Sunday, May 12, 2013

カリフォルニア州グレンデール市慰安婦記念碑について The Glendale California Comfort Women monument

I address this letter to Mr. Frank Quintero, of Glendale California.


Having read recent news reports, I understand that your city will be erecting a memorial to the WWII Comfort Women in your city.


But Sir, I must say, that you are indeed a coward.  Why do I make this accusation?  Well, I read that in Nassau County New York, a similar monument was being erected.  I sent the following email to The Nassau County government.


However, when I attempted to send the same email to the office of the Mayor and City Council members of Glendale California, I received a notice from mail administrator that you blocked all emails from my domain.


That means Japan.  And that Sir, is cowardice.  In my email, I gave some detailed historical explanation.  This is a complex issue that occurred long ago.  However, it seems that there is sort of Korean organization in the United States, that is determined to use America to punish Japan, for it's own ends.


Monuments have been erected in New Jersey and New York.


In state of Michigan, municipal library officials who were approached on the issue declined.


The above link is in Japanese, but they did some research, and found out that the issue is not so cut and dried as Korean organizations are saying.


Oh my goodness, that changes some things doesn't it?


However, I have a few points about what you are doing Mr. Quintero.


You made a trip to South Korea, and made a provocative photo at the monument in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul.


Sir, is this not diplomacy?  The last I heard, foreign diplomacy was the responsibility of the United States Congress, The President, and the Secretary of State.


Frankly, I do not believe that it is responsibility of the City of Glendale to conduct activities that have enormous foreign policy consequences for the United States of America.


What you did, well a similar analogy would be that if the mayor of Boston, in order to please the Irish American residents of that city, went to Dublin Ireland, and demanded that the Queen of England come to Ireland, get on her knees, and apologize for the English/Irish problems.


If the mayor of Boston did such a thing, he or she would be chastised by both the Federal government and the American people.  That is not the role of the mayor of Boston.


Oh by the way, who paid for your trip to South Korea?  Did you pay out your own pocket, or did some Korean organization or group of individuals fund this trip?  Is that ethical to accept foreign money to create foreign policy difficulties for the United States?  Thusly, are you not the representative of a foreign power?


Another thing.  America is a land that traditionally accepts immigrants from all over the world.  But there is one serious rule involved here.  What went on in the The Old Country, STAYS in the Old Country.


People do not bring old ethnic conflicts, feuds, wars, or what ever, and fight them out inside the United States.  If that happened, America would disintegrate overnight.


The Korean Americans promoting this should let the government of South Korea handle this issue with Japan.


Mr. Quintero, if you had accepted communication from Japan, and then decided to go ahead with this monument, then I could at least respect you for your views.  But you refuse to hear Japan's side of the story.


And that is cowardice, and morally wrong.


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