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映画「アンブロークン」と大東亜戦争でのアメリカ人捕虜の真実 The movie “Unbroken”, and history of US POW’s

It seems that my post about the movie Unbroken has gained me a lot of new readers.


So now I would like to comment on the American POW situation in Japan in WWII.


Let me start with one fact.  Many more American POW’s died in Japanese camps than in German camps.  Many Americans use this fact to say that Japan was a brutal, evil nation in WWII.


That is simply not true.  Let look at the reasons for this.


First of all, among White Americans in WWII, many were ethnic German.  I myself was born in America, but I am ethnic German.  I do speak conversational German.  This would have been true of a certain number of American POW’s in custody during the war.


Also, American food, White people’s food, is based on German and English food.  So food given to prisoners in German prison camps would have been familiar to Americans.


And many Germans at that time had been to America.  In short, in WWII, both Germans and Americans knew quite a lot about each other.


On the other hand, an American POW in a Japanese camp who could speak Japanese would have been extremely rare in WWII.  And Japanese food would have been incomprehensible to Americans.  Americans are not very adventurous when it comes to food.  They do not like to try new things.


In the war, Japanese people were starving.  And at that time, few Japanese ate pork or beef, it was impossible to serve such meat to American prisoners.


It is true that some Japanese prison camp administrators would executed after the war.  One of the reasons was for serving Katsuobushi and Gobo.  For my non Japanese speaking readers, Katsubushi is dried Bonito flakes, we usually eat on rice.  American POW’s thought it was tree bark.  Gobo is a root vegetable, Americans thought is was tree root.


In Vietnam and Korea, American POW’s sometimes died because they refused to eat rice, or soybeans.  They wanted bread made specially for them.


On Facebook, one of my friends wrote how his father had worked in POW camps in the war, and that American prisoners were very rude to Japanese guards.


This exposes an aspect of American character which is not so nice.   Americans love to defy authority.  For 20 years in Japan, I used to work at talent agency putting foreigners on Japanese television and film.


I would go to a major train station in Tokyo at 06:30 in the morning, meet a group of foreigners, and take them to the film job.  I would then tell them that I was the manager, and would take care of them that day.


Often, some American, always an American, would say, “Nobody told me you were the manager, I am not listening to you!”.  It would be a bad day.  This American would cause trouble all day, on purpose.


This is a deep theme in American thinking.  That is why in an American job environment, people are easily fired, punishment is swift.


We have English phrases, like “Shape up or Ship out!”  “You are on thin ice!”


It is very difficult to explain these phrases to Japanese people, Japanese people naturally work hard.  Not so with Americans.


Such an attitude in a Japanese POW camp would have been disastrous for the American POW.  Japanese people look on a POW as some one who has been humiliated.  The POW should be humble.


So a Japanese guard would get very angry at such a rude American.  Working with Americans in Japan, there were many times when I wanted to beat them, they were so rude.


In Germany, German guards had more understanding of this.  They would smile at the rude American.  But when they found something, like a forbidden radio, or evidence of an escape attempt, German punishments were very severe.


And we must also remember that American racial prejudice, both then and now, was very strong against Japanese people, well against any non White person.


I think this too is a reason for so many American POW’s dying under Japanese custody in the war.  To White Americans, Japanese were an inferior race.  But as a POW, White Americans were in a position where they were forced to take orders from Japanese people, a non White race.


Their psychological world had changed, and they could not cope with this.  So in a spiritual sense, they gave up and died.


There is another thing here that angers me about Americans who criticize Japan for WWII.  In the Bush administration, torture of captured Muslims was common place.  America executed some 1,100 Japanese after the war for water boarding.


Former Vice President Cheney says what Americans did was not as bad as Japan.


But the torture that America conducted in Iraq was horrific.


The former Vice President is quite wrong.  Also, he does not mention that the American Army Air Force conducted a campaign of extermination against Japanese civilians during the war.


Americans have never experienced constant attack upon the homeland by a foreign power.


In the movie “Unbroken” Mr. Zamperini was an American Aviator, one of those who was exterminating Japanese civilians.  He should be grateful that he was not killed outright.  Americans killed half of surrendering Japanese soldiers when they tried to surrender.


This bombing of Japanese cities had no military purpose, all it did was kill civilians.  Americans to this day do not want to discuss it.


But Angelina Jolie should have been more alert to what is presently happening in Asia.


Japan is under attack by China, South Korea, and some Americans.  They are twisting the historical record in order to get money out of Japan, or to humiliate Japan.


In an interview, she says it was an extremely emotional experience to make the movie.


She should have done more research, then she would know that Japanese prison camp guards in mainland Japan did not eat prisoners as sashimi, and that Koreans on Tinian could not be captives of Japan because they were indeed Japanese at the time.  


If she is going to say this movie is a historical narrative, she has to get the details correct.


