Friday, March 18, 2016

トランプ大統領 President Trump

It is more and more looking like a Presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


But which would be good for Japan?  Neither one.


Which would be worse for Japan?  By far Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton will attack Japan over historical issues, especially the Comfort Women issue.  And she will definitely push TPP, which means the destruction of Japanese civilization.


Donald Trump is incompetent, and his election to the Presidency will mean so much internal disorder that he will not have time to bother Japan.  He will not bother us about history issues, and will probably not push TPP as forcefully as Clinton would.


In fact, he has no foreign policy ideas at all.


 American corporations have destroyed America, the American people, now they will pay the price.


What do I mean?  The American elites do not understand the meaning of Donald Trump’s popularity.  Too often, Americans focus on leaders, as defining a movement.


There no longer is an American way of life, but to live in America means a short miserable life with no hope, and when you get sick, you die and your family goes bankrupt and loses their house.


The gap between rich and poor in America is obscene.  As long as Americans believed that they had a chance to rise in wealth, they put up with it.


Now they realize that they have no chance, and are revolting.  The US Democratic party has destroyed itself by promoting Hillary Clinton.  Sanders was the hope of many Democrats, in a Clinton/Trump race, I think too many Democrats will be disgusted and not vote at all, or for some one else, perhaps Mickey Mouse.


The Republicans are trying hard to destroy Donald Trump.


Yet what they don’t understand is, even if they do manage to destroy his candidacy, they will not appease the anger of Right Wing voters.


And things have degenerated badly.  A Trump rally was forced to cancel in Chicago because of Left wing violence.  This is extremely unusual for the Left to be so violent.


Donald Trump himself has threatened violence if he does not get the nomination.


There are other people besides me who think that the American militia movement could be a revolutionary force for Trump.


I have used the photo below before, but his is what the American militia movement wants to do to the Federal Government.


I also think that the Christian Fundamentalist would back Trump.


But even if Trump is somehow destroyed, the violence will continue and escalate.  The only way that this can avoided is by the destruction of most major US Corporations, and major reform of society.  No politician has the power to do that.  People are angry, and they have guns.  They will use them.  I have long predicted an American Civil War.  I think it is here now.


The American people have guns and will use them.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

日韓慰安婦合意は、やはりダメです。 The Japan/Korean Comfort Women agreement is truly over.

The Japan Korean agreement on Comfort Women reached between the Japanese and Korean governments late last December has failed beyond all measure.


In the March 13th issue of the newspaper “On Sunday” (The Japan Times), and article appeared that reported that UN chief Ban Ki Moon met with a Comfort Women, and called the offer insufficient.

3月13日の英字新聞 “On Sunday” (The Japan Times)でこう言う記事が有りました:国際連合事務総長の潘基文さんが最近元慰安婦と会って、日韓合意が足りないと宣言しました。

But wait a minute, didn’t the two governments call it a deal to end all squabbling?  And the only thing the Japanese side got out of it was a promise to remove the comfort women statue outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul, and to end the attacks on Japan.


But in the above link, Ban Ki Moon suggests that South Korea should not do that.


So no agreement.  The American pressure on both the Japanese and South Korean governments to reach an agreement failed, and was a strategic American error.


It won’t be the first time that has happened.


But the Koreans are really starting to anger me.  I have written about the truth of this situation below.


What I will write about today is the photo below.  It is from a Japanese newscast.  It shows Koreans at a sports event, displaying a banner.


For my readers who cannot read Japanese, in crudely written Japanese it says “We celebrate the Great Japanese Earthquake”.


I am at a loss for words.  March 11th is the anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake of 2011.  More than 15,000 people died, thousands are still missing.


The other day, I was talking with one of my co-workers.  Her home town had been hit by the Tsunami tidal wave.  Her house was OK, but just down the slope from her house was a 3 story shopping center.


After the tidal wave receded, many bodies were found clustered at the windows of all floors of the shooting center.  People had sought refuge from the Tsunami there, nobody thought it would engulf a 3 story building.

津波が引いたら、ショッピングセンターの建物の窓で数多くの 死体が集まりました。皆がそのショッピングセンターで津波から逃げるつもりで、誰でも3階建物より大きい津波を思いませんでした。

It did.  The Army when they came into town, the first thing they did was to cover the windows with massive sheets.  That was because it would take time to enter the wrecked building and recover the bodies.


