Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Where is Kim Jong Un? 金正恩氏はどこ?

So where is Kim Jong Un, ruler of North Korea?  He was last seen at a politburo meeting on April 11th.  However, when he failed to appear at the celebration of his grandfather’s birthday, Kim Il Sung, which is a great, probably the greatest annual event in North Korea, speculation began to arise.


Here is the most detailed account.  Kim Jong Un was visiting the countryside when he suddenly clutched his chest and fell unconscious.  Calls were made to China, and a medical team was gathered to be flown to North Korea.  However, Kim Jong Un’s condition worsened, and a Chinese trained North Korean doctor attempted to help.  He was to install a stent near the leader’s heart, which should have taken one minute.  But the doctor’s hands were shaking due to a case of nerves, the operation took 8 minutes when it should have been over in a minute.


Kim Jong Un slipped into a coma and has been in such a state since then, or perhaps has died.  Nobody outside the North Korean inner circle knows for sure.



So what now?  Who will take over?


The North Korean Army


Can Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong take over?  My bet would be on civil war, and massive refugee flows into South Korea and China.  Some will escape into Japan.  I just don’t think all those older males at the top of North Korean will accept a woman as a leader, and she is young, only 31.


I also don’t think Kim Han Sol, son of Kim Jong Nam is realistic.  His father was assassinated in Malaysia, and he is hiding out somewhere, perhaps Europe, with the help of the CIA.  (perhaps)  and he too is very young, 25, and to my knowledge has very little experience living in North Korea.  He would need powerful generals to back him, and those powerful generals might just dispose of him and rule directly.


There is a 65 year old uncle of Kim Jong Un, Kim Pyong Il, perhaps he might be a compromise candidate.


To me, the most likely outcome is that Kim Jong Un’s death will cause mass chaos in the North.  I don’t think the sister Kim Yo-jong will be able to take over.  I think there will be competing generals in the North fighting to be on top.


South Korean mass media has become as untrustworthy as China and North Korea.


With North Korea internal collapse likely, Yonhap calling CNN fake news concerning it’s reporting on Kim Jong Un is interesting.  In South Korea News is entirely under the control of President Moon.  Perhaps he wants to disguise the truth about North Korea.



A few days ago, Korean broadcaster SBS reported that Kim Jong Un would soon reappear.



This shows how far the Communization of South Korea has proceeded, they are merely spouting propaganda to make the North look good.  On April 26th, the South Korean government declares that Kim Jong Un is alive and well, and vacationing in Wonson.



I think that Moon Jae In will use this as a chance to attempt to unify the country, but he will instead be destroyed by some faction in the North.


Then, general civil war will erupt across the peninsula, millions of refugees will attempt to come to Japan.  Or, a chaotic South Korea may indeed launch war against Japan to attempt to unify the nation under Communism.


In any case, internal Leftist politics in South Korea has devastated the morale of the armed forces.



And despite North Korean claims of zero Corona Virus cases, it seems that the country is hard hit.  Their medical services are very primitive, it will devastate the country.



If Kim Jong Un reappears, well, it has been a long time, he missed his Grandfather’s, Kim Il Sung’s birthday, and now there will be doubts.  Believe me, the North Korean elite know what Western media says.


In both Previous successions, Kim Il Sung to Kim Jong il, Kim Jong Il to Kim Jong Un, there was a long preparation period, it was made sure that all of North Korea’s military and civilian leadership would accept the new heir.  Nothing like that has happened this time.  I think chaos is brewing.  That will be very dangerous for all countries in the region.


And the government of Moon Jae In of South Korea is totally unreliable, he blinded by emotional dreams, and has lost his sense of reality.


In Pyongyang, panic has already begun, people are panic buying food, trains to China no longer run.




And in June of 2019, when President Trump met Kim Jong Un at the DMZ in Korea, Tucker Carlson of Fox news who was there and very close to Kim Jong Un, described his breathing as very labored, wheezing, he seems in poor health.



Despite the optimistic tone of South Korean media, this panic shopping in Pyongyang tends to confirm Kim Jong Un’s death.  Normally, North Korea would not permit such things to happen.  This shows North Korea in chaos.  And it confirms that South Korean media, like the government, is led by North Korean sympathizers, and the South Korea media is no longer to be believed.


So not only Corona Virus and American collapse, Japan has another crisis right across The Japan Sea.


