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私の最近の本とアメリカ内乱の状態 The state of the American Civil War and my most recent book.

My latest book, 2nd Civil The Battle for America, describes the present conflict in American society.

私の最近の本:「アメリカ人が語る 日本人に隠しておけないアメリカの“崩壊" 」が、アメリカの現在の国内混乱状態を説明しています。

I think a lot of people in Japan hope that President Trump is simply an anomaly, and 2020 a normal politician will be elected President, and everything will go back to normal.


That is just not possible.  The efforts to destroy him are ongoing, and are becoming ridiculous.  Special prosecutor Mueller has been trying to find evidence of Donald Trump cooperating with Russia to win , and after 18 months the effort has produced Zero evidence.


The people who want to destroy Trump do not give up however.  Now they are talking about obstruction of justice.  This is ridiculous and has no meaning.  Basically, it means President Trump is not helping his enemies destroy him.  It has no real legal meaning.


President Trump has done some things that will please his supporters, about half of the population.


But the wealth gap is immense, and it will take much time to have an effect.  And it is doubtful that the very rich top 1% will give up profit.


The wealth gap


And this to me makes Civil War certain in America.  There is no
time, and there is so much hate, between Black and White people, between Right and Left wings.


The American Left has constantly been attempting to provoke the Right with various violent actions.


At this moment, the existence of President Trump is the only thing that prevents the American Right from launching Civil War, against Leftist provocations.


Such violent provocations do exist, but the media does not report them at all.  Just go to Leftist website such as the Antifa site,

そう言う暴力的な扇動が有るが、マスコミは全然報道しません。左派の反ファシズム運動のサイト を見ると彼らが自分たちの暴力活動を自慢しています。

On February 4th, 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.  The destructive riots after the game made the news.  In the link below, Antifa activists describe how they posed as Eagles fans, and used the occasion to start fires, commit vandalism, destroy property, and attack police officers.


Political violence by the Left is ongoing in America.


So, let’s take a look at what some commentators in America are saying about the subject.  I have been reading James Kunstler’s blog for some 12 years or more.  I have read his book, “The Long Emergency” about Peak Oil.  Let us take a look at a recent blog post.  He is discussing what he thinks would happen if the Deep State succeeds in removing President Trump.

それでは、内乱についてアメリカの評論家のコメントを見ましょう。私は12年前からジェームス・クンスラーさんのブログを読んでいます。彼の書いた本、「長い緊急事態:石油、気候変動、および21世紀 他の収斂する大惨事の終わりを生き延びる」ピークオイルの説明も読んでいます。彼のブログの最近のポストを見ましょう。アメリカの Deep State(黒幕)のトランプ大統領の解任試みが成功に成ったら、アメリカがどう成ると書いています。

There are many other commentators who are posting things like this, just put into goggle,
“Will there be a 2nd American Civil War?”

他の沢山の評論家もこう言う投稿を書いている、グーグルで、“Will there be a 2nd American Civil War?” を検索して下さい。

And remember, he does not like President Trump as a person, but argues that he is indeed the President.


 Surely, the Deplorables of Flyover Land will not like the dumping of their Golden champion one bit. I’d stay away from post offices and other parcels of federal property for a while. If a bunch decides to march on the nation’s capital, it will be a messier affair than anything the hippies pulled off back in the day, perhaps the first battle of Civil War 2.

I will now analyze the paragraph sentence by sentence in Japanese.

 Surely, the Deplorables of Flyover Land will not like the dumping of their Golden champion one bit.


 I’d stay away from post offices and other parcels of federal property for a while.


 If a bunch decides to march on the nation’s capital, it will be a messier affair than anything the hippies pulled off back in the day, perhaps the first battle of Civil War 2.


Mr. Kunstler is referring to the militia movement, which is 100,000 strong.  Groups I have seen, like the Oathkeepers and the III% are very professional, well equipped and well trained.  I do not think that all of these groups will be so trained, but they should be enough to make a revolution.


In the case of civil conflict, it is to be expected that many active duty troops, disgusted with the forced political correctness that has been pushed on the military, will simply join these militia groups or refuse to fight them.


