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アメリカの自由と茶会について American Freedom and the The Tea Party

Americans often talk about their country as being free. In fact, they advertise this freedom as the main attraction of America.


But is America truly free? Well, America does have political freedom, and this is what they mean when they talk about the subject. Political freedom is that people have the right to criticize the leadership of the country, and not to be imprisoned or harassed for such beliefs.


America does have this type of freedom. However, in my opinion, America does not have social freedom.


I think part of the problem is that Americans don't really understand their own Bill of Rights.

Too many Americans interpret the Bill of Rights as entitlement to perfect satisfaction. And by this, they mean to deny the right of ideas or people they don't like to exist.


In America, we call this "The Culture Wars."


For example, there is an ongoing battle in the American public education system whether Creationism should be taught in public schools.

# 《宗教》特殊創造説{とくしゅ そうぞうせつ}◆すべての生物が神により最初から現存の姿に造られたとする説。進化論と反対の立場。それと、聖書の創世記にある天地創造が現実にその通りに行われたとする説(地球は6日間で創られた)を完璧真実として信じています。◆【反】transformism
American Christian Fundamentalists have the right to create their own alternative schools. They have the right to home school their children. Yet for these people, that is not enough. What the Christian Fundamentalist movement is demanding is that all public schools in America teach their ideas. And nothing else.

If America does not do so, they see that as an infringement on their freedom. Of course, this would destroy the rights of non Christian Fundamentalist Americans to be free from such Fundamentalist Christian educational ideas.


To say it clearly, the Christian Fundamentalist believes that all people should behave as they believe. All other types of behavior should be prohibited by law, to be eliminated.


This is the basis of the fight to stop Gay marriage, and to keep the prohibitions of gays in the military. Christian Fundamentalists make no secret of their desire to eliminate Gay people, they regard it as a disease that can be cured.

America has always had this battle between Conservatives and Liberals. Where I grew up, in the American Midwest, for example, the Beatles were regarded as Communist spies. Most Americans there thought the Communist mission of the Beatles was to make American youth lazy and drug addicts.


Some people also see them as having been anti-Christian, thus listening to their music is a sin.


The thing about America is, that people are always trying to force their views upon everyone else they know. So at school, at your workplace, there is always constant conflict, you must defend yourself or escape. This is what I mean by my statement that America does not have social freedom. In fact, I find Japan to be much more free than America. In Japan, nobody bothers me about my religion, or my politics.


Conformity is not being influenced by political pressure in the United States, it is promoted and enforced by informal social groups of America.


What is this American Tea Party?


The American Tea Party is a social movement seeking political power, then to use government power to force their views on the rest of the population.


Where did the Tea Party come from? Part of this is jealousy over the grassroots organization that elected President Obama. The Right wanted to say that they have their own grassroots also.


But basically, the Tea Party movement is artificially created.


And it it is being taken over and run by the Christian Fundamentalist Right.


The Koch brothers, Charles and David, are the secret backers and creators of the present day Tea Party movement. They hold extreme conservative views, in their minds, government should barely exist, there should be no taxes and total freedom for corporations.



The Koch brothers first used the name "Tea Party" in the Presidential campaign of 1980 when David ran as Vice Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party alongside Presidential candidate Ed Clark.


At that time they got 1% of the vote.


They establish cover organizations like "Americans for Prosperity" to manage the Tea Party. The amount of money they spend is immense. After the 1980 election they gave over 100 million dollars to organizations that on the surface appeared to be independent of their control. But actually they ran them. Tax records for 2008 show that they gave money to 34 political organizations.
(page 5)


Another organization they created to fight Obama's health care plan is called "Patients United Now".
(page 9)


The motivation of the Koch brothers is to create a pure form of capitalism, where all decisions are left up to private enterprise, and the central government hardly exists.


However, With the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, we can see what a disaster private enterprise unsupervised by government can be.


And they of course they are totally against the concept of global warming, they spend much money to prove it a hoax, and to fight any legislation aimed at curbing emissions.


They believe that even if warming is true, it will open more land for farming in the northern hemisphere, a benefit.
(page 6)


At a meeting of Americans for Prosperity at the time of the first anniversary of President Obama's Presidency, David Koch spoke with pride of the national organization he had created, coming close to taking credit for creating the Tea Party.