My co-worker’s Grandmother was rescued by helicopter, but died of hypothermia.


And Korean people find this to be a cause for joy, to celebrate.


I simply do not know what to write.  Korean people have to be the most obnoxious, mentally deranged people on earth.


But what about the Americans who support the Koreans in their efforts against Japan?  Do you also rejoice in natural disasters that kill Japanese people?


Perhaps you should rethink your support for Koreans.


Podcast 小坂議員とヒクさんの「日本、サイコー!」公開収録に、ゲストで登場します。

Podcast 小坂議員とヒクさんの「日本、サイコー!」公開収録に、ゲストで登場します。

東京都杉並区阿佐ケ谷地域区民センター 第5集会室
(JR中央線・総武線 阿佐ケ谷駅南口出口から徒歩約2分)

前編 杉並区議会議員の佐々木浩先生
後編 Max Von Schuler-Kobayashi



Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016年アメリカ大統領選挙 The Presidential Election in the United States

I have not written for some time about the US Presidential election.  I am surprised, and not surprised about this election.


I am not surprised at all about all the nastiness and fighting.  America is now truly descending into chaos.  But what surprises me is that it is happening now.  I expected the stress of starvation caused by drought to cause Americans to fight so much in about two years.  No, it is happening now, the election has released uncontrollable passions.


Let us examine it.


The Democrats.


The Democratic party has made a strategic error.  They are pushing things in favor of Hillary Clinton, who is owned by Wall Street.


Believe me, American elections are completely rigged.


What the people controlling Clinton assume is, they can push her into office, and she will continue to keep them getting richer.  What they ignore is the fact that many people lead hopeless lives, and they realize it.  They cannot afford education, or they go into terrible debt to receive an education.  If someone becomes sick, it means economic ruin for the family.  The choice is death or family bankruptcy.


This is not the American dream.  The rich simply take more while everyone else suffers.


And the truly rich in America are only 1% of !% of the population.


In a fair election, Bernie Sanders would be the Democratic candidate.  But it is not fair, and Clinton is being set up to win.  I think Bernie Sanders is something rare these days, A Great American.  He knows he cannot beat the system and win, but he wants to make a statement.


White people are dying in America, death rates are rising.


Why?  People have no hope.  And this explains the popularity of Donald Trump on the Right.  They have the same lack of opportunity that people on the Left have.  They are also angry at so much Political Correctness in today’s America.


Ted Cruz is a complete Christian Fundamentalist, reasonable Republicans have been purged.


People in Japan seem so excited about Rubio, but I doubt that he is a real friend of Japan.  Few Americans like Japan, or any other country for that matter.  Some Japanese people are too mentally dependent on Americans


If the election comes down to Trump and Clinton, I think Trump will easily win in a fair election.  But it won’t be fair.  Already the Republican Party is trying to destroy Trump.


Some former officials say the military would disobey a President Trump.


That is certainly not a Democracy.  Well, America has begun it’s End Scene.


In the last few decades, the rich have become too greedy, and too cruel.  They have destroyed the American Middle Class, and with TPP, are attempting to destroy Japan.  But the American rich are truly ignorant.  They do not understand the realities of governing a country.


If people can have a decent life, they will tolerate a corrupt government.  I have seen this in Japan for years.  I have read of many government scandals, but they were basically ignored by the Japanese people.  This is because the average Japanese person worked hard, had a decent life, and did not care what the politicians did.  Now unfortunately, there are some Japanese who are copying the Americans, and doing things like trying to destroy the Permanent Employee, or Seishain system.


This is that they can make more profit for their part time worker companies.


This is a great mistake.  America is falling into revolution.  Well it will also be Civil War, urban Politically Correct Liberals against rural Christian Fundamentalist Conservatives.  I will say that the rural Right will win.  Food is grown in the country, not in the city.  Most of the urban Left have grown up pampered and spoiled, and have not experienced true hardship.  That is why they  are so strident about Political Correctness, they want a world to please them.


The rural Right have always experienced hardship, they are a lot tougher, both mentally and physically.  Also, they have most of the guns, and know how to use them.


I am not the only one saying this, other American intellectuals also write the same thing.


If people cannot achieve the right to a decent life by the ballot, they will choose the gun.


And in America, the people have more guns than the government.


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