Friday, December 31, 2010

良いお年を! Have a Happy New Year!

Recently, I have seen in the media that many Japanese people seem to very worried about the future of Japan.


On my blog, I have written much about the problems facing America. But if I were to compare, America, the country of my birth, and Japan, the country of my present and future, Japan is in a much better state.


Japan has a nationwide system of electric trains. This means, as oil becomes more difficult to find, people and goods shall still travel everywhere inside Japan.


This is not true for America. America's transport system is completely dependent on oil. And usable oil is quickly disappearing. American transport will become impossible in a few years, certainly less than ten years from now.


Japan has a well maintained infrastructure. In this country, things work.


In America, infrastructure is beginning to collapse across the nation.


I just saw this in the news. People were stuck in an international flight that had just landed at JFK airport. They sat on the tarmac for 11 hours.


Nobody could unload the passengers into a waiting area, nobody could bring them food or water. This is in New York City? I am FROM New York City, massive snow storms are common, they happen every year.


To me, this sounds like a lack of organization, and a lack of a desire to work. In an emergency, why can't customs officers work overtime? Why can't local authorities adjust to the situation? In Japan, local authorities cope with the problem.


Japan has a declining population. This is good. Global Warming means that we are going to have to adapt with new kinds of crops in a changing climate. Japan will in my opinion be able to do this.


America has a growing population, and American agriculture is based on monoculture, the most profitable type of crop or farm animal. Global Warming will tend to push such crops or animals to extinction, and agriculture will not adjust. Without food for it's people, America will not be able to maintain a unified society or nation wide government.


Japan, on the other hand will maintain society and government. I think in the next 20 or 30 years, many foreigners will want to move to Japan. Unfortunately for these future foreigners, we can only take in a few.


And finally, Japan has a hardworking and educated population. Compared to Japan, Americans have never been a hardworking people. But now education in America has been destroyed by Americans, and ignorance and stupidity are appalling.


Not so for Japan. Looking at Japanese young people, I can see an increasing pride in being Japanese. One aspect of this is the increasing number of young couples I see on a date in say, Shinjuku. It is the young man who is wearing a Japanese kimono.


So I don't really worry so much about the future of Japan. We shall survive and prosper. I am very glad that I could live here.


Everybody have a Happy New Year! 良いお年を!