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韓国とカンボジア、二つの自滅的な国家 South Korea and Cambodia, two suicidal nations

I recently spent some time reading a historical novel of Cambodia in the Vietnam war era.  The book is listed below.



Through out the book, actual historical comment is included, explaining the Cambodian civil war.


The Cambodian holocaust has long been an enigma, so many were killed, by Cambodians themselves.  It was not foreign powers who slaughtered Cambodians, it was the revolutionary Khmer Rouge.


And with a nod to my Jewish friends, I think we can use the word holocaust here.  Koreans have been attempting to use the word holocaust to describe the Japanese colonization period.  This is an insult to the Jewish people.  The Jewish people experienced extreme horror under Nazi rule in Germany.  On the other hand, Korean people benefited greatly from Japanese rule  Things like infrastructure built in Korea, and a great improvement in the society of Korea, the average Korean was raised from being a serf to being a modern human being.


Basically, the Khmer Rouge wanted to recreate the ancient glory days of previous Cambodian kingdoms.  They decided to do this by emptying the cities of all people, creating a rural farming state.


They attempted to recreate the ancient irrigation system that supported such a state, and failed miserably, which was the case of massive famine.


And any person who had a touch of modernity, such as an education, ability to speak languages other than Cambodian, etcetera, was eliminated as impure.

教育が有った人や外国語ができる人は不純と考えられ、そう言う人 は殺されました。

And of course any person who had been a soldier or official in the defeated government.  And their families.  The result was a bloodbath of mass slaughter that Cambodia has still not recover from today.


The Communist Khmer Rouge tried to create a fantasy world, anything that did not fit was destroyed.


I think South Korea is headed in the same direction.


I received this link from a friend.



In this book, Korean professor Park Yuha of Sejong University writes how a certain organization has created the Comfort Women issue, and uses it to attack Japan.

上記のリンクの本で、世宗大学校のパークユハ先生は有る組織、Chong Dae Hyup、挺対協は慰安婦問題を作って、日本に攻撃する為に利用しています。

The professor writes how the entire Comfort Woman issue has been exaggerated, and is filled with lies, intending to defame Japan.


I read in the Tokyo Shinbun that her book has been banned in Korea.  This is one of the first steps along the road that Cambodia took.  A denial of other points of view, suppressing them.  It is a step on the road to national genocide.


They create a fictional reality, and attack whatever and whoever does not fit this fictional narrative.


Here is where we have the two main differences when I am comparing South Korea and Cambodia.


Cambodians completely cut themselves off from all other nations.  They attempted to be totally independent of the rest of the world.


South Koreans are exporting their obsession and hatred of Japan, and they expect foreigners to take their side, and fight Japan for them.


Also, South Koreans expect deference from foreigners.  They expect foreigners to look at Korea as the most perfect society on earth, and to accept Korean superiority, and someday perhaps even Korean rule.


We can see this in the reaction to remarks by a State department official, Wendy Sherman.  She simply made a criticism of Korea and China, saying that they were using the history issue to make political points against Japan.  Which is quite true.


There was quite a reaction in Korea.


The Korea Times accuses the US of placing importance to Japan over Korea.

英字新聞The Korea Timesで、アメリカが”韓国より日本を大切”を告発しています。


The Hankyoreh also weighs in.



When the US criticizes some action by the Japanese government, I do not think there is any Japanese news organization that responds in such a way.


These articles have a very accusatory tone towards the US.  This is what I mean by Koreans expect deference and subservience from the US.


To the Korean mind, with various towns in the US erecting Comfort women monuments, America has taken the Korean position.  And thusly should always obey Korea.  This is how Koreans think.


Also, President Obama made a very serious strategic error when he visited Korea, and expressed full support for the Korean Comfort women position.


Koreans simply will not understand that all Americans will not think that way.


So in the Korean mind, they criticize Wendy Sherman’s comments, and the most extreme reaction was the attempted assassination of the US Ambassador.


I do not think this was just the action of some lone crazy man.  How did a known troublemaker, who had attacked a Japanese official before, get into the event?  How did he get a seat so close to the US Ambassador?


I find this photo very disturbing.  How could a suspect in a assassination be interviewed immediately after the event?


South Korea has a long history of violence towards Americans.


What Americans do not understand in this problem is that South Korean hatred toward Japan has so evolved that it will be impossible for America to maintain good relations with both countries.


A very mild comment by an American State Department official sparks such an outcry, and attempted Ambassadorial assassination.


For American strategic purposes, bases in South Korea are useless.  But the ones in Japan are vital to American military presence in half the world.


Koreans know this, and they use propaganda to attempt to control America.


And the entire complaint by South Korea, that Japan does not reflect enough on history, is entirely a fiction made up by Koreans.


I think that Americans will gradually find it very difficult to work with a country, when this is how they view Korea’s place in the world.


Koreans have so much anti Japan indoctrination, it will be several generations before Japan and Korea can be friends


Average Japanese are tired of always wrongly being called evil.  So now, there is a tendency to ignore Korea.


And in Korea, the hate continues.


Museums in South Korea have displays of Japanese torture, that verge on the pornographic.


But it turns out that if we investigate the truth of such torture, it was done in Korea before the Japanese annexation.


No, Japanese did not do it to Koreans, Koreans did it to Koreans.  Imperial Japan forbade such things.



I am very angry that Japanese schools are taking Japanese students to South Korea and taking them to such museums as mentioned in the above link.  Children should be taught to be proud of being Japanese.  Such teachers should lose their license and be banned from contact with children.  Americans would do that.

日本の中・高学校が日本の生徒を旅行で韓国へ連れて行き、上記のリンクで話した博物館へ連れて行く事について、私は非常に怒っています!子供の教育は、日本人で有る事を誇りに思う事を 教えるべきです。こう言う先生は先生の認可を取り消すべきで、裁判で子供たちと交流禁止命令を出すべきです。アメリカ人はそう言う事をします。

One Comfort Women makes a painting of Japanese Imperial troops burning girls alive.  So a Korean movie director, without researching the subject, decides to make a movie out of this.



Yet there is no record of Japanese forces doing any such thing in WWII.


There is however, records of Korean troops in the Vietnam war going into villages, stripping young girls naked, and burning them to death.



There are some Americans who are getting tired of constant Korean demands about history.



The thing is, the Korean version of history is totally false.  Ignorant Americans initially supported Koreans out of ignorance.


But gradually, the truth is becoming known.


I think Koreans will become more frustrated, and resort to violence more often.  Both at home, and internationally.  They will try to make reality fit their mistaken beliefs.


And here is where I draw the comparison to Cambodia, and national suicide.  It will become more difficult for anti Japanese Koreans to maintain international interest and support in their anti Japan activities. Anyone in South Korea who does not agree will be attacked.  It has already happened, a Korean University professor who said the Comfort Women were simply prostitutes has been attacked and humiliated.



There will be a possibility of Koreans taking revenge in countries with large Korean populations, like the US and Japan.  We should be wary.


And for sane Koreans, it will be a very difficult time.


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