Friday, May 27, 2011

シー・シェパードのグループはうるさくてたまりません!   I can't stand the Sea Sheperd group!

The Sea Sheperd people have become insulting again. Despite being helped by the people of Iwate Prefecture after the earthquake, they have returned to cause trouble.


I am getting very disgusted with these people. They have no decency.


Their leader, Paul Watson was overjoyed at the earthquake. He made a poem about Neptun's revenge upon Japan.

このグループのリーダー ポール・ワトソンさんが、大地震で喜びました。ネプチューン(海の神)の日本にたいしての復讐の詩を書きました。

Why do we have to let these people into Japan? They only come to make trouble. Their actions against the Japanese whaling fleet was very dangerous, it was only a miracle that somebody was not killed.


I propose that the Japanese government draw up lists of these people who belong to the violent organizations, like the Sea Shepard group, and the group who trespassed onto private property in Taiji. And I propose that these people be barred from entering Japan.


For a foreigner to visit Japan is a privilege, not right. They are guests, and guests should behave politely.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

地球の終わりは10月21日まで延長! The end of the world has been postponed until October 21st!

It is now nearly a week past May 21st, and the world is still here. However, Mr. Harold Camping said that the Rapture did really happen. It was an "Invisible Spiritual" Rapture.


The real end of the world will happen on October 21st this year, and Mr. Camping says that it will be very quick.


As for Mr. Camping's followers, well they are very disappointed.



How many followers are there? Well, on an AFN news broadcast, I heard that some 37,000 had quit their jobs to be with Mr. Camping. Others had quit school or broken off relationships. There were many more followers who did not quit their jobs.


Why? How could all these people be, so stupid?


I think the fact is, present day Americans are not very smart. In a science competition in America for schoolchildren in 2011, 70% of the finalists were immigrants or the children of immigrants. And immigrants are only 12% of the population.


Some of my friends in Japan have said that the reason for the low rankings of American students when compared internationally is because of immigrants bringing the scale down.


Yet as the above link shows us, it is the immigrants in America who are smart, not the multi generation Americans.


What is going on? The answer is, Americans are lazy, and American culture encourages this. When I grew up in an American High School, the entire culture worshiped sports heros, but people who studied hard were not admired. The emphasis was on making as little effort as possible to get passing grades.


It used to be different. I know that after WWII, the United States government fostered programs to encourage mathematics and science education. These programs are disappearing. Instead, Right wing politicians are pushing religious education in the public schools.


I think it is no accident that the increase in ignorant Americans coincides with the increase of religious belief since the end of the Vietnam war. And we also have a lot of American exceptionalism here.


The way religious belief is done in America by Christian Fundamentalists is that it takes no effort. All one must do is pray to Jesus, and everything will be fine.


To study Science or Mathematics, another Language, or History, takes effort and discipline.


Americans can no longer do these things. And the children of immigrants? Well, by the time they become 3rd generation Americans, they have fully embraced American culture, and become just as dumb as normal Americans.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

アメリカ人の予言:5月21日は地球の終わり An American predicts the end of the world on May 21st.

Harold Camping has become a very famous man in America. Why he is claiming that the world will end on May 21st, 2011, and true Christian believers will be taken to heaven by Jesus in The Rapture. He has had TV and radio interviews across the nation.


Here is a photo of one of his custom painted vehicles that are touring the United States.


What is the Rapture? This is a belief by American Christian fundamentalists that when Jesus returns to earth, first he will suddenly bring the true believers in Christ, both dead and undead, into heaven.


There will then be a period of turmoil on the earth, with natural disasters, wars, plagues, and other suffering.


This is called the period of Tribulation. In the very popular "Left Behind" series of books, by Christian Fundamentalist authors Tim La Haye and Jerry Jenkins, they describe a small group of Christians who Jesus leaves on Earth during the time, called the Tribulation Force.

これは、苦難の時代と呼ばれています。アメリカで大人気の本のシリーズ"Left Behind"(残りました)、原理主義キリスト教作家ティム・ラヘイさんとジェリー・ジェンキンスさんが書いたこのシリーズで、携挙後に、イエス様は数人のキリスト教信者、”苦難部隊”が地球に残ります。

According to Camping, this period is six months. According to Tim La Haye, it is seven years. Tim La Haye has his "Tribulation Force" of true believers battling Satan on earth in this period.