Here is one more commentator, Fred Reed.  He was a combat Marine in Vietnam, and since then has been a free journalist in Asia and America.  Last year he wrote in his blog that peace is no longer possible in America, and it is time to choose sides in the Civil War.  He does not like Donald Trump, but he likes the Liberals less, so he chooses the Conservative side.


One aspect of this conflict that people have been missing is that all food producing areas are in Conservative Red Areas.  The Blue areas, the Liberals, are concentrated in urban areas and vulnerable.  They have no food supply, and no Left wing armed force like the militia.


Mr. Kunstler speculates on what kind of President Mike Pence would be.  What he does not mention is the fact that Mike Pence is a devout Christian Fundamentalist.  This would make the American Civil War a religious war, something like those that devastated Europe from 1522 to about 1700.


The American Left, with their emphasis on political correctness, LGBT rights, the promotion of trans sexuality and the destruction of the traditional family, are setting themselves up for extermination.

アメリカの左派は、 ポリティカル・コレクトネス、LGBT権利の集中したり、性転換を励ましていたり、伝統的な家族を潰している、自分たちをはめられるように罠を作っています。

This is exactly what the conservative Christian Fundamentalist despise.  In their idea of Christianity, Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists and so on are not true Christians.  Only those who re-baptize into their idea of Christianity are thought of as true believers.


And LGBT people are to be converted to straight people (non gay) or killed.


This is a perfect recipe for a religious war.


Here is a link by Mr. Takeda, where he describes the economic situation in America.


There is one thing that is important for Japanese people to realize.  America as we know it is not going to be there any more, or what survives of America will not be able to project power outside it’s continent.


And let’s not forget California.  When President Trump assumed office, there was an increase in people who started talking about independence for California.


California is already defying the Federal government over immigration law, and openly protecting illegal aliens from arrest and deportation.


And there is a serious movement to create a New California, a state out of the conservative areas of the state.


In the map below, the Liberals who want to make California an independent country are in the yellow area.  The Conservatives have all the blue areas.


One thing occurs to me quickly, the Liberal yellow areas don’t have any food producing areas, or any water resources.  The yellow area could not exist without the blue.


But if the yellow area becomes an independent nation, how can it survive?  Both sides hate each other deeply.  America today is full of hate, people are thinking emotionally, not rationally.


So yes, I think a break up of California is indeed possible.


America is fracturing apart upon many different social fault lines, as people split in to many different hostile groups.


I also think it will take 50 to 100 years for America to be able to return to some kind of normality.


In Japan, we have a mindset called “Heiwa Boke”.  It literally translates as “Peace Idiot”.  It means a person who thinks peace is eternal.  This person thinks there is nothing he or she can do to preserve peace, that Japan can somehow exist without a military, or depends on others, in Japan’s case America, to maintain the peace.  Such a person literally sleep walks through life.

日本では、”平和ボケ”と言う考え方が有ります。翻訳すると、”平和のバカ”と言う意味です。この意味は、平和は永遠と考える人です。この人が平和を守るために自分が何も出来ないと考えて、日本は何とか軍隊無しで存在を出来る、それとも、日本は防衛の為に他国、他人、 特に、アメリカに頼ります。こう言う人が人生で無遊状態で歩いています。

It is time for Japan to wake up.


Japan will have to defend itself, and feed itself.  The future will be very different.  And it will come very soon, a few years at most.  We must prepare.


Thursday, February 1, 2018




会場:東京ウイメンズプラザ  1階 視聴覚室A.B







一緒に学び議論しましょう。 誇りある日本のために。

会場:東京ウイメンズプラザ  1階 視聴覚室A.B
講師:Max Von Schuler 小林 / エイブリ モロー

「The Sacred Science of Ancient Japan」

「太平洋戦争 アメリカに嵌められた日本」(ワック)
「アメリカ人が語る アメリカが隠しておきたい日本の歴史」(ハート出版)



終了後、近所の居酒屋で「オフレコの会」をやりますので 、ぜひそちらにもご参加ください。

「本当は素晴らしかった 韓国の歴史」
「アメリカ人が語る、日本人に隠しておけない アメリカの“崩壊”」
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Friday, January 19, 2018

American Civil War, the breakup of California アメリカの内乱、カリフォルニア州の分裂

On Monday January 15th representatives from rural California issued a Declaration of Independence.  They do not want to leave the United States, but they want to break off and form their own new state of New California.


