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Monday, November 17, 2014

英字新聞は日本の反日です。 English newspapers are anti-Japan.

These days, the only version of the English newspaper “The Japan Times” that I will buy is the Sunday version, “On Sunday”.

最近、私は“The Japan Times”日曜日版、“On Sunday”の英字新聞しか読みません。

For well over a year, Professor Jeff Kingston of Temple University has been haranguing over the Comfort Women issue, and Prime Minister Abe.


However, this last November 2nd, the paper stooped to a new low.  They had Jake Adelstein write an article about the Comfort Women.


Mr. Adelstein writes a semi weekly column for the On Sunday paper called, “The dark side of the rising Sun.”

ジェイク・エーデルスタインさんは”On Sunday”新聞のコラムを書いています。英語のタイトルの意味は、”日本の裏の暗い事”みたいです。

You see, there had been complaints that Professor Kingston was obsessed over the Comfort Women issue.


But I think Mr. Adelstein a very poor choice by the paper to write about this.


Who is this person, Mr. Adelstein?  He claims to have been a reporter for the Yomiuri newspaper for 12 years.  He claims that in that time he was a crime reporter in Kabukicho in Shinjuku Tokyo.


He also says that he got scoops on various Yakuza personalities that put his life in danger.


In much earlier writings, he claimed that he had to have sex with the wives of gangsters, in order to get information.  And that this destroyed his marriage.


Well, that last bit is from memory, I could not find the link.


However here is a link by a high school friend, that appeared in the American magazine, “The New Yorker”

しかし、下記は、彼の高校の友達が書いた記事です。アメリカの雑誌、“The New Yorker”で、出版されました。

In the link above, the writer describes how Mr. Adelstein had sex with the drug addict girlfriend of a dead gangster.  Mr. Adelstein certainly does get deeply involved with his subjects.


In the article above, the American friend of Mr. Adelstein says that the Yomiuri newspaper will not comment about Mr. Edelstein.


The Yomiuri newspaper also did not respond to my enquiries concerning him.


However, it is the promotion photos that Mr. Adelstein himself took that originally got me to take a closer look at this gentleman.


Mr. Adelstein at work.  In the background is his book, Tokyo Vice.

仕事中のエーデルスタインさん。写真の背景に彼が書いた本、 Tokyo Viceが有ります。

Mr. Adelstein interviewing a gangster.  Really, gangsters in Japan interview without shirts?


Mr. Adelstein getting information from a beautiful gangster related woman.  She seems ready to have sex with him, and will tell him Yakuza secrets.  Is this for real?


You can easily find these photos on the net by putting the following words in google.


Jake Adelstein pics

Does the Yomiuri newspaper really give an exam for prospective reporters?  His story does not add up.  Maybe foreigners who do not understand Japan might believe him, but I have a hard believing him.


I have not read his book, “Tokyo Vice”, but I have read many of his columns, there is nothing special in them that I did not know from other media sources.

彼の本、“Tokyo Vice”を読んだ事がないけれど、彼の新聞コラムを数多く読みました。はっきり言うと、そんなに特別な情報はなく、すべて別のメディアで彼が書いている内容を読んだ事が有りました。

It seems that all of Mr. Adelstein’s activities are designed to impress foreigners who do not know Japan well.


OK, so why have I written so much about this Mr. Adelstein?  It is because of the Comfort Women article he wrote.  Alright, I can believe he hangs out a lot with Japanese underworld types.


But how does this qualify him to write about the Comfort Women issue?  And why does he write at such an important newspaper in Japan like The Japan Times?

しかし、どうしてその暗黒街の知識で慰安婦の事について記事を書く事が出来ますか?何故、日本のThe Japan Timesみたいなメジャーな英字新聞でコラムを書きますか?

There is a certain type of Japanese person I call masochistic Japanese.  For them, everything about Japan is archaic and useless.  Such people are totally enthralled with foreign countries, particularly the United States of America.


Since the arrival of Commodore Perry and his technically advanced fleet, there has always been such a strain of admiration for the foreigner in Japan.


But these people are dangerous for Japan.  They regard everything foreign as automatically good, and things Japanese as bad.  They cannot understand that many foreigners are frankly, bad people, or people of low quality.


The Japan Times is constantly publishing articles about the Comfort Women, and how Japan was bad in the war.  The editors who control the content of The Japan Times are Japanese.

The Japan Times英字新聞は永遠に慰安婦問題などで、日本は戦争で悪かったのような記事を書いています。

They will be used by foreigners.  Many foreigners, including Professor Jeff Kingston of Temple University, take a view of Japan as a colony.  They want obedient Japanese who will change Japan for foreign interests.


These masochistic Japanese are much more dangerous than any anti Japanese foreigner.


In my book, The Truth about Americans, I write about such masochistic Japanese, the truth about the Pacific war, and about sex crazed Americans like Mr. Adelstein.


And really, no American would hire Mr. Adelstein for any kind of job, in America, he would be called a con artist.  A flim flam man.


I hope my book can help Japan.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

科学的に、アメリカは失敗国家です。 America: Scientifically, a failing state.

Recently three Japanese scientists won the Nobel prize.  This is a fantastic thing.  However, one of them, Mr. Nakamura Shuji, has changed his citizenship to American.  He recently gave an interview, where he extolls the virtues of America compared to Japan.


In the interview in the article, he talks much about American superiority.  He says America is an innovative country that allows people freedom.  And that it welcomes immigrants.


He says that all Japanese are the same.  In America there are very poor and the super rich.


He talks about the American dream.  He says that America is superior because English is a world language.


In fact, he insults Japan by stating clearly that Japan is an inferior country.

正直に言うと、日本が 劣等の国の事を言って、日本に失礼な事を言っています。 

Well, I am very happy that Professor Nakamura has found success and happiness in America.  He is very lucky.  But, like other people who worship America, he has missed some very vital important facts about America.


I call this people who blindly worship America masochistic Japanese.


The facts are, the state of American science is dismal.  The 2013 sequester is still in effect, much science research has been cut.


There is still extreme mistrust of science by the American Right wing.  What this means is, that Republican legislators will make every effort to deny funds to scientists.


America is suffering a science brain drain.  Scientists are leaving government research for the private sector, or moving overseas.


And American science students rank pretty close to worst in the developed world.


Bright young Americans these days look for careers in finance, or as lawyers.


And because of visa restrictions dating back to the Bush era, bright young foreign scientists are finding it impossible to enter the United States to begin careers.  Mr. Nakamura is very wrong here, America is no longer a nation of immigrants.


Well, it true that many people still come to the United States illegally.  But they do not have skills.  Their fate is to be slaves for low wages in the US.  That is still better than where they come from, but not a compliment to America.


With the skyrocketing costs of US higher education, it is highly unlikely that such people could produce a scientist such as Mr. Nakamura within 3 or 4 generations.


What this all means is that the ability of America to maintain itself as a civilized state is in doubt.  This could actually destroy America.  However, I think that drought will destroy America faster.


And more and more comments like these are appearing from average Americans in the blogosphere.  First he lists all of America’s problems.  Then, what does this person say is the best things for individual Americans to do?  Get a passport and leave.


This writer says that originally most Americans came to America in search of a better life.  And now, that since the state of America is so dismal, Americans should leave looking for a better life in some other country.


Mr. Nakamura, Japan is a fine country to live in.  I am very happy to be here.  And in 15 years, Japan will be the best country in the world to be in.