It is easy to understand how the Koch brothers and Christian Fundamentalists came to a partnership. The Koch brothers have money, and an agenda they want carried out. The Christian Fundamentalists have people. The Koch brothers do not seem to have a particular religious agenda, merely they wish to create an ideal environment for their business.


I think the Koch brothers have a serious error in working with the Christian Fundamentalists, like Krupp and Thyssen did with Hitler before the Second World war. I think the Koch brothers will in time discover that they have created a monster that they cannot control.


A lot of the Tea Party Christian Fundamentalist doctrine is that America is a Nation founded upon Christian principles, America has strayed, and must return to those principles.


They wish to return to the time of America in the 1950's. They believe that all of America's problems come form too much social freedom that has arisen since then.


They are totally against any kind of Government health care. They do not believe in Global Warming and are totally against any government effort to fight it.


This anti-health care feeling stems from myth. This is the myth that Americans were most free in the frontier days. They do not believe in any kind of social welfare. To their thinking, if you lose your job and cannot pay for your house, it is your fault.


Their protests are more from raw emotion than reason. As the poster in held by this Tea Party protester shows, he wants the Government to not touch his Medicare. He does not understand that Medicare is a government run program in the first place.

With the Christian Fundamentalist aspect to the Tea Party, they wish to create a society that is totally based on a literal reading of the Bible.

にほんブログ村 ニュースブログ 海外ニュースへ

Let me quote you a paragraph from the following link. You can find this paragraph in the section titled


C. Peter Wagner, Apostle in Chief, ... and his theology's influence on Sarah Palin.


As reported by Bruce Wilson, one of Wagner's "apostles" is Mary Glazier, who leads the Wasilla prayer group that Sarah Palin joined. Glazier fought a witch in 1995 and now advocates religious cleansing of entire lands by believers in her movement. She preaches that people will be "displaced" and "toppled" from various institutions and that the Christians will take over. As to each individual's disposition, she claims their fate lies with God but that they will have an opportunity to "switch allegiances" and join the dominionists.

ブルースウィルスンさんが報告した様に、ワグナー先生の”使徒”がMary Glazierさん、現在サラペイリンさんが入ったワシラ市の祈りのグループのリーダーです。Glazierさんは1995年魔女と戦って、現在国を自分の運動が宗教的な浄化をするべきと言っています。彼女が説教している事は、色々な組織から人々が追放される、落とされる、原理主義キリスト教信者はその組織を支配します。その追放されたとか落とされた人々の運命は神が決めるけれど、”忠誠変化”、原理主義キリスト教に改宗するチャンスをあげます。


Dominionist is another name for Christian Fundamentalist. It is their intention to create a society in America that is totally controlled by people of their religious sect.


What they mean by "displaced" or "toppled" is not clear, but it does not sound good.


These people are dangerous.


Some prominent Tea Party Republican Senatorial candidates in the 2010 election. From when I was born in America, I learned that a United States Senator is a person of great respect. There are only 100 of them, and it is very difficult to become one. I find it difficult to respect the following candidates.


Christine O'Donnell

クリスティン オドネルさん

Is the Republican candidate for Senate from the State of Delaware.


Has argued that Americans should not masturbate;


By the way, she answers Karl Rove's question as to why it took her 30 years to achieve a college degree, she says it is unfactual. "Unfactual", is not a word in the English language, but it does seem that Christine's English is better than Sarah Palin's English. And she did receive 30,000 votes in Delaware.

上記のリンクで、カールローブさんの返事をする時に、質問は、“何故大学の学位を貰う為に30年間かかりましたか?” 彼女はそれは"unfactual"と答えました。"Unfactual"と言う単語は、英語に有りません。しかし、クリスティンさんの英語はサラペイリンさんより上手でしょう。それと、デラウェア州で3万票を集めました。

She has said that evolution is a myth because monkeys are not evolving into humans right in front of us.


She also is on record as saying that American teens should not be given realistic sex education, that should be told not to have sex. But the truth about her background, and how she can afford to campaign, are very unclear. Her reported annual income is $5,800.


However today, she says those previous positions don't matter, but she is against abortion, and wishes to raise the age where people can collect social security.

