Wednesday, May 23, 2018

アメリカの学校での銃乱射事件はフェミニストの責任ですか? Are Feminists responsible for school shootings?

On May 18th, there was another school shooting in America.  10 people are dead at a high school in Santa Fe Texas.


Many people will start screaming that gun ownership is the problem.  They will say that some crazy student just one day decided to go get some guns and kill people.


But events have causes.  They don’t simply happen.


One thing struck me as I thought about this.  Guns have existed in America for a long time.  When I was a high school student from 1970 to 1974, people could own an AR15 rifle.


An AR-15 rifle.


School shootings were rare then.  But now they are increasingly common.


I then thought of two possible causes.  Look at the link below.  It lists some 36 school shootings and stabbings occurring since the year 2000.  32 of the incidents are in America.


In all of the incidents listed above, the perpetrator was on psychiatric medication.  The use of such medication has exploded since I was in American high school.


That includes the shooter in the February 14, 2018 Parkland Florida incident.


In a 2013 US government study, it found that 8,389,034 children from the ages of 0 to 17 were on psychiatric medication.  In most cases, a school can issue such medication without the parents consent.


One of the possible effects of Ritalin, one such popular medication for students, is violent behavior.


This psychiatric medication of students started sometime in the 1980’s or 1990’s, until it has become very widespread.


There is another relevant idea that has started since the year 2000, that is the bullying of white, heterosexual males.


Present day Feminism is Marxist based, and white heterosexual males are the oppressors, everyone else is a victim.


In university, white heterosexual males are actively persecuted.  Words like toxic masculinity, and white guilt are common.  And the attacks on white heterosexual males can be pretty virulent.


The true way that words like toxic masculinity and white guilt are interpreted by Feminists is that by virtue of birth as a white heterosexual male, a person is a criminal that can never change.  Anything that such a person does or says is to be regarded as a crime.


In the American interpretation of the Marxist theories of the Frankfurt school, white heterosexual males have become the oppressor class, criminals who cannot be redeemed.


And many women on university campuses and in high schools treat men in this way.

大学、高等学校で、数多くの女性がこう言う 風に男性を扱いします。

Social events that happen in university percolate down into high schools.  I remember during the Vietnam war, anti war protests were held in my high school, were students wore black armbands to protest the war.


I did not.  I believed the government, and was set on joining the Marine Corps by that time.  In any case, in high school, we had little idea what the protest was about.  But older kids in university did it, so we did it.


But let us get back to school shootings.  These great numbers of incidents are a modern phenomena.


The graph above shows how school shootings have increased greatly recently.  As I mentioned, they were rare when I was a teenager, despite the availability of automatic weapons for private ownership.


However, the correlation between massive drugging of students, and the Leftist inspired persecution of white heterosexual males with school shootings is obvious.


School psychiatric medication is also something created by Feminists.  Their belief is to force all people to be the same, and to force feminine cooperative behavior on young boys.  When young boys do not obey, they are diagnosed as hyper active and drugged.

学校の学生に精神科の薬を飲ませる政策もフェミニストが創りました。彼女達の考えで、すべての 学生に強制的に同じ行動をさせます。少年に女性的な協力的態度をさせます。少年が従わない場合、活動過多と診断されて、精神科の薬を飲ませます。

As we have seen, many of the perpetrators of school shootings are drugged.


It is not hard to understand that high school students, on the verge of becoming adult, when given psychiatric medication, and constantly told by school authorities that they are evil because they were born white heterosexual male, might react in a violent way?


School bullying and hazing is fact.  American female high school students will be using these topics to bully white heterosexual males.


And the reaction happens.  People who have emotional difficulties will react without thinking.  Before we keep crying about the confiscation of guns, which is impossible to do, and will certainly set off civil war, perhaps we should consider reforming the American education system, removing the Leftist Feminist indoctrination, and let children grow up naturally.