The proposed new state would look like this.  The Blue is conservative, the Yellow will be Liberal coastal California.


In my most recent book, “2nd Civil War, The Battle for America”, I describe the present Civil War as urban versus rural.

私の最近の本「アメリカ人が語る 日本人に隠しておけないアメリカの崩壊」で、現在のアメリカ内乱は、大都市対地方と説明しています。

There have been several incidents of talk of secession in Texas, or splitting up of California before, but this is the first time a legal process has begun.  This document has as much legal standing as the original Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.


The differences between urban and rural America are great and are growing larger.  In California these differences become intense, as there is a very radical urban Left, while the rural areas are very conservative Right wing.


The advocates for creating a new state say they want to be free of tyranny.  Frankly, the fact is, the American Left wing has very little understanding of the American countryside.


Until a year ago, California was in very serious drought, and urban liberals used their political power to force water cutbacks to agriculture.  The reason was to save endangered wild fish populations.


People in rural California do not want the culture wars that the American Left is forcing upon everybody in America.


For example, in California, when performing a marriage, the words “husband and wife” cannot be used, they are replaced by “spouse and spouse”.  This is not to offend Gay and trans gender people.


Well, people in urban California who are Leftists will like this, but the majority of people in rural California are deeply Christian, and this is extremely offensive.


There are Left wing activities like Drag Queen story hour for children.


These have become popular in recent years in San Francisco and New York City, and are held in public libraries.  The California rural Right wing people would be appalled at such things.  I am too, we should not be sexualizing young children.  Drag Queens are an adult entertainment, young children should not be exposed to this.


What Japanese people don’t realize is that American states are much more powerful than Japanese prefectures.  It is indeed legally possible for states to break up, and has happened before.


Below is a map of the state of Virginia.  When the American Civil War broke out, The state of Virginia decided to secede and join the Southern Confederacy.  The Western portion of the state did not agree, and they broke off and formed their own State, West Virginia.


The people proposing that a new state of New California be formed will present their case to the State Capitol in Sacramento in 10 to 18 months.  Then I imagine there will be some sort of referendum vote to decide the issue.


But there will be myriad problems if the states split.  Just look at a map of water reservoirs in California.


Compare that to the map of what will be Left wing, urban coastal California.  They will have virtually no water sources.  This alone will be a major source of friction in the future.


This is a characteristic of the American 2nd Civil War across the nation.  The Right controls resources and agriculture across the  nation.  In this California separation, it becomes obvious.


In such circumstances, it is insane for the Left wing to push for Civil War, but that is what they are doing.


And this will serve as an example for other areas in America.  If people cannot get along together, some areas might decide the best thing is to split off from people they don’t like.  This means that Civil Conflict, leading to Civil War, is intensifying in America.


「本当は素晴らしかった 韓国の歴史」
「アメリカ人が語る、日本人に隠しておけない アメリカの“崩壊”」
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Friday, January 12, 2018

ローガン・ポール、日本に来た不快なアメリカ人 Logan Paul, an obnoxious American in Japan

Recently, A young American youtuber named Logan Paul has made the news.  His actions in filming a body in the Aokigahara forest, which is know as a place where many disturbed commit suicide earned him notoriety.


But his entire trip in Japan was one of nasty egoism.


In this video below, he talks about respect.  From the way he talks, to me a native speaker of American English, it is obvious that some person has told him to be respectful in Japan.


Yet his tone of speech, “Japan is all about the respect” and his hand gestures are extremely rude.  Right there, he is telling us he has no intention of respecting anything, and he is mocking Japan.


But such behavior is quite common among Americans, particularly the young.  Some 20 years ago, I used to work for a talent agency in Japan that supplied foreigners for television and films.  Well over half the Americans were very similar to this Logan Paul person.


In the 2016 Presidential election, on world wide television, we saw many examples of such awful spoiled Americans.


When Donald Trump won the Presidency, there were massive demonstrations.


People burned American flags.


In April of 2017 there were massive riots in Berkeley California, when a Right wing speaker came to speak.


