Wednesday, July 20, 2016

アメリカ内乱開始、白人黒人戦争で始まっています。 The American Civil War has well and truly begun, it starts with Race War.

I have written about this before.


And now we are there.  Civil War in America.


5 police officers shot and killed in Dallas Texas.

ダラス・テキサンズ で警察官5人が殺されました。

There were also attacks in Tennessee, Missouri and Georgia.  I think one officer was killed in those other attacks.


A few days ago, 3 police officers killed in Louisiana.


These are the three dead men in Louisiana, one of them was Black.


This morning as I turn on my computer to write another police officer is killed in Kansas.


And I find news of ongoing police ambushes in Georgia, but apparently no police deaths there yet.


This is an insurgency.  These officers were deliberately ambushed by Black people.  This is a Civil War, and it is much more serious news than the Republican convention.  I have been writing about how dangerous drought is for America, how people must evacuate the Western half of the country.


This is much more immediately dangerous.


Black people are 13% of the American population.   But they have never assimilated into the general American population.  They have always been a people apart.


The basic reason is, American White people just don’t like Black people, or any other race for that matter.  America is a highly intolerant society.


And Black people themselves, I think it is true that many expect the government to help because they are Black.  But the fundamental reason is White people simply do not accept the existence of Black people.


It is just so much more difficult to live in America if you are Black.  You have to work ten times harder to succeed.  In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s I think we could say that Black people as a whole were becoming Middle class.


At that time, Black and White Americans did not like each other, but they could basically exist in the same country.  Basically, internally, America was at peace.


But the wealth gap has hurt Black people much more than White people.  Out sourcing took away their factory jobs, leaving them unemployed.


The deliberate targeting of Black people by banks in the subprime loan scandal took away what wealth they had.


The bankers of course are elite White Americans.


So is it any wonder that Black people are angry?  I think they see police officers as a symbol of oppression, and feel hopeless that they can make a better life.


Many police officers are Black, they want to help people in their community, so they became police officers.


But it is true that Black communities are filled with violent crime.


The reasons for this have a long history, but I think we can say, White people have basically ignored Black people.  Only in the military and Federal government service, have large numbers of Black people been able to rise in rank.


The Black Lives Matter group does not advocate the use of violence.  But there are Black organizations that do preach violence, such as the African American Defense league, and the New Black Panther party.


Photo from the facebook page of the African American Defense League

アフリカ系アメリカ人の防衛リーグのfacebook pageからの写真です。

But White people have also been hurt badly by the wealth gap and cheating by the ultra rich.  There is already a 100,000 man strong guerrilla army in the United States, the militia movement.  They are mostly White people.


I think it can be said that many of these angry White people who join a militia are also Trump supporters in the present Presidential election.


Well here we have a link of Trump Facebook fans calling for race war.


Notice one of them saying that they cannot wait for the election to happen.


It is only a matter of time before White people seek revenge against Black people.  And this will bring about the disintegration of America in a orgy of bloodshed.

白人が黒人に復讐する事は時間の問題です。これで、アメリカは 統一国として深い血だらけで崩壊に成ります。

And it won’t only be Black and White people killing each other.   It will be Christian Fundamentalist killing Mainline Christian.  Conservatives will kill White Feminists.  I agree White Feminists are very annoying with all their ridiculous Political Correctness, but killing is not good.


White People will kill Asians and Hispanics.  Everyone is heavily armed, and full of hate and rage.


And since there are many Black people in the police and military, these organizations are likely to fall apart killing each other in general race war.


It is true also that many White Supremacists have joined the military to get training for racial war.


This is very serious, and deserves serous news analysis.  In Japan, we must prepare for the self destruction of America.  If you are in America, get out if you can.


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