Sunday, December 13, 2009

Futenma and Afghan police 普天間基地とアフガン警察の問題

There has been a lot of yelling and screaming in the press about the Futenma base move. Frankly, as I have said previously, Japan does not need the American military for Defense needs. The American bases are here for power projection.


Americans have a very difficult time negotiating with other countries. Americans know how to demand and to order people, but have little patience with discussion. Most Americans think other nations should obey American orders, and fight wars under American direction around the world. Most Americans think they are fighting for world freedom, and cannot why other nations do not want to help.


As far as the idea of training the Afghan police, forget it. The Afghan Army itself is 90% illiterate, it won't fight. Most soldiers quit, and then come back for training again. They do this because each time they go to training, they are issued a weapon, which they then sell to the Taliban. There are no firm figures on how many Afghan Army soldiers actually exist.


As far as the Afghan police, for the most part, they are on the side of the Taliban, and often actively help the Taliban.


The Afghan Army kills their foreign trainers only sometimes, while the Afghan police do so more often.


The entire war in both Afghanistan and Iraq are impossible. However, Americans, with the concept of American Exceptionalism, cannot understand that there is nothing that can be accomplished by war in the Middle East. They cannot understand that there are no reasons for these wars.


The result will worse than Vietnam.