use American military power while it still exists.


As far as TPP, American corporations will destroy Japan.  So we must not join it.  How do I know this?  They have destroyed Americans, just think of the American health care system.


Of course in Japan, we, meaning citizens groups, should still keep teaching correct history about the war.  When foreigners criticize us, tell them it is an internal Japanese affair, it is not their business.


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