These Americans are behaving in the same way as Logan Paul did in Japan.  They expect total satisfaction, that they can do whatever they wish in life, their every wish and demand will be granted.


The thing is, when losing an election, mature adults understand that this is part of life.  Also, mature adults understand that when visiting other countries, one should not behave like a hooligan.


Why are so many Americans so obnoxious?  Well this is what they have been taught.  In doing research for my latest book, “2nd Civil War, The Battle for America”, I studied American education.  What I discovered was absolutely horrible.

何故数多くのアメリカ人がこんなに不快ですか?まあ、こう言う教育を受けています。私の最近の本、「アメリカ人が語る 日本人に隠しておけないアメリカの“崩壊」を研究した時に、アメリカの教育状態を勉強しました。その習った事がとてもひどいです。

Basically what schools now teach is social justice awareness and self esteem.  With self esteem, they teach that the student is wonderful just as they are born, they don’t have to make any effort to improve.  This is very Left wing type thinking, the  American Left has ruined American education and American youth.


With social justice, they teach that the culture they were born in is entirely wrong, and should be destroyed.


What they do not teach are mathematics, history, language, or science.


Here are some comments from American teachers about mathematics.


Professor Andrew Hacker of Queens College in New York says Algebra is too hard and should be dropped.


Professor Rochelle Gutierrez at the University of Illinois says teaching mathematics reinforces “White Privilege” since it was developed by White Europeans.


A professor at Brooklyn College, Laurie Rubel, says that meritocracy is a tool of “Whiteness”, meaning dominance of other races by Whites.


What it means that requiring students to study hard to pass tests and gain knowledge promotes discrimination and inequality.  People should be awarded just for being born.


This is the kind of philosophy behind participation trophies.  These are awards given out for showing up at school academic or sports event.  Just for being there, not for winning anything.


Leftists educators in America feel that this reinforces the self esteem of students.  They think that a loss would devastate them.


Well, this is why we have people who cannot cope with their favored candidate losing a political election.  In America today, the political Left wants to totally destroy the Right, or any other person with opinions they do not like.


That is what they have been taught, they have not been taught they must live in a society and work with other people.


And that is why we have Americans like Logan Paul.  He thinks he can come to Japan, do as he pleases, act like a hooligan, and there will be no consequences.


Looking at his videos, the jumping on trucks and delivery carts at Tsukiji fish market, running in traffic in the street, and general mayhem, he is a dangerous person.


I do not know what action the Japanese police took with this idiot, but I would think two years in prison at hard labor would be a sufficient punishment.


And there are more such foreigners, in Japan, we must be ready.


「本当は素晴らしかった 韓国の歴史」
「アメリカ人が語る、日本人に隠しておけない アメリカの“崩壊”」
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ハート出版社がお勧めする韓国とアメリカを全く新しい視点で斬る出版記念講演会* 2月5日(月)


★ 2月5日(月)
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「本当は素晴らしかった 韓国の歴史」
☆ 松木國俊 氏

日本人に隠しておけない アメリカの“崩壊”」
☆ マックス・フォン・
   シュラー・小林 氏
・まつき くにとし 昭和25年熊本県生まれ
昭和48年 慶應義塾大学法学部政治学科卒業。
豊田通商株式会社入社。昭和55年- 昭和59年、豊田通商ソウル事務所駐在。
秘書室次長、機械部次長を経て、平成12年 豊田通商退社。翌年「松木商事」設立、代表取締役。
『こうして捏造された韓国「千年の恨み」』 『韓国よ、「敵」を誤るな!』 ワック、他 著作多数
・マックス・フォン・シュラー こばやし
「アメリカ人が語る アメリカが隠しておきたい日本の歴史」(ハート出版)
「太平洋戦争 アメリカに嵌められた日本」(ワック)『アメリカ白人の闇』(桜の花出版)等著作多数

※講師の先生をはじめ 会に関わる全員がノーギャラです

◦ 東京メトロ 丸ノ内線・南北線
  後楽園駅直結 (5番出口直結)   
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Did the American Left cause a train crash that killed six people? How this affects Japan? 6人死亡の脱線の列車事故はアメリカ左派のせいですか?日本の影響は?

