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大東亜戦争でのマニラの戦い The battle of Manila in the Second World War

The Japanese mass media should report events about the war truthfully.


Recently, Their Imperial Majesties, The Emperor and Empress of Japan, paid an official visit to the Philippines.


Japanese newspapers printed articles saying how terrible Japan was in the Philippines during the war.


Now just a minute.  As I have written, I am a scholar of things military.   Often, people say how the Japanese military was so brutal in the battle of Manila.


Now, I have always suspected something, and a little google research proved that I am correct.

まあ、昔から私は違うように考えて、それでグーグル検索して、やはり私の考えは正しいと 明らかに成りました。

It was not Japanese troops that killed 100,000 Philippine people in the battle of Manila, but American.


How can I say this?  Well, America always uses massive firepower.  Because America can.


Let me bring up a quote from a German Army officer in WWII.  This was in Italy.  For a couple of years, the war in Italy was basically fighting in river valleys that ran east to west.  This conversation was about the difference between the German and American Armies.


The Germans would be on the north side of the valley, the Americans on the south side.


There would be a noise down in the valley.  The German Army would send 10 men down the mountain to investigate it.


The American Army would shoot 10 artillery shells and forget about it.


You see, America has always fought a rich man’s war.  A lot of artillery and material.


In the battle of Manila, only some 1,000 US troops died.


In the battle of Manila, the city was destroyed.


After the battle, it was America that started the story that Japanese troops had gone crazy, raping civilians and killing them on a massive scale.


But could Japanese forces really do this?  Absolutely not.  Again, why can I say this?  Let us consider what such a battle means.  In defensive city fighting, by definition the defender will dig in, and remain under cover.


America had total air superiority.  Any aircraft in the air was American.  During daylight hours, Japanese troops could not move at all.  If they did, they would be immediately attacked by American aircraft.


So their ability to kill civilians would be very limited.


The extremely low number of American troops killed strongly indicates that the advance into the city was down very piecemeal, every step of the way accompanied by massive artillery fire.

この戦いで死亡したアメリカ兵はとても少ないですから、アメリカ軍のマニラの街の中へ進む事は本当に少しづつでした。アメリカ兵の 各一歩で大砲の砲弾を数多く撃ちました。

Well, in war, that is what fighting cities is about.  The defender has a very strong advantage.  So many buildings provide excellent cover for defending forces.


So to avoid casualties, America pulverized the city.  But this is also very hard on the civilians in the city.


Yes, I think it is true that Japanese troops did rape and kill people in the city as they died.  They are human, and facing death, with no hope of victory.


But they could not have done mass killing.


And when we consider rape, Japanese Imperial Army behavior was much better than American.  All in all, Japanese behavior in the war was much better than American.  They were well disciplined.


Sorry Americans, but this is true.  The bulk of American forces have little discipline, that was true then, and also today.


You can find a lot of articles in, for example, the magazine “Rolling Stone” of Americans killing and raping civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan today.


In the American Philippine war, America killed over 1 million people in 14 years of fighting.


Americans torturing Philippine people by waterboarding.


When I talk to some Japanese people, who keep telling me that Japanese troops were terrible, I wonder.  Do these people really have any idea what war is about?


It is not a game.  In a sports game, both sides, winner and loser, shake hands after the match.


In war, it is about hatred, massive destruction, horror.  And lots of killing.


I was a United States Marine.  There many people in the Marine Corps who were rather crazy.  I think that if they were on a battlefield, they could do terrible things.  That is why more than other US forces, the US Marine Corps trains Marines so hard in being disciplined, to obey orders.


More than other US forces, the Marines train for direct infantry assault.  Yes, we will take an objective, but many Marines will die doing it.  We were trained to expect death.


In WWII, Imperial Japanese Army and Navy forces were very well disciplined, and fought against incredible odds for Japan.


In most battles, they fought to the last man.  That is a great honor for Japan.


It is time for people to stop demonizing Japan.  Just after the war, I understand that Americans wanted to use propaganda about Japan.


After all, the entire war with Japan happened because of American mistakes.  I write about this in my books.


But the war is over 70 years now.  it is time to lay the ghosts to rest.


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