Thursday, February 13, 2020

China virus updates コロナウィルスの最新情報

In my last blog on China, I predicted crisis in China.


Well, the Corona virus continues to spread, rapidly.  Deaths have skyrocketed in the last few days.


The problem is, China is a hurry.  They are in a hurry to catch up with and surpass the West, Europe, America and Japan.  They have a massive education of system of students in hard sciences, both in side China and in foreign universities.


They are working hard to build naval superiority by producing aircraft carrier battle groups.


They have built an impressive high speed rail system, but there have been disasters.


A Chinese bullet train crash.


This is unlike Japan, which even in the March 11th, 2011 great earthquake in Tohoku, many bullet trains where many bullet trains were running at full speed, not one crashed.


They are also in a hurry to produce biological weapons, and their top laboratory, level 4, is in Wuhan.


It is now becoming apparent that the present 2019-CoV is artificial, Indian scientists found four AIDS like insertions in the virus.


The odds of this occurring naturally are extremely, infinitesimally rare.


What one must conclude from such an event that this is most likely an accidental release from the lab.  And it does appear that procedures were hurried in anticipation of the lunar New Year holiday.


In fact, Thailand claims to have cured Corona virus patients with HIV drugs.


Certainly, China is not being truthful about the number of cases.  In the fist days of February this chart appeared on Chinese media, It would indicate 154,023 cases and 24, 589 deaths instead of the 14,428 cases and 304 deaths reported.  It was probably an unintentional mistake.


Also, crematoriums are operating 24 hours a day.  The sulfur clouds from these crematoria are visible from satellites in space.


In fact the mortality rate seems much higher than what is admitted.


There is a great danger of revolution and Civil War in China.  The police and military themselves are becoming sick.


As I have predicted, the price of pork has risen dramatically.


There is an old saying, “If Chinese people cannot eat pork, they will revolt”.  In fact, due to the massive quarantine of so many millions of people, getting food to them is becoming very difficult.

古い諺で、「中国人が豚肉を食べられないと、革命をします」。実に、何百万人の隔離で、 食料を配る事がとても難しいです。

An attempt to reopen a factory idled by the quarantine ended in failure as workers tested positive for the virus.


It seems that the Chinese Communist party is losing control of China.


In Japan, political and business leaders cannot understand the reality of the crisis.  Thousands of Chinese tourists enter Japan every day.  They are not really tourists, but refugees from the virus.  They will not go back China and risk death and face quarantine, but hide in the Chinese diaspora of Chinese already living in Japan.


And the American company running the cruise ship “Diamond Princess” is obscene.  With so many cases found on board the ship, they are advertising discount rates for the Golden Week Japanese holiday season from the end of April to the beginning of May.


For businessmen, profit is much more important than people’s lives.


Once the passengers and crew are tested and evacuated, that ship should be sunk in the deep sea.  It will never be disinfected.


Advertising for Golden Week Diamond Princess tours


Look at this video by Sam Chui, an airline youtuber.

Sam Chuiさん航空会社関係のユーチューバーのビデオを見て下さい。

Evacuation flights from Wuhan.


I think the tourism business is now truly over.  As for Japanese people, if you work in any way with foreign tourists, or work or live in Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya or Tokyo, you have been exposed to Corona Virus.


And foreigners from Western countries will think the same, it will take at least two or three years for Western tourists to return to Japan.


As for Chinese, the continued existence of a unified Chinese state is in doubt.  That will mean bloody civil war.


Other countries are taking this virus very seriously.  But Japan still lets in Chinese citizens.  The truth is, there are many 2nd and 3rd generation politicians and bureaucrats governing Japan.


Their fathers were powerful people, and they grew up in a very pampered and safe environment.  They never had to face serious challenges, and now have difficulty comprehending a life and death situation.


We need a government of Japan that will protect Japanese people and not worry about profit.


Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Wuhan Corona Virus 武漢のコロナウイルスの事件について

In Japan, we are now in the midst of a pandemic.  Living in Japan for 45 years, I am constantly amazed at how people can ignore reality.  When I write, for example, about the civil conflict in America that is leading to a disastrous civil war, people often tell me I am exaggerating way too much.


