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日米関係の深い危機 A deep crisis between Japan and America

There is a deep crisis in the Japanese/American relationship.   South Korea is actively lobbying The US Federal and local governments for map name changes, school curriculum changes, and other things to be as South Korea wishes.


Monuments to Comfort Women are being set up in cities nationwide.  Much money is being spent on novels like “Daughters of the Dragon”, designed to make Japan look bad.

アメリカ全国で慰安婦記念碑をいろいろな街で建てています。大量のお金が日本を悪く見せるような本、例えば、“Daughters of the Dragon”のプロモーションに使っています。

China is gleefully encouraging the Koreans to destroy the American/Japan relationship.


One big fact that Americans don’t understand is that all Japanese society is angry about the Koreans.  And when Japanese people are angry like this, they will shut you out, ignore you.


Too many Americans think that only a few Japanese Right wingers are mad.  So they think that pressure upon the Abe administration will work.


No, it will not.  America could be seen as pressuring all Japanese people.  Pressuring Japanese people to make one more apology.


And that would seriously damage the American/Japanese relationship.  Few Americans seem to realize how much Japan has changed over the last couple of decades.


Japanese people are much more comfortable with a strong identity as Japanese, than 20 years ago.


And too many Americans keep believing in the propaganda about WWII.  A simplistic version where Japan was completely evil, and America completely angelic.  The truth is much different than that.


What kind of people are Koreans?


They are Thieves, Arsonists, Vandals, Liars




According to a Korean newspaper, lying is the greatest social problem in Korea.


So could it not be true that Koreans are lying about the entire Comfort Women issue?


Well, here is a lie.  This link is in French, but it says that Korean propaganda claims that the following photo is of Korea sexual slaves being abused by the Japanese Military.


But look at the photo.  To see it, click on the link below above the photo in the above link.  That shows the  Korean propaganda.


I recognized it immediately.  It is from the massacre of Jewish people by German forces near Babi Yar near Kiev in the war.


Here is the entire photo.


What the Korean propagandists did was to take a picture of a German massacre, cut out the middle, and claim it is what Japanese did to Koreans.


Why?  Perhaps because they did not have any true photos of Japanese abusing Korean women?  So they have to steal a photo from the Jewish holocaust?


This is lying.


There has been a rash of stealing of Buddhist artifacts from temples in Japan by Koreans.


The case for this is muddled.  Yes, many things were removed from Korea and have been kept in Japanese temples.  But the normal way to seek their return is through negotiation.  And Japan has returned cultural treasures after being request by the Korean government.

これが複雑な問題です。当時の朝鮮から、文化遺物が日本へ移動されて、日本のお寺で扱っているのは確かです。しかし、その物を返す方法は 普通に交渉で行います。韓国政府の要求で、日本が文化遺物を返した事が有ります。

But to travel to Japan and steal things is a crime.  So Koreans are thieves.


Recently, there have been many cases of arson at ancient Japanese temples, shrines, and castles.  And Koreans boast of committing these acts on the net.

最近、日本のお寺、神社、お城で 、放火が多く成っています。ネットで、韓国人がこう言う活動を行っている事を自慢しています。

Look at the two young men in the photo.  They seem very proud to be committing Arson.  This is a crime.


In the youtube link below, young Koreans are in a Japanese library.  They have brought stickers to deface the Atlases in the library.


This is Vandalism, and it is a crime.  Yet the Koreans in the video seem so proud to be doing it.


Is this how normal people behave?


Koreans have a psychosis about Japan.  It was evident when I lived there 38 years ago.  Since then it has only gotten worse, much worse.


There are sane Koreans who understand that always bashing Japan can only harm Korea.


But they are trapped in a country of people filled with a strange patriotism.  The South Korean government did a very foolish thing.  They created a group of some 60,000 volunteers to promote Korea.  This group is called VANK.


But it seems that these people are out of control, committing criminal acts against Japan.  It appears that they have created a Frankenstein monster.


And they have chosen to bring their hatred of Japan and battle against Japan to the streets of America, and embroil Americans in the fight.


And then there are American activists like Mindy Kotler.  She claims to be fighting for justice for women.  Well, the events of the Comfort Women event happened 70 years ago.


Yet 24% of prostitutes trafficked into the United States come from South Korea.  Right now.


So if Mindy Kotler is truly interested in human rights for women, why does she ignore this human trafficking of tens of thousands Korean prostitutes into America?


No, she simply hates Japan. and joins with the Koreans in attacking Japan.


Japan has been a loyal partner of the United States of America since the war.  Even when some American demand or request caused damage for Japan, Japan did so without complaint.


I am talking about things like abandoning Iranian oil field development in 2006.


Yet is seems like South Korea is doing it’s best to create an emotional climate inside the United States that Japan is bad, and destroy the Japanese/American alliance.


The bases of Yokota, Kadena, and Yokosuka are vital to American military deployments across half the world.  Without them, the US military cannot fight in half the world.


Is this what America wants?  To bash Japan about WWII, anger Japanese, and then lose access to half the world?


The Chinese are directing Korean actions behind the scenes.  They have a better understanding of the feelings of Japanese people than Americans do.


It is time for Americans to wake up and realize the truth of what is happening.



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