American and Japan did fight a terrible war that ended 69 years ago.  Americans very easily say that Japan was evil, and that America made Japan a better nation.


This is simply not true.  Japan was a different nation, not evil.  And actually, Americans did not reform Japan so much.  Japan’s recovery after the war was due to Japanese hard work, not American generosity.


Since the end of that war, Japan has loyally supported America in every way, even when it damaged Japan.  When speaking about the war, Americans should try to remember this fact.


For my new readers, I cover these topics and many others in my new book, “The Truth about Americans”.


Or, you can buy it at Kinokuniya main store in Shinjuku, Tokyo, 3rd floor.


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映画「アンブロークン」は重大な間違いが有ります。 The movie unbroken contains grave errors.

Cannibalism did not happen in mainland Japan where Mr. Zamperini in the movie was imprisoned.  And the American record with Japanese POW’s was not so good either.


So many Americans just refuse to consider that Japan was not evil in WWII.  There are two sides to any story, or conflict, and Americans cannot accept that Japan might have had reasons for war.


The way these Americans think, unless an American says it, it is untrue.  This is not respect for Japan.


They cannot accept that American pressure on Japan then was a strategic mistake.


By this time, 69 years after the war, any fair account of the war should include Japanese source material.


In a movie of this stature, by Angelina Jolie, that claims to be truth, she should have realized that a scene where Japanese troops ate POW’s like sashimi would strike a nerve in Japan.


She should have done research.  If she had, then she would have found that there is no record of any such incident in mainland Japan in the war.


Well Hollywood movies often make stupid mistakes, particularly about Japan.


I remember the American movie Pearl Harbor.


It was pretty cheesy.  It focused on the American Army Air Corps pilots Taylor and Welch.  They were the only pilots able to get airborne in the attack, and claimed four Japanese planes shot down.


Well in the movie, it seems like they almost won the battle themselves.  The movie is full of historical errors.  The biggest of these is that in the movie pilots Taylor and Welch participated in the Dolittle raid.  That is total fiction.


Here is one way that the movie producers pictured Japan.  It is supposed to show Japanese attack planning before the Pearl Harbor attack.


It is pretty ridiculous, men in loincloths, moving ship models in a pool, with a Japanese shrine gate with a rising sun flag hanging from it.


It seems that the producers did not care about any kind of accuracy, they simply threw together some objects which they thought would symbolize Japan.

これを見ると、映画の制作事務所は正しく日本を見せる事を全然考えていません。 只自分たちの考えで、”これが日本”の様に自分たちの想像からシーンを作っています。

Well, as I said, it is an awful movie.  Hollywood often makes bad movies.  Tora tora tora was a much better movie about Pearl Harbor.


But Angelina Jolie claims that her movie is true history.  Then she should have done much more research.  And why the Olympic symbols in the movie posters?

しかし、アンジェリーナ・ジョリーさんは彼女の映画が 正しい歴史と言っています。沢山の研究を行うべきでした。それと、映画のポスターで、オリンピックシンボルはどう言う意味ですか?

I cannot see how those Olympic symbols could represent Mr. Zamperini’s efforts as an Olympian.  Is this insinuating that Japan is an unfit country for the Olympics?


Ms. Jolie should have been aware of the history controversy that is going on between Japan, Korea, and China at the present time.  She should have made efforts to ensure that all scenes in the movie are based on fact.


And she should have not relied simply on one old man’s testimony, even it is Mr. Zamperini himself.


With the Comfort Women issue, testimony is all the critics of Japan have.  And we have seen that such testimony is often mistaken, and changes constantly.


So until Ms. Jolie issues an apology and retraction concerning the cannibal scenes of this film, We should boycott this movie, and all her future productions.


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まもなくの干ばつでアメリカ南西部の崩壊 The coming collapse of the American Southwest by drought

Often in my writing, I refer to the collapse of the American southwest.  And I refer to this when I say that American civilization as a whole is likely to collapse.


Just what do I mean?


A California reservoir


OK, let me put down some figures.  By my estimate from many news reports, total crop yield in California is down about 30% this year.


However, there is heavy use of groundwater for agriculture.  In drought years, it is as high as 65% of water used, compared to 40% in normal years.


Because of the drought, water is not being replaced in the aquifers, and serious land subsidence has been the result in the Central valley.


Land subsidence over the years in California.


California produces some 2/3rds of America’s fruits and vegetables.  There are now shortages which mean increased prices.


I have been watching this drought for years.  It is not a temporary thing.  It is a permanent climatic change.  In the 1920’s, when water rights were set out, it was an abnormally wet period.


The American southwest from time to time suffers extreme drought.  And this one is increased due to the effects of human made climate change.


How long will it last?  Some scientists say 1,000 years, some say 500.


It is certainly the worst in 1,200 years.


Some people think that an El Nino event in California this year will help.  But scientists say that if El Nino develops, it will be weak.


