Thursday, November 6, 2008

What now for America? アメリカ、これからどう成るでしょう?

Yesterday, history was made in America. Even ten years ago, it is doubtful that a man with a Black father and a White mother could have been elected President. Yet it has happened. The extreme Right in American politics, who have brought so much disaster to the world, are out the door.


From now on, these rightists, Neocons and Christian Fundamentalists, will be dogging the actions of the Obama administration every step of the way. They will seek to confuse and destroy. Last night was a Great Victory. We should all rightly be happy and proud. Yet the battle for America is not over. We have an expensive and bloated military, chock full of weapon systems we don’t need. We have a creaking domestic infrastructure. We have a triple storm of Climate Change, Peak Oil, and Financial Collapse staring us in the face.


It was not a Democratic administration that decided to pretend that Climate Change does not exist. It was not a Democratic administration that tried to solve the problem of disappearing oil supplies by invading the oil producing countries of the Middle East. It was not a Democratic administration that decided to let Financial Institutions regulate themselves.


It was George Bush, the figurehead for the Neocons who thought that America should rule the world by fire and sword. Well Climate Change is here. In the United States, hurricanes are becoming stronger and stronger. Every year brings more terrible floods in the American Mid West. Drought has taken hold in the Southeast and Southwest. Our armies have invaded two countries in the Middle East, and the result is horrible farce. We have killed hundreds of thousands of people. And we did not get the oil. And by letting the firms on Wall Street regulate themselves, they simply indulged themselves in an orgy of excessive greed that still threatens to destroy America.


Ladies and Gentlemen, what begins now is not simply the Battle for America; it is the Battle to Save the Planet. Some people might say, “Hey Max, you live in Japan, why should you care what happens in America?” Well in Japan we have an expression: “When America sneezes, Japan catches a cold.” Japanese people understand the interdependence of the Japanese/American relationship very well.
Whatever happens now in America will have a deep impact on all nations and peoples, across the globe.


These problems of Climate Change, Oil Supply Depletion, and Financial Collapse are not exclusive to America. They are affecting every country in the world. And America has not been paying attention.


Yet now with Barack Obama as the President Elect of the United States, we have a chance, we have hope. But let us all remember, the coming Battle for America is really the Battle to save the World. If we fail, the prospects for the planet are dire, it is doubtful that any nation can serve as a refuge.


So we must not fail.