Also, one of her aides has been caught promoting the idea that President Obama is a secret Muslim. The point here is according to Christian Fundamentalists, only Christians of their sect may hold any kind of power in America.


GOP Senate candidates Joe Miller,, and Sharron Angle say scrap the Department of Education;


Joe Miller says his campaign funds came from God;


Congressman Ron Paul is going so far as to call this a second American revolution.

It is easy to say that these people are crazy. All that talk of campaign funds from God, or prohibiting masturbation.


But as Nancy Cohen writes in her article, this is a national movement.


They intend to change the laws of the United States of America into their version of religious law. They are candidates for the United States Senate, this is a serious office in America. And they are getting a lot of votes.


Here is some on the Christian Fundamentalist candidates in the upcoming election:


If they can take over America, their next plan is to force their views on the world. They are fairly clear about this .


In Japan, sometimes people in politics or the corporate world say a lot of things just to talk, to fill time. When Americans make such statements like these Senatorial candidates have, they are serious. They truly intend to do these things.


Americans are only just beginning to wake up to the fact that these people intend to make a new and different America, one where if you are different than they are, you have no place. Ron Paul is calling it a revolution, I call it a Civil War.


In this post I am making a lot of comments about the Christian Fundamentalist movement in the United States. I state that they are dangerous. Some people in Japan might think that I am saying Christians are dangerous.


Let me link to an article by a man I admire, the Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


He is writing about prejudice against Gay people in Africa. But it could well be in the United States. In fact, some of the problems Gay people face in Africa can be directly traced to American Christian Fundamentalist going to Africa, and teaching people that homosexuality is a dangerous disease that can be cured.

Along with Archbishop Tutu, I cannot envision a God that promotes hate. Hate comes from the hearts of men. The challenge from God is, to love others.


If you notice, the political and social agendas of the Christian Fundamentalist movement in America are very much against any kind of social welfare. President Obama's health care plan, as weak as it is compared to Japan or European countries, has incensed these people.


They have no compassion for the sick, for the weak. I think that is part of the true meaning of Christ, to give from yourself to those that are weaker than you.


I cannot consider this Christian Fundamentalist movement to be truly Christian, in truth it is an expression of human greed and hate.


Friday, September 10, 2010

とりあえず、イランとすぐ戦争に成る事は有りません。 The war that didn't happen yet.    

On this blog, in my post "The future of American and Japanese military relations", I wrote about the possibility of America attacking Iran, and how Japan could be pulled into such a war on America's side. And I wrote how detrimental such a war would be for Japan.


Well for the time being, the possibility of war with Iran has been averted. President Obama has firmly told Israel and American Neocons that Iran is not about to create a nuclear weapon.


There is a definite group of people in the US, the American Neocons, who have long been in favor of a war with Iran. John Bolton, the former ambassador to the United Nations under the Bush administration, was the most recent spokesman of this group.


These American Neocons can be thought of "The powers behind the throne" in American politics. They had a very direct effect in leading America into war against Iraq. And many Americans, despite the evidence, still believe that war to be a success, at least a partial success.


In any case, war with Iran would be very different than Iraq. America would lose.


For an estimate of how badly America would lose, please read my article of 2007. It is still applicable today.


"On potential casualties in Iran."
And let us not forget that an attack on Iran would mean the price of oil would spike to something like $200 the very next day.


Neocons tried very hard to President Clinton to attack Iraq. They failed there. It was easy to get President Bush to allow an attack after 9/11. Now, they are putting extreme pressure on President Obama to make war with Iran. For the time being, they have failed.


However, these Neocons, despite the failure of the Iraq war, have not lost influence in America. Most Americans believe that some good came out of the Iraq war.


The truth is Iraq is an awful mess because of the American invasion. But the American people would rather not think about this deeply.


I believe President Obama to be basically a decent man, an intelligent man. But like all recent Democratic Presidents, he faces pressure from the American Right wing that he is weak on foreign enemies.

私はオバマ大統領は礼儀正しい、知的な人と思います。けれど、最近のアメリカ民主党大統領と同じ様に、アメリカ右派から外国の敵に弱いと非難 されています。

Of course, America has really not had an enemy for 20 years, since the collapse of the Soviet Union. But the American Right wing has abandoned reality and withdrawn into emotional fantasy.