To recover from the drought, California will need two years of strong El Ninos.  And that is just not going to happen.


Towns and cities in California are running out of water.


San Diego is so desperate for water, they will now recycle sewage water.


Voluntary calls to restrict water use, such as watering lawns, has not worked.  Not enough people cooperate.  So special water police are being formed.


Recently, a strong rainstorm hit California.  But it offers no hope of stopping the drought.


And in the Great Plains states, the Ogallala aquifer is nearly gone.  And it cannot be replaced.


What is making this drought so terrible is extreme heat.


Americans do indeed have some idea of the problem, but they do not like the solutions.


Only drastic measures can save America now, something like immediately totally giving up gasoline powered cars.  Americans don’t want to, so they deny Climate change exists.


And even if Americans gave up their cars tomorrow, I think it is now too late.


So what will eventually happen?


People will leave.  Unemployment is very bad in the agricultural areas of central California.


As the drought will will not abate, people will eventually move.  And the people who will move will tend to be the more useful people in a community.


These will be city administrators, Corporate people, police and fire personnel.


The loss of Corporate people will mean that eventually companies will relocate.  The loss of city administrators, police, and fire personnel will mean that city services will disappear, the towns will fall into anarchy.


This is already true in the US, many urban areas are not governed, simply abandoned by government.  Just look at Detroit, or Camden New Jersey.


Once a certain number of vital personnel have left, airports will reduce service, or cease to function at all.


The US military would be able to keep several major airports functioning for a time.  But eventually, air travel in the west of America will collapse.


And all the while, there will be food shortages.  Americans have put up with many financial difficulties, but there has always been cheap food.


No longer.  As time goes on, fewer and fewer Americans will be able to afford food.  California agriculture is in a state of collapse.


In about two years, California will be completely out of ground water.


This will trigger a mass exodus of people trying to leave the area.  The only way they can travel is by car.  Shale oil is a failure, there will not be enough fuel for all those people to travel somewhere.


The roads of the American southwest will be lined with cars, out of gas.  The skeletons of the passengers will be there too.


The American southwest is a big place, with a lot of distance between towns.  There will be no one to help, too far to walk, and too hot.


Many will die.


The US military will attempt to keep order, but the do not have enough troops to patrol all of the American southwest.


But remember, there are many more guns in the hands of American citizens than the military or police.  Many local groups will fight Federal troops to get water or food.  Really.


There are many private armed groups in the US that do not like the Federal government.  In such a time of crisis, they will rule over local areas, and resist the Federal government.


Here is a list of such groups:


Many of my Japanese readers may think I am exaggerating when I say that such private militia groups will defy the Federal government.  It has already happened.


In March of 2014, at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, thousands of militia troops showed up to fight Federal agents, who were trying to confiscate Mr. Bundy’s cows for grazing on Federal land.


The Federal agents gave up, and prevented a bloodbath.


Bundy ranch, anti government militia troops are on horseback, Federal agents in the cars.


An armed militia trooper sights in on Federal agents.


Eventually, the US Navy will abandon it’s main Pacific base in San Diego.  Also the bases in San Francisco bay.  If the technicians who maintain US warships and aircraft leave for lands east of the Mississippi river, the bases not function.


The only repair facility for the US Pacific fleet will be in Yokosuka Japan.


And since Hawaii depends on food from mainland America, it will become a hellhole of starvation.


That means that Japan will become the top Naval power in the Pacific, with perhaps a few US ships able to help out.


As there is no sign of the drought decreasing, because of continued heat increases, and ground water disappears in two years, we can now say with some certainty that America west of the Mississippi faces massive disaster in two years.


The North American continent is undergoing a fundamental climate shift.  America west of the Mississippi river, except for Seattle and Portland, will become deep desert, like the Sahara.  Most people who live there will have to move, or die.


Look at these pictures of scared climate scientists, they know what is coming.


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コンセプト:「BBC WORLD NEWS」「CNNJ」「NIKKEI CNBC」をザッピングしながら、海外・国内のニュースをリアルタイムでお届け。国際政治、国際情勢、経済・社会学者など各分野のエキスパートを解説者として招きます。世界情勢をいち早く知るならNews ザップ!

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英字新聞は日本の反日です。 English newspapers are anti-Japan.

These days, the only version of the English newspaper “The Japan Times” that I will buy is the Sunday version, “On Sunday”.

最近、私は“The Japan Times”日曜日版、“On Sunday”の英字新聞しか読みません。

For well over a year, Professor Jeff Kingston of Temple University has been haranguing over the Comfort Women issue, and Prime Minister Abe.


However, this last November 2nd, the paper stooped to a new low.  They had Jake Adelstein write an article about the Comfort Women.


Mr. Adelstein writes a semi weekly column for the On Sunday paper called, “The dark side of the rising Sun.”