Breaking news  President Trump hints that he knows about Kim Jong un, and the world will soon know.  He seems to hint that he is ill.



Monday, April 20, 2020

Serious discontent in America, irresponsible people are killing the Japanese nation. アメリカで深い社会不平、無責任の日本人が日本国民を殺しています。

People in America are getting fed up with the continuing lock down.  They are losing their jobs.  Very few Americans have any savings, they have always lived hand to mouth.  Unlike Japanese people who save money, Americans spend their entire paychecks, and borrow money or buy things on credit extensively.


Now they are in trouble.  Black American and Hispanic minorities are also in deep financial trouble.  The people are demanding that the lockdown be lifted.  President Trump supports this.


It will be a medical disaster.  Potentially, many hundreds of thousands could die, and it will cause the US to slide into civil war.


But I think even if the lock down is continued, America will dissolve in social chaos and civil war.  Americans have no patience.  No matter what they do, they are doomed.


Rent strikes by unemployed Americans are increasing nationwide.




Because of so many people buying large amounts of food in panic buying, the American transport system is near collapse.  Food shortages are expected.





The Federal government has activated a special National Guard unit to guard Washington D. C..  This includes the 106th Aviation Battalion of the Illinois National Guard.



Usually, such a call up of the Guard would be to send them to a foreign war zone, such as Afghanistan.  But they are part of the Joint Task Force National Capital Region, this unit is 10,000 uniformed troops strong.

普通に、この数の州兵を現役にする場合、どこか海外、例えば、アフガニスタンへ派遣します。しかし、この部隊は合 同タスクフォース首都園の部隊です。この部隊で全部で1万人がいます。

The 106th Aviation Battalion brought their Blackhawk helicopters with them to accomplish their mission.  This mission is to evacuate government leaders in case of emergency, like civil disorder.


The Joint Task Force National Capital Region is based at Fort Belvoir Just outside of the urban area of Washington D. C..

合 同タスクフォース首都園はワシントンDCのすぐ近くのフォート・ベルヴォアール基地に入っています。

Deploying so many troops and so much equipment is very serious.  This means that martial law is expected.  Deployment of so much military equipment is very expensive, and America is broke.  So it means that leaders take the possibility of internal American collapse very seriously.


After evacuation they will attempt to rebuild an American government from a remote location in the country.


However, there is really no city in the United States that is truly free from civilian discontent, due to years of political rancor, and the corona virus disaster.  So how will Americans react to politicians evacuating to safe underground bunkers on military bases?  While the populace must contend with violence in the streets?  The reaction will not be good.  It will be the end of America as we know it.


In fact, National Guard units are active in 22 states, to protect against civil disorder.  There is serious talk in America about whether to deploy the Federal military and declare martial law.  That is certain to start civil war, as many Americans will regard Federal troops as an enemy, and start guerrilla warfare.



Many Japanese friends of mine say, so what?  It does not matter for Japan if America collapses.


Actually, it means a lot.  Here is a list of imports and exports between Japan and the United States.





This link shows us that Japan imports a lot of food from America.  When America falls into civil disorder, some, or all of it could be lost.  It will depend on whether the US government can retain control of ports and transportation networks.



I think that port facilities can be controlled for some time, but transport links from the interior to export food to Japan will be difficult.  Japan must plan for total food production independence.


I have for a long time been studying the possibility of American civil war.  It will not be short, there is too much hate.  It will basically be a guerrilla war, long and bloody.  Most of America’s major cities will be depopulated.  The city people will not survive in the country side, they have no idea how to live in a rural environment.


So much of Japan’s trade will disintegrate, probably in a few months.  Also, there is the military aspect to consider.  There is an alliance with the United States.  Many Japanese people have been living in a dream world.  They say that the American imposed Constitution protects Japan.  No.


But it will soon be obvious to everybody that Japan must protect itself alone.  American forces will mostly cease to exist in an instant.  Some of them will be pulled back to the US to handle internal guerrilla warfare.  Some will be abandoned here.  But they will basically be non functional.


We must throw out that ridiculous Constitution and quickly build a mature nation.


And Japanese people must wake up about the corona threat.  The photo below shows people in Kichijoji shopping district in Tokyo.


Japanese people still ignore the lockdown, families are still going shopping in local shopping districts.


Lockdown means one family member goes shopping.  Too many people still cannot understand that the disease is dangerous.  The cost of this naïveté will be many lives of Japanese people.