After this time, and the defeat of Satan, Jesus will return and set up a 1,000 year kingdom on Earth. For true believers only, everyone else has to go to Hell.


That is the basic idea behind most forms of "End Times" and The Rapture belief.


Most of Mr. Camping's followers have quit their jobs, sold their homes, and left their families to spread his message.


This 60 year old retired New York transit worker, spent his life savings of $140,000 to put notices of Mr. Camping's predictions on the New York subway.


Not all Americans believe in Mr. Camping's predictions, but some 55% of Americans believe in The Rapture.


I think this sort of belief in Apocalyptic Religious Prophecy is a sign of the decline and end of America. America does have many dire problems, but people are not trying to face reality. Instead, they are saying that all a person has to do is believe in Jesus, and Jesus will fix everything. I think this is very lazy thinking.


This makes it difficult for other countries to have rational discussion with Americans on vital topics like Global Warming. Christian Fundamentalist groups call Environmentalism "The Green Dragon" and insist it is a plot by American Liberals to destroy Christian Fundamentalism.


The sad truth here is that Americans are being very very selfish. They do not want to even consider cutting back on the wasteful American lifestyle, and all the resources they consume.


In any international conference involving Americans about any subject, at least half of the Americans will be of the Christian Right, and will have very strong views, with a powerful Christian Fundamentalist political organization to back them up. So it is now becoming impossible to get Americans to agree to rational arguments about international resource usage, or Global Warming, or anything.


Yet some Americans are smart enough to take advantage of the belief in the Rapture. According to these Christians, animals do not have souls, so they cannot go to Heaven. After The Rapture, What will become of their pets?


There is a company in America that offers a service to take care of their pets. They have a staff of trustworthy Atheists, to take care of the animals in 26 American states. Of course, since Atheists do not believe in God or Jesus, they will not be taken up in The Rapture.


The charge for this service is $135 dollars for the first pet, and $20 for every extra pet.


Of course, if Mr. Camping is wrong, and The Rapture does not occur on May 21st, and May 22nd the world is still here, the pet care company does not pay refunds.


Of course.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

オサマ・ビン・ラディンさんと山本五十六氏の比較 Comparing the deaths of Osama bin Laden and Yamamoto Isoroku

I have just been watching a special broadcast by Ikegami Akira. The topic of the show was about the assassination of Osama bin Laden. In the show, the topic came up where America had said that killing of Osama bin Laden was the same as the killing of Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku in WWII.


Americans say they were right to kill Admiral Yamamoto because it was wartime. They say that they were in the same kind of war with Osama bin Laden. Truthfully, World War II and the terror attacks in 2001 are very different things. But for Americans, it is hard to distinguish the difference.


Many Japanese people are surprised at this comparison. Well, this is true American feeling. Americans don't trust Japan. I cannot count the number of times Americans always talk about Pearl Harbor when I lived in America. It is virtually impossible to have a reasonable conversation with an American about Japan.


Americans regard Japanese as a dangerous people, and that it is necessary to keep American forces in Japan. Otherwise, Japan will again start war all over Asia.


But Americans regard every country as dangerous, unless policed by America, not only Japan.


Actually, many more wars have been started by America than Japan, and America has only one tenth the history of Japan. Japan is a more peaceful country.


And if Americans don't trust Japan, they certainly don't trust any Islamic nation or person. Since 9/11, their conversations about Islamic people are very bloodthirsty.


Another point in the show was about how religion restricts life in Saudi Arabia.


That is true. However, that is exactly the same society that American Christian Fundamentalists wish to create in America. If you are not one of them, you have no right to life.


Friday, May 13, 2011

普天間と嘉手納基地を統合する提案 A plan to combine Futenma and Kadena bases

This is interesting news. 3 American Senators are talking about a plan to combine the Marine base at Futenma with the US Air Force base in Kadena.

Watching the television news, local officials in Okinawa said they are against the plan, citing increased noise at Kadena.


However, the plan proposed by the American Senator's says that some Air Force units will be be based to other areas of the Pacific region. So the noise level might not increase all that much.


I think this is a way out of the basing impasse for the moment. As I see this, it is an overall reduction of numbers in US military personnel on Okinawa.


I think this is a good step for Japan concerning the base problem. Of course, I understand the feelings of Okinawan people, they want all American military personnel to leave now.


Actually, I want all US military to leave Japan quickly. But it will not be an easy process. In the end, I see small units of Americans here, with the occasional visit by a US unit, as long as America exists. Compromises will have to be made by both sides.