ジェイク・エーデルスタインさんは”On Sunday”新聞のコラムを書いています。英語のタイトルの意味は、”日本の裏の暗い事”みたいです。

You see, there had been complaints that Professor Kingston was obsessed over the Comfort Women issue.


But I think Mr. Adelstein a very poor choice by the paper to write about this.


Who is this person, Mr. Adelstein?  He claims to have been a reporter for the Yomiuri newspaper for 12 years.  He claims that in that time he was a crime reporter in Kabukicho in Shinjuku Tokyo.


He also says that he got scoops on various Yakuza personalities that put his life in danger.


In much earlier writings, he claimed that he had to have sex with the wives of gangsters, in order to get information.  And that this destroyed his marriage.


Well, that last bit is from memory, I could not find the link.


However here is a link by a high school friend, that appeared in the American magazine, “The New Yorker”

しかし、下記は、彼の高校の友達が書いた記事です。アメリカの雑誌、“The New Yorker”で、出版されました。

In the link above, the writer describes how Mr. Adelstein had sex with the drug addict girlfriend of a dead gangster.  Mr. Adelstein certainly does get deeply involved with his subjects.


In the article above, the American friend of Mr. Adelstein says that the Yomiuri newspaper will not comment about Mr. Edelstein.


The Yomiuri newspaper also did not respond to my enquiries concerning him.


However, it is the promotion photos that Mr. Adelstein himself took that originally got me to take a closer look at this gentleman.


Mr. Adelstein at work.  In the background is his book, Tokyo Vice.

仕事中のエーデルスタインさん。写真の背景に彼が書いた本、 Tokyo Viceが有ります。

Mr. Adelstein interviewing a gangster.  Really, gangsters in Japan interview without shirts?


Mr. Adelstein getting information from a beautiful gangster related woman.  She seems ready to have sex with him, and will tell him Yakuza secrets.  Is this for real?


You can easily find these photos on the net by putting the following words in google.


Jake Adelstein pics

Does the Yomiuri newspaper really give an exam for prospective reporters?  His story does not add up.  Maybe foreigners who do not understand Japan might believe him, but I have a hard believing him.


I have not read his book, “Tokyo Vice”, but I have read many of his columns, there is nothing special in them that I did not know from other media sources.

彼の本、“Tokyo Vice”を読んだ事がないけれど、彼の新聞コラムを数多く読みました。はっきり言うと、そんなに特別な情報はなく、すべて別のメディアで彼が書いている内容を読んだ事が有りました。

It seems that all of Mr. Adelstein’s activities are designed to impress foreigners who do not know Japan well.


OK, so why have I written so much about this Mr. Adelstein?  It is because of the Comfort Women article he wrote.  Alright, I can believe he hangs out a lot with Japanese underworld types.


But how does this qualify him to write about the Comfort Women issue?  And why does he write at such an important newspaper in Japan like The Japan Times?

しかし、どうしてその暗黒街の知識で慰安婦の事について記事を書く事が出来ますか?何故、日本のThe Japan Timesみたいなメジャーな英字新聞でコラムを書きますか?

There is a certain type of Japanese person I call masochistic Japanese.  For them, everything about Japan is archaic and useless.  Such people are totally enthralled with foreign countries, particularly the United States of America.


Since the arrival of Commodore Perry and his technically advanced fleet, there has always been such a strain of admiration for the foreigner in Japan.


But these people are dangerous for Japan.  They regard everything foreign as automatically good, and things Japanese as bad.  They cannot understand that many foreigners are frankly, bad people, or people of low quality.


The Japan Times is constantly publishing articles about the Comfort Women, and how Japan was bad in the war.  The editors who control the content of The Japan Times are Japanese.

The Japan Times英字新聞は永遠に慰安婦問題などで、日本は戦争で悪かったのような記事を書いています。

They will be used by foreigners.  Many foreigners, including Professor Jeff Kingston of Temple University, take a view of Japan as a colony.  They want obedient Japanese who will change Japan for foreign interests.


These masochistic Japanese are much more dangerous than any anti Japanese foreigner.


In my book, The Truth about Americans, I write about such masochistic Japanese, the truth about the Pacific war, and about sex crazed Americans like Mr. Adelstein.


And really, no American would hire Mr. Adelstein for any kind of job, in America, he would be called a con artist.  A flim flam man.


I hope my book can help Japan.


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科学的に、アメリカは失敗国家です。 America: Scientifically, a failing state.

Recently three Japanese scientists won the Nobel prize.  This is a fantastic thing.  However, one of them, Mr. Nakamura Shuji, has changed his citizenship to American.  He recently gave an interview, where he extolls the virtues of America compared to Japan.


In the interview in the article, he talks much about American superiority.  He says America is an innovative country that allows people freedom.  And that it welcomes immigrants.


He says that all Japanese are the same.  In America there are very poor and the super rich.


He talks about the American dream.  He says that America is superior because English is a world language.


In fact, he insults Japan by stating clearly that Japan is an inferior country.