Their own pleasure is more important than the lives of Japanese people, or the fate of the nation.


It is time to use the police and armed forces to stop this.


What both Japanese and Americans must learn is that the world that existed before the corona virus will never come back.  Unfortunately for America, their country will not continue in it’s present form.  But Japan can basically continue to exist.  Japanese people must come to learn how to live in this new world that is coming upon us.


But I have confidence in the ability and perseverance of Japanese people.  Many will be hurt, but we can save the nation and most people.


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Corona situation in Japan, mid April, 2020 Japan returns to the closed country era 日本のコロナウイルス状態、2020年4月中旬 日本は鎖国時代へ戻ります。

A lot of people in Japan recently are having a very hard time understanding reality.  Like every nation in the world, we are under attack by the Corona virus, a bio weapon under research in China, which was accidentally released by Chinese researchers.


It took a long time, but finally, Prime Minister Abe declared a state of emergency, and requested people self quarantine.  Since Japan does not have a Japanese constitution, but a foreign constitution imposed by America after Japan’s defeat in WWII, The Prime Minister is very weak, and cannot enforce a mandatory quarantine.  He can only ask for a voluntary quarantine.


We are now paying for this foreign constitution with Japanese lives, and the state of the nation.  Yes, the foreign imposed constitution is killing people.  So, do Leftist politicians who favor a weak Prime Minister even in times of a pandemic emergency, feel remorse over the number of sick and dead people this causes?


We must have strict quarantine to control the Corona virus.  People have lived so long under peace, they have forgotten danger.  People no longer go to Tokyo’s Ginza, Shibuya, or Shinjuku districts.  But for some strange reason, they feel it safe to go to Kichijoji, Shimokitazawa, or Sangenjaya.  No.  They are all dangerous.  Everywhere there are people gathered, it is dangerous.


On April 4th, in Sugamo in Tokyo, an annual festival was held.  The authorities who permitted these events are actually potential mass murderers.  I use harsh language because we are in a harsh situation.


In other countries, people who break quarantine are arrested and fined.  For the safety of the Japanese people, the nation, The Japanese government should do the same.


If you do not keep quarantine, hospitalization is the possible fate of you and your loved ones.  True, some people do not get sick.  But it is a gamble.  Is it worth it just to go our for leisure?


The national government itself seems incapable of understanding the existence of a pandemic.  They only seem to be concerned about the economy.  It took a long time to achieve entry bans for people from China, for example.


Powerful people keep lamenting the damage that the self imposed quarantine has on the economy.  Do they not read the international news?  The Globalist type of economy where goods are made in China, or some other country, and shipped to be consumed in First World countries is now over.


The international economy of world trade is over.  It is my estimate that it will take 50 years  or more to recover, and then basically only regionally.  China, the United States, and Western Europe are all facing internal disorder and civil war.





For example, in America, New York City schools are closed for the rest of the year.  21 teachers, in total over 50 school staff have died from Corona virus.  For the rest of the year, all education in New York City will be online only.



The best thing for the Japanese government to do is to try  to save Japan’s domestic economy, and as many Japanese lives as possible.


There is talk of aiding small businesses like local bar and restaurant owners affected by the crisis.  This is good.  In the future, we will only have a domestic economy.  There will be almost no foreign trade.  Also, we should encourage the development of local businesses, that repair goods, and manufacture useful items for the local populace.  The shopping street should be revived.  The future of Japan will look a lot like the Edo era.


For the past few years, I have been writing about the imminence of an American civil war.  Many Japanese have not taken me seriously.  Yet I have studied war all my life.  I know the subject well.  The American civil war is under way for primarily social reasons in the United States.  Corona virus has been a big shock, and will probably kick it off.


Why do you think so many Americans are buying guns?  They KNOW what is coming.  But in Japan, we must not try to save international organizations like the IMF, that is giving money to a black hole.  Or major corporations.  They are doomed no matter what we do.


We must try to save the little people, local economies will become the centerpiece of the new Japan.


Friday, April 3, 2020

Early April Corona virus situation 四月上旬コロナウイルス状況

Corona virus infection rates have begun seriously pick up in Japan.
I think many people have just not taken this pandemic seriously.  The three day weekend of March 20th to 22nd had nice weather, many people journeyed outside.


They contacted the virus and passed it on to others.