Base consolidation is an important big step in reducing the US military presence in Japan. I think we should do this.


And why did America make this offer? I think they are too broke to build Henoko themselves, and they realize that Japan, devastated by the recent earthquake, is too strained to pay for a new US base. And above all, they don't want Japan to sell American National Bonds.


Friday, May 6, 2011

日本国内でのテロの可能性、アメリカのパキスタン主権侵害について There is only a low possibility of a terrorist attack in Japan, and my concerns about US violations of Pakistani sove

There is only a low possibility of a terrorist attack in Japan, and my concerns about US violations of Pakistani sovereignty.

With the recent American assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, there has been some worry in Japan about the possibility of revenge terror attacks by Muslim terror groups in Japan.


I think, that while I cannot say it will never happen, the possibility is small.


Here is why I think so. Most Muslim people in Japan, are here because they have married a Japanese citizen. Most of them have children. Such people would be highly unlikely to participate in a terror action.


Also, people who were not married, cannot rent a room to live in without a Japanese sponsor. A Japanese person must be your sponsor when you rent a room.


To make a bomb would take space. At the very least, a six tatami mat room, with a bath and toilet would be the minimum necessary for someone trying to make a homemade bomb.


Al Qaeda had long ago disappeared as a fighting force. The danger is now from copy cat terrorists, people who have no previous terror related connections, but who are angered by the killing of Osama bin Laden.


Yes it is true that there are major American military bases in Japan. These bases are being used to attack Muslim countries. From the Muslim point of view, some people there could view Japan as an enemy country since Japan supports American Middle Eastern wars. Well, it would be much worse if Japan actually had troops in the Middle East. I am glad the Japanese Army was withdrawn from Iraq.


In any case, I think terror attacks more likely in Europe or in America itself. In Japan, it is not so easy for such terror groups to establish themselves.


People in Japan are surprised at American celebrations of the death of Osama bin Laden. I wonder why. These is the true character of the American people, they are very vengeful. And very violent.


I was a United States Marine, and as a Marine, I was trained to kill people, in a war on the orders of the American government. I felt that to be a very serious responsibility, but not something to rejoice about.


I have met many Marines, sailors and US Army who were in combat in Vietnam. And killed people. None of them were very happy about it. It was a war, and that is what war is. But the person who enjoys killing, that is a dangerous person.


So yes, while I understand the Americans celebrating Osama bin Laden's death, I find their celebrations very distasteful and dangerous. Most of those people have never done anything dangerous in their lives. Yet they are so happy at the death of another person. OK, Osama bin Laden was an evil man, there is no doubt.


But killing him does not make me feel happy. But I am no longer an American, I never ever was like that, so I can't be a real American.


Here is some of the criticism coming from the American Right wing about President Obama's handling of this attack. They say the President is not a true American. He did not rejoice when he made the television announcement of Osama bin Laden's death, and he did not cover Osama bin Laden's body in pig fat. Since in Islam the pig is an unclean animal, that would be a terrible insult. Apparently, this leader from Tea Party Nation thinks that "Real Americans" would do such things.

Well then I am not a "Real American".


The truth is, since being born in America, I always had a difficult time with them. I do not believe in easily going to war and killing people. I do not believe in forcing the people of other countries to behave like Americans, or kill them.


Such thinking is basic to most Americans in my experience. And if you don't think like them, they attack you. The truth, I am very cautious and uncomfortable around Americans. I must be very careful what I say, they are very easy to get angry. I find it easier to not associate with Americans as much as possible.


I have some serious concerns about the American treatment of Pakistan in this affair. They acted like Pakistan does not exist as an established country.


Actually, what this means is that America will attack any country in the world if they feel the need to do so.


And the American White House has declared that they will attack any person in Pakistan again if they find a wanted person.


America considered using a B2 bomber, but they concluded that the target was too small.


In fact, Americans were not 100% sure Osama bin Laden was there.


If a B2 bomber had been used, no matter what Americans will say, it is highly likely that other houses in the neighborhood would have been hit and other people killed.


Also, the Americans say that they were not 100% sure Osama bin Laden was there. This means that they could have stormed the wrong house and killed people who had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden.


The fact is, in America's wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, most people killed were killed by mistake.


In a link in my previous blog post, only 2.5% of the people killed by drone strikes in a period in Pakistan were actually Al Qaeda, the rest were just people in the area. Mistakes.


