Wednesday, November 27, 2013

“対馬島は韓国の領土”と信じている韓国人が本当にいます。 Some Koreans really do believe Tsushima is Korean.

Perhaps some people might think I wrote something too shocking in my previous blog post.


What I wrote was that I think there is a possibility of a Korean invasion of the Japanese island of Tsushima.


This map above was printed in Korean in the Joongan Ilbo newspaper.  It clearly shows Tsushima island as part of Korea, local names are in Korean.


I think it would be wise for the Japanese military to consider an infantry garrison with a tank detachment on Tsushima.


It is my belief that Korea will encounter more and more economic trouble.  Anti Japanese demonstrations will only increase.  Koreans have invented a fantasy world concerning history, where Japan is evil and they are victims.


And by watching President Park parading around the world making speeches about how bad Japan is, well she does not understand reality.


Other countries don’t care.  And this will shock Koreans, who think that they are the center of the world.


Look at that map.  South Korea’s main Naval base is at Chinhae, near Pusan.  Very near to Tsushima.


South Korea has two Marine divisions.


There navy has a strong amphibious capability.


If they decide to do it, an invasion could be over a few hours after leaving harbor.  The Japanese island of Tsushima is defenseless.  By the time a Japanese government understood that an invasion was under way, it would be over.


Koreans are living in a fantasy world, and trained from childhood to hate Japan.  And in that fantasy world, they just might calculate that America would accept their actions.


99% of Americans believe that Japan was absolute evil in WWII.  And the same percentage believes that America must watch Japan carefully so that we do not slip back into evil.


However, I have seen some strong evidence that Americans are starting to get fed up with Korea.  If Korea did invade Japanese territory, it would be an incredible dilemma.


All in all, this continued Korean hysteria will be nothing but trouble.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

日韓関係の将来は戦争ですか? Will the future of Japanese Korean relations be war?

I watched this Youtube video of a TBS documentary on South Korea.  It is very depressing.  South Korean schools require attendance at hate Japan rallies.  Academic grades are being judged on such attendance.  This begins in Kindergarten, and continues through university.

下記のユーチューブビデオ、TBSの韓国のドキュメンタリー を見ました。かなり鬱陶しいです。韓国の学校で、反日的集会に参加する事は必要です。学究的な立場はその集会の参加で判断しています。これは、幼稚園から大学までそうです。

And to get a good job, a South Korean citizen must have participated in the anti Japan hate rallies.


Koreans stepping on a Japanese flag


The President of South Korea continues to make bizarre statements.  One of her most recent ones is that China, Korea and Japan should combine to produce school history books.


Well, who would write such history books?  I am sure that she would propose that Koreans do it.  And I do not think Chinese would be very enthusiastic about a combined history text book with Korea.


Recently, South Koreans have started net battles with Chinese netizens, saying things like Koreans invented the Chinese ideograph writing system, or that Confucius was actually born Korean.  Of course such claims anger the Chinese.


There are sane Koreans, Korean business men are beginning to say that constantly bashing Japan is not good for business.


It is not.  The suits against Japanese corporation in Korea will only cause Japanese businesses to leave Korea.  Already, Japanese tourism to Korea has declined drastically.


In America, members of the Obama administration are very worried.  They view these troubles as a danger to the Alliance against North Korea.


Well, I think the Americans are rather naive.  I have read some things by American thinkers, such as South Korea should welcome Japanese troops in case of war with North Korea.


That is ridiculous.  The South Korean military is quite capable of handling a Northern invasion without any help from Japan or America.


And in the present emotional climate, Japanese troops landing in South Korea would cause a riot.


In the TBS documentary, there is an interview with a Korean writer named Chae So Gyon.


He speaks of the hate campaign that has been created by the South Korean media and government as a “Monster”.


I think he is correct.  It is a monster that cannot be satisfied or stopped.  The existence of this anti Japan movement only hurts Korea.


They are losing Japanese investment, and tourism, which means less income.  And that means increased misery for South Koreans.


I think that anti Japan hatred in South Korea will only increase.  And I think then that we may have possibility of war.  Many Koreans are laying claim to the Japanese island of Tsushima as being historically Korean.


Like all Koreans claims about history, it is not true.  But Tsushima is very close to South Korea, it would be possible for invade the island with no warning.


The only Japanese troops on the island are a signals detachment.  South Korea could conquer it in a day.


And to my American friends who read this, ALL South Korean claims about history are false.  There were no “Sex Slaves” they were very well paid prostitutes.  Who were often sold by their families into prostitution.


Japan annexed a decrepit destitute nation that was Korea at the time, and turned it into a modern industrial state.


Koreans themselves enthusiastically supported the Japanese cause in the war, volunteering for military service in droves.


It is only after the war that they decided they were victims.


And Japan has paid reparations, and supported Korea financially since the end of the war.


Now they wish to use America to punish Japan.  And this is what the issue is about.  Some insane Korean pride that they are the center of the world.


I think that Koreans today suffer from collective madness, and with children from kindergarten on trained to hate Japan, I think peace between our countries has become impossible.