When schools were closed, some people even decided to vacation in Europe with the family.  They brought more virus back to Japan as deadly souvenirs.


The media has reported that the disease primarily infects older people with pre existing conditions.  That young people even if infected, did not die.  While that has been basically true until now, it is now infecting many young people.  They do indeed die.  And many of them suffer permanent lung damage, and shortened lives.


I have read stories of survivors saying it felt like an elephant was sitting on their chest, they could not breathe without great difficulty.


Japanese need to understand that this is serious, just like an actual war.  We need to put aside the 70 year “Heiwa Boke” or peace idiot mentality that we have had for so long.


China claims that they have beaten the virus.  Yet unofficial news coming out of China shows that it is still out of control.


The amount of funeral urns being ordered show us this is not so.  British scientists say that it is 40 times worse than China admits.



China is also conducting a propaganda campaign by quickly building medical equipment, and sending it to Europe.  But some 80% of the test kits supplied to The Czech Republic gave incorrect results.


A few days ago, China came close to actual civil war.  What happened was that people from Hubei province, where Wuhan city is located, attempted to cross a bridge of the Yangtze river into neighboring Jianxi.  The Jianxi police formed a blockade to stop them.  Hubei police argued with the Jianxi police, and the people of Hubei attacked them.  China is very close to civil war.


The Chinese government stopped the conflict, but the numbers of Corona sufferers is increasing dramatically.  The Chinese government is attempting to say the situation is normal, and China will resume business making products for the world.





No.  They are lying.  New strains of the virus are evolving across the globe, in any case, the Chinese Communist party has created a situation where the disintegration of the present Chinese state is certain.



In other countries the news is very bad.


Italy is about to lose control of the southern half of the country.  The people just cannot be patient with the quarantine, and are not obeying government instructions.



France is not enforcing quarantine and lockdown orders in migrant areas because of the danger of riots.  This guarantees that Europe will not defeat the virus, and also could mean the end of France as a modern nation.



In America half the country, most large cities are in lockdown.  There are over 3,000 deaths compared to Japan’s 62.  The country expects major social unrest.  I think what this means is that America’s civil war will start.


The state government of Rhode Island is hunting down refugees from New York City and forcibly quarantining them.


The United States government has sealed a team for continuance of government inside the nuclear war headquarters inside Cheyenne mountain.  Their mission is to rule the United States in case it dissolves into chaos.



Across the United States, store owners are boarding up their stores in preparation for massive riots.  American civil war has been brewing for a long time.  Americans know and understand what is coming.  Many will not survive the near future.


It is now clear that this crisis will not end soon.  We are entering an age of isolation, where we must close off Japan from the rest of the world.


Finally most foreigners are being banned from entering Japan.  People who do enter Japan, Japanese and and foreigners, are to be forcibly quarantined.


Foreigner entry should be limited to Narita airport only.  No self quarantine, foreigners won’t do it.  There are Japanese who don’t do it, claiming that it is their human right to endanger others.  Two quarantine camps should be built at Narita, one for Japanese, one for foreigners.  They should be fenced in, patrolled by armed guards 24 hours a day.


If someone tries to escape, they should be shot.  If someone tests positive for Corona virus, and they are a foreigner, they should be deported to their home country, at the expense of their own country.


This is how to protect the country in a pandemic.


Foreigners increase the Corona virus in Japan.  This increases the need to keep the country on lockdown.  This further damages the economic life of Japanese people.  This should not be hard to understand.


Japanese leadership is slow to realize that the world has changed.  Many countries are now going into civil war.


Even if a cure were found this week, this still would be so.  People in foreign countries just do not have patience.  Many people in Japan will lose their jobs.  Anybody who works in a position involving overseas trade, tourism, dealing with the outside world, will likely lose their job.


However, if we deal with situation strictly, we can reduce the number of cases to a point where life inside Japan can return to normal in a month or so.


For the rest of the world, this is not possible.  Japan is an island country, we can isolate ourselves easily, just like in the Tokugawa Shogunate.


We must quickly increase domestic food production, all foreign food supplies are now unreliable.  And Japanese people must understand the seriousness of the situation.


Japan will rapidly need an expanded military, particularly the Army.  All citizens will have to contribute.  Those that are against this for petty political reasons, or some foreign ideology, will become enemies of the nation.


It will be very difficult, but we must all work together.