They think things will always go on like they always have been.


No.  late December, it became apparent that there was a virus in Wuhan China, the Corona virus, or 2019-nCoV.


There are two main stories about how it arose, either from a level 4 medical lab in Wuhan city that studied biological weapons, or from a food market in the city that specialized in exotic animals.


Exotic animals are popular cuisine in China, and deadly viruses have jumped from animals to humans before.


The fact is, this is an extremely dangerous situation.  It spreads quickly and kills people.  As I write this, China has admitted to some 8,000 cases in China.


I think this is an extreme understatement.  The fact that the Chinese government has quarantined the city of Wuhan indicates it is extremely serious.


And the quarantine is spreading to other cities across China as the spread of the virus has become uncontrollable.  If people refuse quarantine, they are being forcibly removed or boarded up inside their houses.


Truly, we should multiply the number of Chinese cases by 10 to get an idea of what is going on.  China is descending into chaos.


Bodies of the dead in a Wuhan hospital


Staff at a Wuhan hospital


A Chinese airline pilot at Wuhan.  Can he hear the radio from ground control, or his talk to his flight crew?  Can he see his instruments clearly?


The reaction of the Japanese government has been horrible.  Many political and business leaders have been against any kind of preventive measures, saying that the economy depends on Chinese tourists.


These people do not understand reality.  The tourist business for Japan is now over.  For years, if not forever.  Foreign media is reporting that Japan is the most popular destination for Chinese tourists.


So if this Corona virus expands in Japan, and at this writing that seems very possible, we can probably forget this year’s summer Olympics.  Nobody will come, they see coming to Japan as risking their lives.


The government should have begun an immediate quarantine of people from China.  All travelers.  This is not an insult, a human rights for Chinese issue.  This is reality.  Are the economics of Chinese tourism more important than the lives of Japanese citizens?


There is a chart in the link below.  As I write this in the first week in February, Japan has 22 cases.  But it is very close to China.


We have had the virus in Japan since late December at least.  But there are only a hand full of cases.  And this is true of other countries as well.  Why is the disease so much more deadly in China than outside?  This is a mystery.  But mutation is possible at any time.  We should not feel safe.


Chinese Communist party secretary Xi Jinxing is scheduled to make a State Visit to Japan in April.  All ceremonial aspects of this visit, including an audience with the Emperor, should be canceled.   It should be made a working meeting on how to deal with the Corona virus.  Japan should offer the use of any medical research facility in finding a vaccine.  But China should also consider how to modify it’s society, as deadly disease constantly emanate from China across the world.


A vaccine is already in use in Wuhan, but without proper trials.


This indicates the desperateness of Chinese authorities about the situation.


The quarantine of the entire city of Wuhan has closed factories, and has had an impact on goods from cars to cell phones.


Car factories in South Korea are closing for lack of parts from China.


The scientist in the video in the link below, Chris Martenson,  says that the situation is much worse than people believe.

下記のビデオの科学者、クリス・マーテンソンさんの話で、状態は 普通の人が分かっているより大変です。

He says the crematoriums in Wuhan are operating 24 hours a day, which would indicate a death rate 10 times higher than the 491 reported.


All Chinese tourists should be banned until the crisis is over.  No tourists will come from Western countries when knowledge spreads how easily Chinese enter Japan.  Forget the Olympics, very few will come.


Basing so much of the Japanese economy on foreign tourism instead of Japanese tourism was a grave mistake.


Also, now China has an outbreak of bird flu.  And China is facing massive food shortages this year.  Swine fever has greatly reduced Chinese pork supplies, and there are no surpluses anywhere in the world that can make up for it.  My estimate from the chart above is that China will face a 20% supply loss this year.


And the Hong Kong riots are spreading to neighboring territories.  China is facing extreme crisis NOW.


America is facing extreme crisis NOW.  The Democratic party is splintering, the country is on the brink of civil war.


What will the Japanese government do, how will they lead Japan and protect the lives of Japanese people in this turbulent future?