This is America's basic success rate, having an American war nearby is a very dangerous experience for everybody.


I don't believe the Navy SEALS intended to capture Osama bin Laden, they intended to kill him from the beginning.


Under President Bush's administration, The President declared it acceptable to kill people by Presidential order. It is now legal for the American President to declare a person a terrorist, and then have the US military kill him.


President Obama has ordered one such person to death.


Pakistan's military is already warning the US government not to attempt any more raids in it's territory, or violations of sovereignty. There is a possibly that the Pakistani government could fall over this attack. More attacks, and Pakistani anarchy becomes certain.


Or an American and Pakistan all out war.


Since Pakistan is the main supply route for American forces in Afghanistan, the only alternative supply route would be through Russia.


But finally, I have to wonder at the stupidity of the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI. Since the area where Osama bin Laden lived for so long is very important military area, I find it very hard to believe that someone in the Pakistani Intelligence service was not protecting him.


They should have known that America would search until they found him, and when they found him, that America would react with extreme violence.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

オサマ・ビンラディンの死  The death of Osama bin Laden

American commandos have finally found and killed Osama bin Laden, in revenge for the 9/11 attacks on America 10 years ago. Americans are ecstatic, waving flags in the streets.

Well, I can understand. The economy gets better for corporations but worse for people. Unemployment increases. The gap between rich and poor increases. America is now in three wars in the Middle East, and none of them are going well. So I can understand why Americans want something to cheer about.


But the truth is Americans in the streets waving flags also makes me feel very uneasy. I feel that some country, or group of people, are about to be attacked by Americans.


However, the death of Osama bin Laden changes nothing. It does not bring any kind of victory, or end to war. In fact, Al Qaeda never managed another attack after 9/11. Oh yes, there have been some terrorist incidents.


But these incidents have all had the mark of local people using local resources to make their bombs. This was true of the attacks in London Bali and Madrid. Al Qaeda was destroyed in part by the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, where they lost their training camps.


The other factor in the destruction of Al Qaeda, and here I am guessing, but I think I am right. The other factor was the cooperation of the police forces of various countries in tracking down Al Qaeda personnel and their finances. The Al Qaeda personnel who survived went into hiding and became ineffective.


Americans have a fascination with leaders. They think that if a leader in country agrees with America, then that country will follow America's wishes. This is very true with Japan. For example the base problem in Okinawa. only recently have Americans begun to have a gradual awareness that no Japanese leader can build Henoko and survive an election. But in my heart I believe that America will still pressure Japan to build Henoko.


I remember when American commandos captured Saddam Hussein. People danced in the streets then too. People declared victory in Iraq. But nothing changed, in fact, things became worse. Today, the American position in Iraq is very weak, they are trying hard to keep an occupying force there beyond 2011 that Iraqi's don't want. I do not think America will succeed.


People are very worried about terrorist attacks. But for America, there is another big danger. That danger is the attitude of Pakistan. Most Pakistani's think of America as an enemy country.

This is in a large part because of American drone attacks inside Pakistan, that kill so many people not associatied with the Taliban. The link below shows that in six year period of drone stikes in Pakistan, America killed 30 Al Qaeda, 1,266 people not associated with Al Qaeda, and injured 445 people not associated with Al Qaeda. The attacks and deaths have since intensified greatly, with the same results.


A half year ago, US helicopters mistakenly killed Pakistani soldiers some 5 kilometers inside Pakistan. Pakistan then shut down the Torkham border crossing into Afghanistan for a few weeks. Fuel convoys for the NATO effort in Afghanistan were then attacked at depots throughout Pakistan.

There is another very serious factor involved. There is strong evidence that the Pakistani government, or certain parts of it, have been sheltering Osama bin Laden for six years. The house where Osama bin Laden had been staying for six years was in a very secure military are of Pakistan. It is improbable that nobody knew about it.

If this is true, well then Pakistan, or people in Pakistan, can be expected to make a strong reaction against America. I am very uneasy about how American military forces violated the sovereignty of Pakistan. Would they do the same in Japan? That is a very serious question, we have many American forces in Japan.


I can understand the desire to kill Bin Laden. I have no sympathy for him, he was a terrorist and an outlaw who is responsible for the death of many people. But I think it would have been better if America had chosen a more covert method, such as disguising American commandos as Pakistanis', to kill him.


Going in by helicopter, and announcing to the world it was America, is sure to invite revenge.