正直に言うと、日本が 劣等の国の事を言って、日本に失礼な事を言っています。 

Well, I am very happy that Professor Nakamura has found success and happiness in America.  He is very lucky.  But, like other people who worship America, he has missed some very vital important facts about America.


I call this people who blindly worship America masochistic Japanese.


The facts are, the state of American science is dismal.  The 2013 sequester is still in effect, much science research has been cut.


There is still extreme mistrust of science by the American Right wing.  What this means is, that Republican legislators will make every effort to deny funds to scientists.


America is suffering a science brain drain.  Scientists are leaving government research for the private sector, or moving overseas.


And American science students rank pretty close to worst in the developed world.


Bright young Americans these days look for careers in finance, or as lawyers.


And because of visa restrictions dating back to the Bush era, bright young foreign scientists are finding it impossible to enter the United States to begin careers.  Mr. Nakamura is very wrong here, America is no longer a nation of immigrants.


Well, it true that many people still come to the United States illegally.  But they do not have skills.  Their fate is to be slaves for low wages in the US.  That is still better than where they come from, but not a compliment to America.


With the skyrocketing costs of US higher education, it is highly unlikely that such people could produce a scientist such as Mr. Nakamura within 3 or 4 generations.


What this all means is that the ability of America to maintain itself as a civilized state is in doubt.  This could actually destroy America.  However, I think that drought will destroy America faster.


And more and more comments like these are appearing from average Americans in the blogosphere.  First he lists all of America’s problems.  Then, what does this person say is the best things for individual Americans to do?  Get a passport and leave.


This writer says that originally most Americans came to America in search of a better life.  And now, that since the state of America is so dismal, Americans should leave looking for a better life in some other country.


Mr. Nakamura, Japan is a fine country to live in.  I am very happy to be here.  And in 15 years, Japan will be the best country in the world to be in.


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常識が通じない国:韓国 Korea: The land where normal rules do not apply.

With recent events in South Korea, I think it is obvious, that in Korean minds, rules and laws do not apply to them.


They can make them up as they go along.  First, there is the scandal concerning the Sankei newspaper reporter.


Mr. Kato of the Sankei newspaper


All he did was reprint an article filed by a Korean publication.  The article stated that during the recent Korean ferry disaster, President Park was unavailable for 7 hours because she was having sex with her lover.


Personally, I do not care about the sexual activities of world leaders.  However, for 7 hours during a national emergency the President of South Korea could not be reached.  This is a very valid concern that reflects upon her competence to be President.


Obviously she was in country.  Why could she not be reached?


Presently Mr. Kato is forbidden to leave Korea while he is under investigation for defamation.


There are some people in China, South Korea, and the US who complain about hate speech in Japan.  Yet look at this demonstration by Koreans.  They are hitting people wearing masks of Mr. Kato of the Sankei newspaper, and Japanese Prime Minister Abe.


A Japanese reporter was simply doing his job, and Koreans act like this?


Now I will educate Korean people.  You are not special.  If you wish to participate in the world, you must obey rules like any other nation.  In a Democracy with a free press, it is the job of the press to find wrong doing by political leaders.


And why only punish the Japanese reporter?  What about the Korean reporter who wrote the original article?  Nothing has happened to him.


What is the problem with Koreans?  Do they hate everybody?


Here, Koreans are walking on a Thai flag.  Why insult Thailand?


In the Asian games recently, Korean cheating was rampant.  I saw the boxing video:


There was more cheating in wrestling, soccer, and badminton.


Badminton?  Who cheats in badminton?  Well Koreans do.  I remember the massive cheating Koreans did in the 2002 world cup.  Frankly, I do not think Korea can be trusted to host any sports event, and Korean teams should be banned from all international events.


In America, there are still some Americans who attack Japan.  Recently, the Asahi newspaper admitted that it’s reporting of forced recruitment of WWII was totally false.  The Asahi newspaper articles were the cornerstone of all accusations against Japan in this issue.


Yet those Americans in the above link continue to say that Japan was bad in the war, despite their evidence having been proved wrong.


Are these people simply deluded, or are they well paid by someone?  In any case, they are the shame of America.


Fortunately, I can say that I have American friends who realize that Koreans lie, and are helping Japan in such areas as the Comfort Women issue.


Looking at Korean recent behavior, I do not see how any one can trust that country, in any fashion.  And such cheating behavior is not anything new.


I lived in Korea 38 years ago and taught English.  ALL Korean run English schools I worked for refused to pay me.  Why?  That is their nature.  Many other American English teachers in Korea had the same problem.  They told me, the solution was to tell my students, and the students would cause a riot and lock the management staff in their offices until they paid me.  This was common practice for foreign teachers to get paid.  For me, this was too much trouble, I came back to Japan.  Well, at that time, I had hope that with more contact with the rest of the world, Korea would become a normal nation.