Friday, January 31, 2020




会場:東京ウイメンズプラザ  1階 視聴覚室A




一緒に学び議論しましょう。 誇りある日本のために。

会場:東京ウイメンズプラザ  1階 視聴覚室A  東京都渋谷区神宮前5丁目53-67
講師:Max Von Schuler 小林

★最新刊「アメリカ人が語る日本の歴史 日本に迫る統一朝鮮(コリア)の悪夢」(ハート出版)
「アメリカ人が語る 日本人に隠しておけないアメリカの“崩壊" 」
「アメリカ人が語る アメリカが隠しておきたい日本の歴史」(ハート出版)
「太平洋戦争 アメリカに嵌められた日本」(ワック)他



終了後、近所の居酒屋で「オフレコの会」(毎回3000円程度)をやりますので 、ぜひそちらにもご参加ください。

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

銃所有権利デモ、戦争無いけれど、平和に成りません。 Gun rights demo, no war, but no peace

The January gun rights demo occurred on January 20th, some 22,000 people attended.


There were no violent incidents.  No violence of any kind.  The Left wing media kept saying that Richmond would be in danger from Neo Nazi or White Supremacist groups, but that was not the case.


Yet there is still not peace.  As far as I can find, the Virginia state government has only promised not to confiscate AR-15’s, one type of rifle.


There are still many things the new law will ban, including martial arts study.  This whole problem has been intensified by left wing propaganda.


If the Left does not back down on this issue of gun confiscation, civil war will come.


One thing, the Japanese media seems to have missed this event entirely.  It was very dangerous, the possibility of people being killed was very real.  If Left wing groups had shown up, the possibility of armed battle was very real.

一つ、日本のマスコミはこのイベントを全然分かりませんでした。とても危険でしたし、人が殺される可能性は大でした。左翼のグループが 参加したら、武装した争いが絶対に有ったでしょう。

As an example, the newspaper that comes to my house had a photo of the annual women’s march since 1917 in protest against President Trump.  The implication was that many people are against the President.


The truth is less than 5,000 people came.  The first march just after the inauguration had 500,000.


What do Japanese reporters in America actually do?  My guess is they only associate with elite Americans, and base their reporting on what they say.


Of course the elite is against President Trump, because he is a threat to their livelihoods.  The President is a champion for the common man, who can no longer survive in America.


So the Japanese mass media presents a very skewed view of events in America.  This rally on January 20th showed that average Americans are ready to fight to protect their Rights and lives from the government.


Left wing people are not trying to make America better, they want Maoist type revolution in America.


The is no joke, a second Bernie Sanders campaign staffer is now calling for the imprisonment of Trump supporters, saying the Soviet Gulag system was not so bad.


I have yet to see this appear in Japanese media.


Here are some photos from the event.  America is so close to war.


Friday, January 17, 2020

The Governor of Virginia has declared a state of emergency バージニア州知事が緊急状態を宣言しました。

The declaration refers to the upcoming gun confiscation protest scheduled for January 20th in Richmond Virginia.


This is an extremely provocative act.  And very stupid.  It is certain to to provoke violence.  I think that is the Governor’s intent.


A few days ago, I wrote on my blog that the possibility of Civil War in the state of Virginia had disappeared, when the legislature agreed to abandon gun confiscation.


Now the probability is very strongly back.  Here is a link explaining his declaration.


Here is his speech in full.


Now, what is reality?  First of all, there is much more violence by Leftists in America, not Right wing people.


The main stream media uses propaganda to make the Right seem dangerous, using words like Neo Nazi or terrorist to describe Right wing groups.  The article linked above mentions the oath keepers and the three percenters. (III%)

マスコミがプロパガンダで右派が危険とイメージを作って、ネオナチかテロリストと右派のグループを呼んでいます。上記のリンクで、宣誓キーパーと three percenters. (III%)を書いています。

The truth is, these groups help keep the peace at various political rallies.  In Oregon, for several years they have been protecting Republican party rallies from Leftist attack, because the police don’t come if called.  In fact, the police protect the violent Leftist groups in this region.