Every so often, I wonder if I go to far in my writing.  In my latest book, “2nd Civil War, the Battle for America” I predict that America is indeed going into Civl War.

時々、私が自分で書いている事で言い過ぎかなと考えます。最近の本で、『アメリカ人が語る 日本人に隠しておけないアメリカの“崩壊”』、アメリカは内乱へ向かっていると予言しています。

But am I right?  After the book went on sale, I took a couple of days vacation.  When I came back home, the first thing I did was check the news.  And I found this.


On Monday December 18 an Amtrak train derailed south of Olympia, Washington State, 6 people died, nearly 100 were taken to hospitals.


There was apparently an object on the tracks.  The train was traveling at too high a speed for the area, but the tracks were new.


In the link above, there is a detailed list of Antifa activities to block railroads in Washington State.  They built a structure on the tracks inhabited by 100 people, which blocked tracks for 12 days before police removed it.


They also boasted about pouring concrete on rail tracks to block them and sabotaged trains.  They boasted about their activities on their website, which has since been deleted.  You can see the deleted article below.


The reason for this sabotage and blockage of railroad tracks is protesting shale oil fracking.  Supplies for fracking operations are imported into Olympia and transported into America by railroad.


I know that fracking is very polluting, this is true.  But conducting such illegal activity, is this the proper way to protest?


In my book,  “2nd Civil War, the Battle for America”, I describe how internal chaos in America can result in trade disruption for Japan.  I write that Japan should prepare for this.

私の本、『アメリカ人が語る 日本人に隠しておけないアメリカの“崩壊”』に、アメリカ国内混乱で日米貿易が途絶が起こる可能性が有ると説明しています。日本がこの可能性の為に準備した方がいいと書いています。

Japan is the top trading partner for Olympia port.


Products such as timber are sent from Olympia to Japan.


Obviously, with the Antifa blocking the port to prevent imports, exports were also delayed, including items being sent to Japan.  So it can be said that American internal chaos is already having an economic effect on Japan.


The Major Media is very sympathetic to Antifa, the article below in The Washington Post makes them seem charming.


There is nothing charming about what they are doing.  It is dangerous.  And now an accident with 6 people dead.  And people on the scene claim that an object was put on the tracks.


The location of the fatal accident is about 20 minutes by car from the Olympia port track blockage site.


The crash site.


The thing about anarchist guerrilla groups is that they lack centralized control.  It is very easy for members to take some action on their own.


This is what I think happened.  In the Washington Post article linked above, a lot of the people involved are in some kind of fantasy game.  Many Americans play role playing games, and for them, they can imagine that they are playing some kind of heroic resistance battle against the Trump administration.


Perhaps they imagine themselves to Jedi knights fighting an evil Empire like in the movie Star Wars.


The crash site is located on a bridge over a highway, 20 minutes by car from major Antifa railroad sabotage activity.  A few Antifa members, or sympathizers, were driving here, and saw the tracks.  They got out, found some object, and put it on the tracks.


I do not think they imagined a passenger train would come by, perhaps they thought they would stop a freight train carrying fracking supplies.


But the point is, that object on the tracks did not occur naturally.


Historically speaking, wars have been started over stupid incidents like this.  And the Left wing is beginning to discover that what they are doing is not just a game, people can die.


But I do not think this will make them give up, I think there will be more trouble.


Friday, December 8, 2017

5冊目の本の発売のお知らせ Book announcement

I am proud to announce the publication of my 5th book, “2nd Civil War, The Battle for America”

5冊目の本、『アメリカ人が語る 日本人に隠しておけないアメリカの“崩壊”』(ハート出版)の出版を発表する事に誇りを持っています。

In Japan, with the election of President Trump, people have noticed something is very different in America.  In this book I explain how America has drifted into Civil War.


I also explain both sides, The political Right with Christian Fundamentalism and the Militia movement.  Also the Left, with the violent Antifa, radical Black Lives Matter, and how American education has become overrun with Communistic leaning teachers.


I explain what was slavery, and how sexual minorities have become a battle ground in this conflict.


And in the end, I describe possible solutions for Japan in dealing with an America that is greatly reduced in world power.


You may reserve it on Amazon, and it is scheduled to be in bookstores across Japan from December 15th to 18th.