Unfortunately, I was wrong.  South Koreans have gone into some fantasy where normal rules and laws do not apply to South Korea.


They think they are special, and can lie and cheat as they please.  I am very sad to say this, but Koreans are not a civilized people, they are mud people.


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「アメリカ人の本音 - The truth about Americans」私の初めての本が発売されます。

新刊】アメリカ人の本音 - The truth about Americans 11月2日発売予定





著者は、在日 40 年。奥さんは日本人の親日家。カリフォルニア州グレンデール市が朝鮮人慰安婦の記念碑を建てようとした時、 建設に反対して、同市の関係者に再考を求める手紙を書いたことで有名な日本人の味方である。




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場所:東京ウィメンズプラザ 1階 視聴覚室A

第十回 日出処から「日米関係の哲学~警察の変化~」

映画「それでも夜は明ける」の頃程ではなくなってきているものの、米国にいまだに根強く残る黒人と白人の差別や 対立があります。


自然災害時等には特別に対応するチームもありますが、1つのポイントは、暴動が起きた場合、米国の国民は全体を 合わせると恐ろしいほど強力な火力を持つ国民だというこ とです。

日本では考えられない程危険な立場にあるのが米国の警察官ですが、それらに対応する為に、その警察も気候の変化 と同じ位大きな変化を見せ始めています。


まずは米国の警察がどのように変化を見せ、将来的にどのような組織になることが予想されるのかを学び、日本のこ れからに生かすようにいたしましょう。

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ローマ法王は韓国へ訪問しました。 The Pope visits South Korea.

Very recently, the Pope made a visit to South Korea.  Many people in Japan were worried that enemies of Japan would use this visit to have the Pope publicly make statements against Japan.


This did not happen.  The Vatican had more sense than President Obama made his mistaken statement in Seoul last April.


Korean activists, along with anti Japan activists like Mindy Kotler, made extreme efforts to get the Pope to have a private visit with the Comfort Women.


The Vatican did not oblige.  So when the Pope held a mass in Seoul’s main Cathedral, the Comfort Women were in wheelchairs to get a front seat.


Here is another lie by the Koreans.  At least one of the women in that photo had been seen in Los Angeles at a Comfort Women event by a friend of mine.  The woman in question was walking.  She has no need of a wheel chair.


This incident shows the farce involved with this Comfort Women issue.  If they do not need wheelchairs, then sitting in them to get close to Pope is a lie.


And look at the little girl behind the Comfort Women.  She is wearing a Maria veil.  That indicates to me that she is a Catholic, a true Christian believer.  Yet she is relegated to second place by the Comfort Women.


To me, this also symbolizes present Korean society.  Japan bashing takes priority.  If some Korean person wants to have realistic relations with Japan, they are attacked, or even killed.


Korea has reverted to the rule of the thug.


But in any case, in his speeches, nowhere did the Pope mention Japan.  But what DID he say?  He spoke about the need for forgiveness.


Even if people do not wish to forgive, they must do so.


He DID NOT say that the Comfort Women deserve more compensation from Japan.  I think the above talk about forgiveness is directed both at Koreans and their relationship with Japan, and with North Korea.


Also, he spoke out against greed.  When he mentioned using the Sewol ferry disaster for moral and spiritual rebirth, what he meant was that greed caused the disaster.


The ship was overloaded so as to make more money, and sank.  Many young high school students drowned.


In his speech, the Pope did mention the noble traditional values of the Korean people.  Well, I am very sorry to inform the Pope, but some of the traditional values of the Korean people are not so noble.


There is a certain traditional Korean dance, performed on festival days, that mocks physically disabled people.


It is also performed in performed in Korean schools in Japan.


In Korea, these dancers are designated as cultural treasures.  I find it highly disappointing to honor those who mock the unfortunate.


I can think of no such festival, or ceremony, in either Japan or the United States.  There is something strange about Korea, and Korean people should fix their society before entering the international stage and complain about Japan.


And how are the Koreans doing with their international attacks on Japan?


Actually, not that well.


Yes, it is true that a new Comfort Women monument is being pushed for Fullerton California.


However, I am seeing some signs that America is developing Korea fatigue.


Below, is a link from the Washington Post.  It criticizes the efforts of politicians in Northern Virginia to please their Korean American constituents.


And also, look at this photo of the 3rd anniversary ceremony of the Glendale Comfort Women monument.


Not a very big crowd, is there?


I think what the Koreans did not understand is that it is really a Korean issue.  It is not an American issue.


To be sure, when the Koreans first stated erecting Comfort Women monuments, many local American politicians wanted their pictures taken at the monument.  Then they can say they support the issue.


But the politicians will not come back year after year to the anniversary ceremony.  They will move on to something else.


And as the Washington Post article says, a backlash against the Korean effort is beginning to arise.  The Washington Post says that local communities should avoid international politics.