A three percent militia member on security duty

警備勤務中の three percent民兵組織員です。

Ever since the 2016 election, America has been in a state of partial civil war.


The speech by the governor of Virginia seems a lot like propaganda preparation for a violent event.  Since something 50,000 to 100,000 people are expected to come on January 20th, there are going to be a few who will talk about violence.


In my research for previous posts on this problem, I found many conversations on youtube how organizers are being very careful to keep people from being violent at this event.


I think the Governor of the State of Virginia is either deliberately trying to start a war, or is simply fooled and believes in Left wing propaganda.


Either way, this is a very dangerous proclamation.  He should have cooperated quietly with the Virginia Citizens Defense League in identifying trouble makers.


It is also very possible that the Deep State has planted people in the militia movement to intentionally start violence.  This technique has been used often by authorities.


The main problem is that normal, middle class Americans can no longer survive, because of predatory business practices.


The Federal government backs the corporations destroying middle class Americans, since they receive donations.  So middle class Americans feel that their only hope for survival is their guns.  If the government will not protect them, they will protect themselves.


This is why Donald Trump was elected, and America is near Civil War.  Let us hope for the best on January 20th in Richmond.


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

バージニア州内乱速報:一発も撃たないで、右派の勝ちです。 Virginia State Civil War updates: The Right wins without firing a shot

As I have written, the State of Virginia was in serious danger of Civil War breaking out in January.


The Left has given up.  On January 13th, thousands of NRA members showed up in Richmond Virginia and entered the Statehouse.  They can be seen wearing blue shirts or orange “Guns save lives” stickers inside the Statehouse.

左派は諦めました。1月13日、米国ライフル協会の何千人ものメンバーがバージニア州リッチモンド市州議事堂に入りました。下記の写真で、ブルーのシャツかオレンジ色の“Guns save lives” のステッカー付きを着ています。

Concerned NRA members in the Richmond Virginia Statehouse.

The Democratic majority decided to give up attempting to pass S.B. 16, the law that would have begun gun confiscation in the State of Virginia.

議会の民主党の大多数がそれでS.B. 16、バージニア州の銃没収法の可決を諦める事を決めました。

This is a major event in America and the world.  The Right is prepared to fight to protect their gun rights.  Any law enforcement person who attempted confiscation would have been killed, as would have Leftist State legislators.


In any case, law enforcement is on the side of the Right in this problem, they would not cooperate with such a Leftist government.


This is certain to help President Trump in reelection, and help prevent a National Civil War.  If Virginia had fallen into Civil War, National Civil War would have quickly followed.


This does not mean America is at peace.  There is still massive civil disorder in America.


A Sanders campaign staffer says that if Bernie Sanders does not win the nomination at the convention in Milwaukee on July 13th to 16th, Milwaukee will burn in riots and many police officers will be attacked.


And the whole country will burn if Trump wins in November.


He also compares Trump voters to Nazi’s and says they should be imprisoned in Soviet style Gulag camps, for reeducation, because those camps were not so bad.


He is just one staffer, most likely he will be fired, but many Left wing Sanders supporters feel that way.


Third wave Feminism is going into further weird fantasies.


They also want to make men second class citizens, leaving a few docile men for breeding.


The woman in the link below thinks that 90% of men should be just eliminated.


She doesn’t intend to kill them, but she thinks wars and fighting will kill many, and that we should design babies to be female, so that there is a 90% female to 10% male society.  That is fair she says.

彼女の提案は、男性を殺すではなく、数多くの 男性が争い、戦争で死ぬ、それと赤ちゃんが女性で生まれるように遺伝子を創るべきと思っています。9割が女性で、1割が男性の社会が平等と言っています。

This sounds weird now, but with the way Feminism evolves, it will be mainstream thought in a year or two.


American education produces overly sensitive, politically correct students who cannot function in a work place and have no job skills.


Left wing America has created a whole new social class by asserting that there are not only two sexual genders, but many, your gender is what you feel, reality is what you feel.


Racial violence is becoming much more serious.