So the American President is forced to continuously fight off these Right calls to go to war against some country.


I do not think it is in Japan's interest to join US wars in the Middle East. They are doomed to failure. The Neocon goals for these wars are to allow Israel to dominate the Palestinian people, and to dominate the region's oil supplies. Both goals have ended in failure.


The irony is, American culture has a lot of attraction for many people through out the world. America would have done much better to let American culture spread around the world by natural means, instead of invading other countries.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

民主党と新しいアメリカの関係  The DPJ and a new American Relationship

There is now a Democratic party election going on between Ozawa Ichiro, and Kan Naoto as to who will lead the Democratic Party of Japan. However, I think there is a deeper aspect involved here. That is the future relationship between Japan and America.


As a person who has lived in Japan for 36 years, a think this relationship has begun a massive change. And I think this change is a good one.


When I first came to Japan 36 years ago, Japanese people treated Americans as Gods. Everything concerning America was regarded as superior.


Having been born in America, I can assure you that is not true. America only won WWII because of more of everything, more ships, more planes, more soldiers.


However, in recent days, particularly among younger people in Japan, they seem to have a more realistic approach to Americans. Simply as people, nothing special.


But I think that some Japanese people no longer need to show constant deference to America. It is time to create a more equal relationship.


I think this attitude of deference towards America among some Japanese has led to some of the problems with the relocation of Futenma base. In particular, I get a feeling that many people in the media in Japan seem to worship America.


Recently I wrote that American military units in Japan can be reduced a cadre level.

This is a much more realistic approach than building a new base at Henoko.


And as far as negotiationing with America, I think it will be difficult. Americans can no longer negotiate or compromise with each other. In my research about the possibility of American Civil War, this has become clear.


The possibility of Civil War and breakup in America is now very real.

So if Americans cannot compromise with each other, how can we expect them to try to find a compromise on Futenma?


It seems to me, that the American people are hardening in their views on every problem, everyone is keeping to a position of "No Negotiations!"


America's political Right is particularly taking a hard stance.


In America, those who are not Right wing are beginning to call them "The party of NO!".


And despite all the very real problems facing America, Global Warming, Peak Oil, and even Civil War, Americans are oblivious to these problems. The two biggest subjects of debate are Gay Marriage, and the construction of a Moslem Community Center with a small Mosque near Ground Zero in New York.


Not a very intelligent society.


Japanese sometimes confuse the ideal of American society with the reality. America as designed, as it was intended to be, is a beautiful idea. The ideal that all can be free to pursue their dreams, no matter the circumstances of their birth. It never worked out that way, the reality is not so good, but Americans habitually boast of being the Greatest, even though life in America is falling towards third world levels.

Well, Japan cannot solve America's problems, only Americans can do that themselves. But so many Japanese seem to think that as long as we follow America in every way, America will protect us.


This is dangerous. America can no longer protect itself from self inflicted disaster. Japan must find it's own way to survive in the future.


I urge everyone to remember this as a leader for The Democratic Party of Japan, and leader of Japan, is chosen.


Friday, September 3, 2010

メキシコ湾油田採掘機火災 Another oil rig catches fire in the Gulf of Mexico

There has been another oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

All crew members of the rig were rescued with no fatalities. The Coast Guard says the fire is under control.


Initial reports described an oil slick a mile long and 100 feet wide, but the US Coast Guard could not confirm this.


According to this source, there 3,858 wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

This site shows the great increase in the number of wells in the Gulf.


Although the well that recently caught fire is not operated by BP, there is another BP drilling rig that has many serious safety problems, the Atlantis.


What a fitting name, we all know the story of the mythical Atlantis. However, I find myself surprised that a large fire can occur on an oil rig so soon after the BP disaster. Did not companies in the area review safety procedures, did they not check their equipment?


As far as the most recent fire, I think we will have to wait a few days to see how bad it really is. I am having a hard time believing American governmental authorities in the Gulf right now. There simply were too many lies, too much misinformation about the BP disaster.


And I think it is time for the United States Government to truly take a strong hand in regulating the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico. I think it should be obvious that industry alone cannot or will not do it.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

アメリカ内乱最新情報 American Civil War updates

On my blog, I have several times now written about the possibility of Civil War in America. Until now, it has basically been an analysis that the conditions for Civil War exist. And that if some counter force is not created in American society, it is inevitable.


