Friday, July 25, 2014

日本人は人肉を食べる民族では有りません! Japanese people are not cannibals!

Angelina Jolie is producing and directing a movie called “Unbroken”.   It is the story of Louis Zamperini, who spent in two and a half years in Japanese POW camps.


In the book, there is a casual reference to ritual Japanese cannibalism, where Japanese guards eat prisoners of war.


The reference is only one line, and the author’s sole source of information for the story is the memory of Mr. Zamperini.


And Angelina Jolie’s sole source of information for the movie is the book.


So we will now have a movie appearing showing the world that Japanese soldiers routinely ate people, their prisoners.


While there were a few isolated recorded examples of Japanese troops eating prisoners in the war, there were none that I know in mainland Japan, where Mr. Zamperini claims this happened.


In war, terrible things happened.  Americans routinely sent body parts of Japanese soldiers to their families as souvenirs.


An American wife contemplates the souvenir skull of a Japanese soldier her husband sent her.


The truth is, Americans were very poor Prisoners of war.  They were very spoiled, and expected special treatment.


One book in my collection is “This kind of war” by T. R. Fehrenbach.  He provides a detailed account of American POW’s in the Korean war.  The book was written in 1963, so there had not yet been time to develop a narrative to make the Americans look better.

私の収集の1冊の本に、T. R.フェーレンバッハさんが書いた”戦争この種”が有ります。朝鮮戦争で、アメリカ捕虜の事について細かく書いています。この本は1963年に書いたから、まだアメリカ捕虜をもっと良く見える様に話を作る時間が有りませんでした。

American POW’s behaved terribly.  Just what do I mean?  After capture, and being put into camps, they were given a speech by a Communist Chinese officer.  The Chinese officer said that now they were equal, they did not have to obey their officers.


With that statement, American society among the prisoners disappeared.  They did not care for sick POW’s.  They stole food from each other.  They cooperated with the Chinese to obtain special privileges.


Of course this was not true of all Americans.  Medical personnel made heroic efforts to save the sick.  All military chaplains died caring for sick American POW’s.


But the average American POW simply did not cooperate with other Americans.  American society disintegrated with a word from a Chinese officer.


By comparison, in the Korean war, not one single Turkish prisoner died.  When a Turkish prisoner became sick, others would help.


Not so with Americans.


And Americans could not eat Asian food.  They were issued rice and soy beans as basic rations.  Many could not eat this, and died.


Americans are very spoiled when it comes to food.  They will only eat what they grew up with.


In the book “Five years to freedom” the author, James Rowe, describes a fellow prisoner who died before his eyes.  Why?  the man could not eat rice, he insisted that he be given bread.


Well that prison camp was in the Vietnamese jungle.  There was no possibility of making bread.  So he died.


In Japanese prison camps during the war, Americans claimed that Katsuoboshi was tree bark, or that gobo was tree roots.  They could not cope with other foods.


As far as the Korean war, the book “This kind of War” was written soon after the war.  Books written later hid the American shortcomings, and made the American deaths the fault of the Chinese.


It seems from historical evidence that the foundations of American society are weak, and disappear in times of stress.  Most Americans simply devolved into a mass of selfish, non cooperating individuals.


The one exception to this was the behavior of Officer POW’s in the Vietnam war.  Pilots who were shot down behaved in an exemplary fashion in the Vietnam war.


But they were highly trained officers, of superior intelligence.


I think the sentence about ritual cannibalism was simply included in the book “Unbroken” by the author in a casual manner.  The author apparently took the word of Mr. Zamperini, and made no effort to confirm his story.


Angelina Jolie is apparently taking the same casual attitude in the movie towards such a serious allegation.  I really doubt if she did any research, beyond that one book.


However, this is an attack upon Japan, even if Angelina Jolie does not realize it.  We should make a formal request that the “non fiction” label be removed from the movie.


If she refuses, then all her works should be boycotted.  And we should sue her in court.


Monday, July 7, 2014

最近、アメリカで豚の感染症が増えています。 Recently, there has been an out break of pig diarrhea in America.

It has killed 10% of US pigs in one year.  This other than drought, is one reason for the rise in pork prices.


America typically raise pigs on farms with 20,000 to 40,000 pigs on large farms.  They are given hormones and other drugs top grow quickly.


American corporate farmers have always favored the most profitable type of pig, cow, wheat or corn.  Even when I was a child, agricultural analysts were critical of such practices.  They are dangerous to the food supply.


If a disease strikes, it could wipe out the entire stock of animals.  And such a disease is here now.  A few years ago, I read a magazine article by a reporter visiting such a pig farm.  He was asked if he and visited any other pig farms in the last 6 months.  If had, he would have been refused entry.  The farm was so worried about the possibility of germs from another farm seeping into their barns.  The barns are maintained at a higher air pressure than the outside, to keep germs out.  American farm pigs are so drugged that they are that weak to germs.


Some Americans speculate that the disease originated in China.  I do not think so.  My guess is that the disease originated in America, because of America factory farm practices.


And so many pigs in one place produces, well, a lot of pig poop.


Here are some facts about that massive amount of poop.


People who live near such farms report increasing amounts of disease.


There is another problem.  On some of the farms, foam has appeared on top of the lakes of pig poop.  It explodes.


Again scientists do not know why.


Below are some photos of the pig poop foam.  It is 4 feet deep.


And here are some photos of the result of explosions.


I think that in their quest for quick profit, American corporate agricultural companies did not research potential problems, or ignored them.


And now this mysterious disease that is killing pigs.  At the moment the cause is not known, so of course there is no cure.


And that the immediate cause of the steep rise in the price of pork.


On American factory farms, the pig poop simply falls through slats in the floor.  This reduces the number of workers necessary, and increases profits for the corporation.


On a Japanese farm, workers clean out the individual pens by hand.  Yes, this is increased cost, but it results in a healthier animal. and better product.


As for beef, drought is causing a reduction in the number of cows raised in America.


California is in very serious shape.  I know that with California rice, only half of the average available is being planted this year because of lack of water.


And TPP people want Japan to depend upon American rice?  There is not enough for Americans.


And drought has been the cause of minor earthquakes in California.   Excessive use of groundwater has caused the mountains to rise, triggering the quakes.


The drought in the US is only getting worse.


And Americans still do not realize how serious the situation is, they are not conserving water.


This is just as I thought would happen.  American culture is all about self satisfaction.  The idea that you must save or restrict oneself is a new one for America.


But they do not have much time.  Every year from now, the drought will get worse and worse, until people cannot live in the US southwest anymore.


For Japan, the most important thing is redevelop and preserve our agriculture.