All of these factors have combined to devastate the American military, producing a massive force that cannot fight.  I think the damage caused by political correctness is even more serious than the state of the military after the Vietnam war.


However, there is hope.  With this action in the state of Virginia, the Right has finally started to move to protect itself.  I hope they continue.  And they did not kill anyone, they did start violent riots, they did not shout.  They came to Richmond to show their concern.


And in Japan, we must not import these weird social ideas created by crazed American Leftists.


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Virginia gun showdown バージニア州銃の対決

It is now two weeks away from a major showdown in Virginia over gun rights.


On January 20th, a rally will held in Richmond Virginia to demonstrate for their second amendment gun rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.  Normally, 1,000 people attend the rally, this time 50,000 are expected.


The Left wing State legislature that wishes to abolish gun rights takes office December 8th.


With the current political climate in the United States of violent confrontation by the Left, trouble is very possible.  It is a day that could turn the current “Cold Civil War” into a “Hot War” in one day.


This rally is sponsored by the Virginia Citizens Defense League.


What is this organization?  It is a group of normal Virginia citizens.  Who it defend the citizens against?  Either the Federal government or the Virginia State government.  In this case against the State government, as it is composed of Leftists wanting to destroy the lives of normal citizens.  This is what people believe.


Normal American people of the Virginia Defense league.  They are not racist Terrorists as much of the mass media is claiming.


In any case, the Left believes that normal citizens are their enemy, White people who wish to kill Black people.  This is Communist propaganda, the same as organizations like “Black Lives Matter” are Communist creations.


In spite of this, support from Black voters for President Trump has increased, from 16% in 2016 to 36%.  Most Black people are like anyone else, they want political stability and jobs so that they can raise their children in peace.  They are not interested in radical violent revolution.


Militias are forming, County Sheriffs say they will deputize thousands of people, all to protect gun ownership.  The State Governor says that any Sheriff who does not obey his orders will be fired.


The Bundy ranch incident of 2014.  American militia members came from across the country to defend Mr. Bundy from the Federal Government.  Notice the red and blue flags.  The red is the Marine Corps flag, the blue is the US Navy flag.  It means those men are veterans.


State legislators have said that the National Guard should be used to confiscate guns.  The command of the National Guard will not give a clear strong answer that they will obey the Governor.  Basically in response to question as to what they will do their answer is “No Comment”.  Many Guard personnel say they definitely will not obey such orders.


The Governor has offered a compromise, saying that present gun owners would only have to register their guns, but the people who are conservative do not trust this at all.


Frankly speaking the Left, for decades, has tried to force all of America to accept Transgenderism, and mass immigration among many other repellent ideas.


The Right are basically deeply Christian, Transgenderism is a great sin.  This is true, it is doing incredible harm to children simply for Corporate profit of Pharmaceutical companies.  Mass immigration means that very many rural middle class people have lost their jobs, it is very hard to exist.


The Right sees gun confiscation as the last step in their becoming slaves and extinct.  They will fight to protect their Constitutional rights.


Here is a link where the writer describes how police or National Guard units will be ambushed and killed if they try to confiscate guns.


It is an excellent description of how guerrilla war escalates.


Here is a youtube video of how to conduct military shooting exercises in preparation for civil war.


Getting ready to fight, a drill that will help you do it (ビデオのタイトルです)

This whole mess was started by Presidential Candidate Michel Bloomberg, who financed the Democratic takeover of the Virginia legislature last November.


He is now using this to promote his Presidential campaign with his platform being anti gun ownership.


This is appalling bad judgment.  Confiscation of guns is certain to start a violent civil war.  And Virginia is full of people who feel very strongly about this.


Watch the news around January 20th.  I think the only thing that can stop a civil war is if the law is not passed.  The rally on January 20th has a very strong possibility of decaying into violence, that could start the war.


Here is a link from a Delaware militia member who will attend the January 20th rally.  Listen to the video in the link.  He says that militia groups from across the nation will attend the rally, and are making preparations to keep it safe.  What this means is that they expect government violence.  That would start the civil war.  The fact is, about half of Americans do not trust the government.


Here we go, it is time to ride the tiger.