Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I am frankly quite shocked at the Japanese governments behavior on TPP.  It seems that the Japanese government sacrificed many aspects of the Japanese economy to achieve an agreement.


It seems that the Japanese government simply trusts the American government.  This is very naive.


Since I am having long treatment for a heart condition under the Japanese National Health care system, for me, TPP is a death sentence.  As it is for many Japanese people.

私は、現在、日本国民健康保険システムで、心臓を治療中です。私の場合に、 TPPは死刑宣告です。数多くの治療中の日本人もそう成ります。

America routinely breaks promises.  For example, president Reagan promised Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not expand  eastward.  After the Soviets did not intervene to prevent the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, America promptly expanded NATO eastward.


They easily broke their promise.


Some people might say that TPP is protection against China and Russia.  Not at all.  Americans only think of profit.  And in their minds, Russia and China are bigger, more population.  There would be more profit in a business relationship with those countries.  That is how Americans think.  And they still do not trust Japan because of WWII.  They never will.  In their minds, Japan must be destroyed and made into a small version of America.


But they will not protect Japan against any other country, if there is no profit in it.  It is always profit first.


Why do I say TPP is a death sentence for me and many other Japanese people?  Here is a recent example.


The man in the picture above is a murderer.  He is the CEO of a drug company.  That company just bought the rights for an AIDS treatment drug that is essential to keeping AIDS patients alive.  In one day, he raised the price from $13.50 to $750.


Right now, there is a media firestorm over this.  But it will soon fade away.  But many Americans will no longer be able to afford treatment, and die.  But Americans do not care.


In America, people only care about profit.  They do not care at all about public good.  They do not care about manufacturing a good product.  They only care that they make a lot of money themselves.


Many of my Japanese readers will say, “How can I write this?  Americans are such good people!”


Well yes, there are decent people.  But they tend to be Middle Class, and cannot afford expensive lawyers.  In modern America, their lives are failing.  Recently, a very interesting example exists.  In Japan, everyone knows that the American west, particularly California, is experiencing severe drought.  In California, people are being fined for watering their lawns.  There is just not enough water.


The lawn of an average house in California.


Yet the rich ignore such rules.  This is how they live:
Notice that the owner of this house has wide lawns, a pool, and a vineyard.  Around the house is desert.


Rich people think that since they have more money, they can live as they wish.  They do not care about other people.


So under TPP, Japanese medical care will become extremely expensive.  Many people who cannot pay, will die.  And American companies do not care.  They will say that we Japanese people are bad, we did not work hard enough.


The fact is, American corporations have destroyed the American Middle Class.


It is a fact for those of us who study history, that Democracy cannot be maintained in a country without a strong Middle Class.  But American corporations do not care about America.  They only wish to make more profit in the immediate future.


That is why I can say with confidence that they will destroy Japan too.


TPP is a grave mistake, the very existence of Japan as a nation is in danger.  The only way to deal and negotiate with Americans is from a position of strength.  And use that strength to make sure that Americans keep the agreement.  That is how Americans behave with each other, that is why so many lawyers exist in America.


TPP is not about trade.  Believe me, Americans will find some way to prevent Japanese cars from being sold in America.  TPP is about American firms dominating the Japanese economy with sub standard products.  It is also about the removal of Japanese savings from Japan to America.


The coming era, in a very few years, will be dominated by shortages of food and fuel across the planet.  We must protect the national existence of Japan.



やっかいな外国人! Troublesome Foreigners

Recently, Turks rioted in front of their embassy in Tokyo.


I understand that the Japanese government intends to bring large amounts of foreign workers into Japan each year.


This is incomprehensible.  I have much experience working with foreigners.  They make many demands.  In particular, they demand that Japanese society change to suit them.


It is very difficult for foreigners to work in a Japanese job environment.  They in general do not blend into Japanese society.


Large groups of foreigners will maintain their language and customs, and create urban ghettos.  They will not learn the Japanese language, or about Japanese customs.  These areas will be areas of crime and prostitution.


Japanese people are the best workers in the world.  Why replace them with foreigners?  It takes 15 or 20 years for the average foreign worker to learn how to function in Japan.  Few do.  Most of them give up trying and become demanding, asking for special rights.


I know, I have worked with foreigners in Japan, it is very aggravating.  Ultimately, the business, using foreigners on Japanese television, has collapsed.  Foreigners cannot obey simple rules, they want special privileges.


This was 90% of the people I worked with, even though they were paid on average 3 times what a Japanese person in the industry got.  Now foreigners are only rarely used on Japanese television, the business has collapsed.


I think some American officials are pressuring the Japanese government to accept more foreigners.


But this is a mistake, America itself is teetering on race war.


America is close to becoming a failed state.  Why should Japan imitate America?


I think Permanent Foreign residence should only be given to those who are fluent in the Japanese language, and can demonstrate that they are able to survive in Japanese society.



Thursday, October 22, 2015

アメリカ共和党の混乱 Republican Party disarray

Recently, many people have been accessing this entry on my blog.


It gives a good description of the Christian Fundamentalist movement, and how they want to change America and the world.


It is my guess that my readers are wondering if the recent announcement by John Boehner that he will retire is due to Christian Fundamentalist activity.


I do not have a direct statement, but it is my surmise that this is the reason.  Congressman Boehner was one of the last sane Republicans left.


This is part of a coordinated movement to turn America into a Christian Fundamentalist State.


They have their own flag.


The Christian Fundamentalist flag


Here is a Japanese/English explanation of the 7 mountains theory.


The Seven Mountains of society.

By their philosophy, if you are not a believer in their religion, you may not be; a politician, a military officer, a teacher.  You may not vote, or become President of a corporation.  It is the American philosophy of Exceptionalism in pure form, extreme selfish and rejection of others, the true foundation of American thinking.  If you are not a believer, you will become a second class citizen.