I agree.  What Japanese should do from now, well we should keep educating Americans on two points.


One is the historical truth of the issue, the other is the hysteria of the Korean people.  The truth is, I don’t think Americans will ever understand the truth of WWII.


But we must also tell America that Japan has been a loyal ally of the United States since WWII.


And to the Korean people I say this:  Wake up!  The people who have taken this Comfort Women issue international have hijacked your country.  They will now cause damage to the reputation of your country.


It is time for reasonable Koreans to regain control of the Korean nation.


Friday, August 1, 2014

韓国への反撃の仕方、その他の提案 More ideas on how to fight back to South Korea.

Recently, A United Nations panel called on Japan to directly compensate former Comfort Women.


Well, the Secretary General of the UN is a Korean, so why should we be surprised.


But it seems to me that the Japanese government is expecting America to solve the problem for us.


They will not.  To the average American, Japan is a bad country restrained by America.  They understand that Japan has not waged war for 70 years, but they believe that if American power leaves Japan, Japan will immediately invade Asia.


Japanese people speak of a Japanese American alliance.   Americans don’t.  They say Japan has been getting a “Free ride” for too long.  That America has been protecting Japan, but Japan does nothing.


Thusly, to the American mind, Japan cannot be trusted.


However, foreign opinion is beginning to run against South Korea on the Comfort Women issue.


In the above link, there are many comments that show that some Westerners are getting tired with constant Korean demands.


There are a few things we must understand here.


What does the American government want?


America wants Japan and Korea to cooperate in collective defense.  They can send Japanese and Korean troops to fight shoulder to shoulder to places like Africa or the Middle East to secure resources for America.


This is what Collective defense means.  That the above dream is impossible does not occur to Americans.  Concerning the Comfort Women problem, you will often hear America say, Japan should settle this “once and for all”.


This means further payment by Japan.  Americans are not concerned with previous Japanese apologies or payments.  They are desperate to have South Korea and Japan work together.  They believe that Japanese people will obey any American demand.


This is why America is trying to placate South Korea, and putting pressure on Japan.


What does South Korea want?


South Korea wants domination over Japan.  South Korea wants more Japanese territory.  And for Japan to completely support South Korea financially.


The above photo shows a South Korean history textbook.  South Koreans are in some kind of weird fantasy that they used to rule all of Northern Asia.


It is fantasy of course.  But here is the key to how to fight back.


Not only should we dispute what Koreans say about history.  Of course we must keep on saying that the Comfort Women were not sex slaves, and that Japan did not brutalize Korea in the annexation period.


We must keep repeating the truth that Japan gave Korea modern civilization, something that they could not do themselves.


However, in the above Japan Today link, I pointed out that many foreigners are getting tired of South Korean demands.

上記のJapan Todayのリンクで、数多くの外国人はだんだん韓国の要求に疲れている事を書きました。

So.  We should emphasize how strange a country South Korea actually is.  How weird the Koreans really are.  That their behavior will someday harm Americans too.


I did something like this is a previous blog post.


We should show things how Koreans are claiming Japanese aid projects as their own.


The photo shows a school built by Japan in the Philippines.  Koreans offered to paint it, and they then claimed the project as their own.


We have to show the truth that Korea is a nation of lying and cheating.


We should tell the truth that Korea is a society where children ignore their parents, and force grandmothers into prostitution.


We should tell people how many Korean children believe that the Korean war was fought against Japan.


Children that young themselves do not really understand what war is.  Such misinformation is taught by adults.


South Korea is now laying claim to Tsushima island.  They are demanding that Japan return it. This is insane, and could lead to war.


It is South Koreans who come into Japan and commit vandalism, this time in a public library.


We should mention South Korea’s obsession with Takeshima.  There are Korean businessmen putting billboards across America claiming the rocks as theirs.


And I say rocks, or maybe we could use the English word islets.  Because that is what they are.


I have read that is South Korea, there are Dokdo memorial libraries, pharmacies, clinics, even noodle restaurants.


This is really obsessive.  To get so excited over the possession of two such rocks will look ridiculous to Americans.


Koreans are a nation of people who love weird protests.


They are also a country where one of the major crimes is lying.


So if lying is Korea’s national pastime, could it not be true that they are lying about the Comfort Women?


All these things should be explained to Americans.  South Korea is a nation obsessed with attacking Japan.  They are using America to do this.


Humiliation is a weapon, and we should use this weapon against Korea, and to discourage Americans from cooperating with them.


Japan and America fought a terrible war 70 years ago.  At that time Koreans were willing subjects of the Japanese Emperor.  Most POW camp guards were Koreans.


And today, Koreans are the biggest human traffickers in America and Australia.


Japan has not only paid much money in reparations to Korea, but also supported South Korea financially in the 2002 World Cup.  And South Koreans are demanding money for the upcoming Winter Olympics.


