Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TPPは安全ですか? Is TPP safe?

There has been a lot of talk about Japan joining the Trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership. However, I must say that I am very concerned about this. I do not think this agreement is safe for Japan.


Please take a look at this link.


Please click on the "日本語” in the Languages section on the left side. There are many things that worry me about this agreement. But I think the two most immediately frightening are these two economic activities: ”金融” and ”電子取引”.


Now, on this blog I have often written that I am a military historian. I am, I have a very deep knowledge of military history. Of economic affairs, my knowledge is not so deep. But out of necessity, I have been studying.


And by studying military history, you learn that leaders can often be very stupid. And I think that the financial leaders of America have made some incredible mistakes.


Well let's start with the rogues gallery of American financial institutions in trouble.


Bear Stearns employees admit in internal emails that they intentionally defrauded investors. Reading the link, they sold loans that were designed to fail, and in the failure of those loans made further profit.


Bank of America also intentionally falsified information given to investors to make bad loans look good.

Citigroup was a few days away from failure in 2008. It was only "Gut Instinct" that led the government to bail them out back then. Yet apparently in the three years since, their status has not improved at all. Nobody is really sure how bad the situation at Citigroup is.


Some 100 banks that were rescued by taxpayer money are now again on the verge of failure.


Well the American Congress is finally investigating, truly government, any government moves at a snail's pace.

Reading that investigation report, it is a sad story of willful financial cheating and deceit.


There are reports that the Congressional committee will seek prosecutions of some Financial institution officers.

Well I think it is about time. Very late in fact. As far as I understand, the banking business is ultimately based upon trust. If we cannot trust the primary financial institutions of a country, then we cannot trust that country.


William Daley, formerly an executive officer of JP Morgan is now secretary of staff to the President.


A former JP Morgan officer has also taken an important post in the State Department.

Perhaps these former bankers, now government officials, realize that America needs financial help from outside America to survive.


I can understand the urgency America feels to conclude TPP with Japan. American financial institutions are desperately in need of money. Japanese financial institutions have large amounts of capital, the savings of Japanese people.


I can understand that American financial leaders would look at free access to these funds as a possible salvation.


But two points. I do not think that Japan, for all the money we have, really has enough to help America out it's current problems.


Secondly, I have seen no indication that the US government is attempting to discipline or regulate American financial institutions.


So I am very wary of free access for American financial institutions to Japan's finances. All of the capital of Japan could disappear into an American Black Hole.


I see no reason for Japan to join TPP at this time. We should sit back for a few years and see if America can put their financial house back in order.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

アメリカ内乱の始まり The American Civil War begins

The first shots of the American Civil War have been fired on January 9th, 8th locally, in Tucson Arizona.


In a previous post, I described a possible scenario how Civil War in America could start.


I wrote about Americans rising in anger over the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. And I wrote that they would begin to kill people out of intolerance. I wrote how that Christian Fundamentalism encourages intolerance of gays, and that gays might well be the victim of violence.


Well, the situation in the Gulf of Mexico is still awful, but people have not yet risen in revolt.


Yet, with the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona on January 9th, 8th locally, I do think we have had the first shots in the American Civil War fired.


She was shot because she voted for Health Care. And for the American Right, especially the Christian Right, Federal Health Insurance has always been as much as an evil as homosexuality.


Now I think that the person who shot her acted alone. I do not see any evidence of of direction by other people, or evidence of someone on the American political Right ordering this person to attack Congresswoman Giffords.


However, for the last couple of decades in America, political discourse has become increasingly violent.


Here is popular TV and radio host Glenn Beck threatening to kill Michael Moore on his show.


Radio Host Rush Limbaugh says that Senator Harry Reid and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi are terrorists.


In the mid term elections last year, Sharron Angle, the Tea Party candidate for the Senate from Nevada, hinted that her opponent Harry Reid should be killed.


Americans are ignorant of many things, but people do understand that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, for private citizens to own weapons. So the people will understand the implication in the above statements by former Senatorial candidate Angle that Senator Harry Reid should be shot.


In the Giffords shooting, we have a much more direct attack.


The above illustration, comes from a Sarah Palin website. It lists Congresswoman Giffords as a target. It has since been removed. But any American can understand the meaning. It shows Democratic members of the Congress who voted for health care.


The symbol used is a gunsight. Any American would understand this. You would not look at someone through a gunsight unless you intended to kill them.


In fact, Sarah Palin has called for violence against other people. She has called President Obama a terrorist. She has asked why Mr. Assange of Wikileaks is not being pursued like Al Qaeda.



The following tweet by Sarah Palin is a particualry violent expression:




Don't retreat, Instead - RELOAD!"



In America, most people regard a terrorist as somebody who should be just killed. No trial, the government should just kill them. Actually, for many years the US government has been killing people it regards as terrorists. So it is no joke when a major media or political figure calls someone a terrorist. They are actually saying that that person should be killed.


Sarah Palin has made gun culture a major part of her appeal.


And remember, Sarah Palin is a true Christian Fundamentalist, she believes that present American society should be destroyed and recreated according to what Christian Fundamentalists believe.


Of course in America, we have commentators on the Left. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow come to mind. However, I cannot think of any time where they threatened to kill or harm anyone, unlike commentators from the Right.


It is one of the bad character traits of Americans to blame some other person for problems. Rush Limbaugh is already saying that the shooting is the fault of Democrats, the American left.


In fact, Mr. Limbaugh is saying that Democrats will try to protect the shooter, that is why he smiling when he was arrested.



Americans are an active people. They are not very good at being patient. They feel that they must take action. In the case of the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords, the person who shot her is mentally unstable. But because of violent talk in American society, he felt that Congresswoman Giffords voting for health care was a danger. He felt he had to stop her. So he took violent action.


The violent tone of political rhetoric in the US certainly played a significant part in motivating him to shoot all those people.


Until now, we can say that the differences in American society have been argued verbally. I think that this verbal argument has become so intense, it is like a War. Which is why I have been predicting Civil War in America.


Now, we have crossed a serious line. We have a violent attack by gun for political reasons. The American Right refuses to show remorse. We are getting excuses and major Right wing media figures blaming the Left.


And the Right wing is just as scared of the Left as the Left is of the Right.


The American political Right and Left have passed beyond communication. There will be more violence.


All right, my prediction. There is going to be another prominent killing somewhere, of a famous person of the Left being attacked. Then someone from the Left will attack someone on the Right.


After that, in America, all hell will break loose. So for the shape of the American Civil War, let me call it a guerrilla war. I think that for the next year, we will see America descend into guerrilla war between the political Right and Left.


Perhaps in a year or so, who knows? Perhaps the breakup of America into several regional nations, perhaps a military government to restore order? Whatever happens, it won't be good.


And what is happening in Arizona, where the shooting happened? Sales of Glock pistols, the weapon used in the shooting, have doubled.

Americans are angry, frightened of the future, and the US economy is only getting worse. And they all have guns. The American future is dark and bleak.