This is the America they wish to create.  25% of Americans are hard core believers, another 25% are moderate believers.  They are highly organized, dominant in the Army and Air Force, less so in the Navy.


Military chaplains


It will mean much more chaos for America.  It also could mean a violent civil war.


After winning America, they wish to impose this religion upon Japan and all other countries in the world.  It can only mean violence and disorder.


In Japan, this means the elimination of Japanese Shinto, Buddhism, Japanese language and culture.


And many of these Christian Fundamentalists want to start a World Wide nuclear war.


They feel that nuclear war is a good thing, since they are true believers, they will go to heaven.


Actually, TPP is simply another form of America attempting to impose it’s culture upon Japan, but not in religious form.


And this comes when America is about to face agricultural collapse because of drought, oil collapse because shale oil was a swindle from the beginning, and financial collapse has been imminent since the Lehman shock.


I am mystified as why the present Japanese government thinks a trade agreement like TPP can work with such an unstable country.

どうして日本政府が こう言う不安定国とTPP みたいな貿易条約を結んだら上手くいくと思っている事が不思議と考えています。


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

チャンネルAJERに出演しました。 AJER2015.10.21(1)



Friday, October 2, 2015

ダイバーシティ(多様性)の暴虐 The Tyranny of Diversity

This blog post is a continuation of my post;



America, a politically correct hell

Recently, there have been calls to have Philippine maids in Japan.  This is supposed to free Japanese women so that they can participate more in the workplace.  The Philippine maids will raise Japanese children.


In general, it seems that American leaders are pressuring Japanese leaders to accept a lot more foreigners.


There are even some Japanese political leaders saying that “foreigner friendly” zones should be established in Japan.  In such places, there would be no visa qualifications for foreigners to enter, they can do any job, people would speak English.


Coming from America, I am amazed to hear such proposals.  I think there are two reasons that Americans pressure Japan in this way.


One is that Americans think of their own society as a model for the world.  If every country would be like America, there would be world peace.  Americans truly believe this.


The other reason is that Americans instinctively fear the racial purity of Japan.  They wish to dilute the Japanese race.


I do not think that Americans are consciously aware of this, but this is what they do.


There is a great catch word in America these days, diversity.  It means many different kinds of people living together.  Well how has it worked out in America?


Not very well.  People search for problems, and try to fix them with quotas.  Japan is being caught up in this.


The picture below is interesting.  I sense fear in the faces of the two white people.


Why are they afraid?  Jesse Jackson, a rights activist, is there saying that Silicon valley companies mostly employ White men.  Here are his charts.


Well, I can believe this is true.  The White people in the photo are company employees, they are afraid of being attacked.


How would they be attacked?  Well, there could be comments on social media such as Facebook, that the company is not diverse.  There could be demonstrations outside the company.


It could cause a loss of business, and the destruction of the company.  The thing is, there is a lot of prejudice in American society.  White Americans are oblivious to this.  White Americans, as a whole have never accepted Black people, or Asian people as being equal.


Right now, America is teetering into Race War.  Take a look at these pictures.


Those were pictures of the race riots in Baltimore, in April of 2015.
The pictures below are of recent riots in Ferguson Missouri.


To make things worse in Ferguson Missouri, a group of primarily White militia called the oath keepers are getting involved.


While they claim to want to protect business against Black rioters, they also claim to protect Black people against the police.


Oath keepers on the streets in Ferguson Missouri


There are  many such militia groups in America.  They are primarily White, and basically intend to protect the White race.


Here is a list of militia groups in America.


There are also many groups of Black people calling for Race War.


A radical Black Panther leader who wants to kill White people.


I think America is heading for serious internal warfare.


People in America try to fix things with quotas.  That is why Mr. Jackson is targeting Silicon valley.  But in this case, it is a serous mistake.  The idea of quotas assumes that all people are equal, that a perfect society would have the racial and gender mix in all areas, the same as the general population.


But in the case of Silicon valley, there is an extreme shortage of scientists and engineers.  I have written of this before.


I think that if the engineers and scientists existed in America, Silicon valley companies would gladly hire them.  The problem is, intelligent Americans do not study science or engineering.  The go into careers in finance or become lawyers, simply to make a lot of money.


But what I think will eventually happen is, that due to pressure by social groups, laws will be created, these laws will push quotas, forcing Silicon valley companies to accept non qualified people as engineers.  Then their product quality will decline, and America as a nation will take another giant step towards collapse.


And America is too full of too many selfish groups demanding rights.  A society needs standards to function.


Facebook has 51 gender identities.


This is ridiculous.  There have always been Gay people.  And there have always been people who were a bit of both straight and Gay.  So what?


This effort to force diversity in Japan is another case of America attempting to force it’s culture upon Japan.  It has not worked in America.  In America it has only led to social disorder.


Japan should not listen to such foreigners.  Japan is a unique country.  It’s uniqueness is the source of it’s beauty.


I am not at all against foreigners coming to Japan.  I myself was born in a foreign country.  But foreigners who receive status from the Japanese government to stay, should be required to speak, read, and write Japanese.  They should have an understanding of Japanese culture and customs.


I think there should be an examination to grant permanent alien resident status.


We can take a few such foreign people.  But taking in large amounts of refuges, or creating foreigner friendly zones, is a mistake.  They will never assimilate.  They will preserve their own language and customs inside Japan.  They will be basically unemployable.


They will demand special rights.


And the areas they reside in will become centers of crime and prostitution.


In the very near future, in about two years, due to climate change we will not have enough food to feed Japanese people.  If you read any of my blog entries about American drought, you will know that America itself is about to collapse.


We should stop worrying about foreigners, and instead see to the needs of Japanese people, and preserve Japanese culture.