Four or five years ago in Japan, Korean culture was a huge boom.  Many Japanese studied the Korean language, culture, and cuisine.  Many Korean actors and actresses became stars in Japan.  K-pop was popular.


Many Japanese traveled to South Korea.  No more.


The Koreans have destroyed all that with these Comfort Women memorials.


I think going to American politicians, well, they will depend on those Korean votes.


Let us try something different.  Let us go to the Chambers of Commerce for the states of California and New York.  We should tell them this.


With all these Comfort Women memorials, Japanese people are beginning to feel unsafe in coming to America.


And this is what will happen.  Korean efforts are only going to intensify.  Eventually, Japanese Americans, or Japanese immigrants will not be able to live in cities like Glendale California.


Japanese business will disinvest.


More Comfort Women monuments are being set up.


This is the beginning of an ethnic war in America.  Tell the Chambers of Commerce that, and tell them that of course it will be bad for business.


The fact is, Japanese have a lot more money than Koreans.  If America does not welcome us, we will go vacation in France.


Friday, July 25, 2014

日本人は人肉を食べる民族では有りません! Japanese people are not cannibals!

Angelina Jolie is producing and directing a movie called “Unbroken”.   It is the story of Louis Zamperini, who spent in two and a half years in Japanese POW camps.


In the book, there is a casual reference to ritual Japanese cannibalism, where Japanese guards eat prisoners of war.


The reference is only one line, and the author’s sole source of information for the story is the memory of Mr. Zamperini.


And Angelina Jolie’s sole source of information for the movie is the book.


So we will now have a movie appearing showing the world that Japanese soldiers routinely ate people, their prisoners.


While there were a few isolated recorded examples of Japanese troops eating prisoners in the war, there were none that I know in mainland Japan, where Mr. Zamperini claims this happened.


In war, terrible things happened.  Americans routinely sent body parts of Japanese soldiers to their families as souvenirs.


An American wife contemplates the souvenir skull of a Japanese soldier her husband sent her.


The truth is, Americans were very poor Prisoners of war.  They were very spoiled, and expected special treatment.


One book in my collection is “This kind of war” by T. R. Fehrenbach.  He provides a detailed account of American POW’s in the Korean war.  The book was written in 1963, so there had not yet been time to develop a narrative to make the Americans look better.

私の収集の1冊の本に、T. R.フェーレンバッハさんが書いた”戦争この種”が有ります。朝鮮戦争で、アメリカ捕虜の事について細かく書いています。この本は1963年に書いたから、まだアメリカ捕虜をもっと良く見える様に話を作る時間が有りませんでした。

American POW’s behaved terribly.  Just what do I mean?  After capture, and being put into camps, they were given a speech by a Communist Chinese officer.  The Chinese officer said that now they were equal, they did not have to obey their officers.


With that statement, American society among the prisoners disappeared.  They did not care for sick POW’s.  They stole food from each other.  They cooperated with the Chinese to obtain special privileges.


Of course this was not true of all Americans.  Medical personnel made heroic efforts to save the sick.  All military chaplains died caring for sick American POW’s.


But the average American POW simply did not cooperate with other Americans.  American society disintegrated with a word from a Chinese officer.


By comparison, in the Korean war, not one single Turkish prisoner died.  When a Turkish prisoner became sick, others would help.


Not so with Americans.


And Americans could not eat Asian food.  They were issued rice and soy beans as basic rations.  Many could not eat this, and died.


Americans are very spoiled when it comes to food.  They will only eat what they grew up with.


In the book “Five years to freedom” the author, James Rowe, describes a fellow prisoner who died before his eyes.  Why?  the man could not eat rice, he insisted that he be given bread.


Well that prison camp was in the Vietnamese jungle.  There was no possibility of making bread.  So he died.


In Japanese prison camps during the war, Americans claimed that Katsuoboshi was tree bark, or that gobo was tree roots.  They could not cope with other foods.


As far as the Korean war, the book “This kind of War” was written soon after the war.  Books written later hid the American shortcomings, and made the American deaths the fault of the Chinese.


It seems from historical evidence that the foundations of American society are weak, and disappear in times of stress.  Most Americans simply devolved into a mass of selfish, non cooperating individuals.


The one exception to this was the behavior of Officer POW’s in the Vietnam war.  Pilots who were shot down behaved in an exemplary fashion in the Vietnam war.


But they were highly trained officers, of superior intelligence.


I think the sentence about ritual cannibalism was simply included in the book “Unbroken” by the author in a casual manner.  The author apparently took the word of Mr. Zamperini, and made no effort to confirm his story.


Angelina Jolie is apparently taking the same casual attitude in the movie towards such a serious allegation.  I really doubt if she did any research, beyond that one book.


However, this is an attack upon Japan, even if Angelina Jolie does not realize it.  We should make a formal request that the “non fiction” label be removed from the movie.


If she refuses, then all her works should be boycotted.  And we should sue her in court.