Well, now I have come across the first evidence that the process has begun.


Back during the years of the Bush Presidency, the following map appeared among liberal bloggers. Many Liberal people looked at how politics had become so divided in The United States, and joked how North America seemed to be two countries; the joke was that Canada and the liberal States of the US combined into one country, and the conservative States of the US formed another country, "Jesusland".

ブッシュ政権の時に、自由派のアメリカブロガーの中で、この下記の地図が出ました。その自由派の人達がとても分裂しているアメリカの政治を見て、アメリカが二つの国に成ったと言う冗談を作りました。その冗談は、カナダとアメリカの自由派の州(Blue Stateー民主党支持者の多い州)は一つの国で、保守的な州(Red Stateー共和党支持者の多い州)は別の国です。その保守国の名前は、ジーザス国(イエスキリスト国)と言う名前を付けました。何故ならば、保守的な州で原理主義キリスト教は強いです。

This map is a joke.

This map is not. It is reality. America is becoming more and more disunited. No, the above map does not yet show Civil War in America. However, what it does show is an important step in that direction.

Now for comparison, we can look at this link:


In February 2009, it was written that despite the growing popularity of the State sovereignty movement, no State had actually passed sovereignty legislation. That was then. At present 24 States have passed sovereignty laws, while 11 States have passed nullification laws.


The concept of State sovereignty is that there will be a much weaker Federal government, and the State shall have more power to control it's internal affairs than the Federal government. I think the nullification issue is much more dangerous. Nullification means that the State involved will refuse to obey Federal law on something it does not like. This is a very serious step, and a big step towards secession of some States from the Union.


And secession is a serious topic of discussion in State political campaigns in Texas and other States.

And even in California


Japan is a land of primarily one race. In Japan, culture and custom are often much more important than law. However, America is a land of many peoples. There is no cultural basis for cooperation among Americans, the country is still too young. The rule of law is the ONLY thing that keeps different groups of people from fighting one another.


So when a State says that it does not intend to obey the Federal government in some matters, the Federal government has only two choices. One is to do nothing. Then it is likely that more States will become independent or semi independent from the Union. The United States of America will disappear. The other is to use Federal military force to make the rebelling State to submit to Federal law. This is Civil War.


That is primarily how the US Civil War of 1861-1865 came about, the 13 Southern States seceded to create their own form of government. The Federal government refused to recognize it, war resulted.


As far as I can see, there is no political force binding the rebellious States into some kind of anti Federal government Union just yet, the various States in the map above seem to be acting independently.


But Right wing America is full of rage and anger, and has been since the time of President Clinton.


Frankly, it seems to have become impossible for Americans of differing political views to even speak to each other other, let alone work together.


I don't see any great leader or political force that can prevent Civil War. Frankly, while I respect the integrity and intelligence of President Obama, he is not a cruel man. And I think that is the only kind of leader who can now preserve American unity. .


And as I have often remarked, in American Christian Fundamentalism, we have an organized well funded group with a specific goal and plan to create a Theocratic Bible State in America.


If they succeed, America will look much more like the Taliban in Afghanistan than present day America. In fact, many Americans who understand these people refer to them as "America's Taliban". While 50% or more of Americans can be called Christian Fundamentalists, only 25% of Americans are such hard core people. But somewhere I have read that only 20% of Russians actively supported the Bolsheviks in 1917 Russia. They were few, but a determined and organized few, and they won, exploiting Russia's state of crisis caused by the First World War.


And America is in crisis. America's economy is failing badly. Partly this is because of Wall Street's greedy financial games, but I think that it is also a natural part of America's style of Capitalism. American Capitalism needed constant expansion. America has reached it's limit of possible expansion, and other countries are growing stronger.


If the American economy was in better shape, people would not pay attention to crazy religious people with crazy ideas of Religious Civil War. But the economy cannot be revived.


It is beginning to look like the future will no longer be The United States of America, but The Associated States of America. And however the lines are drawn, some people will be caught on the wrong side. And in any case, the country is too intertwined to separate peacefully. My guess is on Civil War.