Friday, December 12, 2014

映画「アンブロークン」は重大な間違いが有ります。 The movie unbroken contains grave errors.

Cannibalism did not happen in mainland Japan where Mr. Zamperini in the movie was imprisoned.  And the American record with Japanese POW’s was not so good either.


So many Americans just refuse to consider that Japan was not evil in WWII.  There are two sides to any story, or conflict, and Americans cannot accept that Japan might have had reasons for war.


The way these Americans think, unless an American says it, it is untrue.  This is not respect for Japan.


They cannot accept that American pressure on Japan then was a strategic mistake.


By this time, 69 years after the war, any fair account of the war should include Japanese source material.


In a movie of this stature, by Angelina Jolie, that claims to be truth, she should have realized that a scene where Japanese troops ate POW’s like sashimi would strike a nerve in Japan.


She should have done research.  If she had, then she would have found that there is no record of any such incident in mainland Japan in the war.


Well Hollywood movies often make stupid mistakes, particularly about Japan.


I remember the American movie Pearl Harbor.


It was pretty cheesy.  It focused on the American Army Air Corps pilots Taylor and Welch.  They were the only pilots able to get airborne in the attack, and claimed four Japanese planes shot down.


Well in the movie, it seems like they almost won the battle themselves.  The movie is full of historical errors.  The biggest of these is that in the movie pilots Taylor and Welch participated in the Dolittle raid.  That is total fiction.


Here is one way that the movie producers pictured Japan.  It is supposed to show Japanese attack planning before the Pearl Harbor attack.


It is pretty ridiculous, men in loincloths, moving ship models in a pool, with a Japanese shrine gate with a rising sun flag hanging from it.


It seems that the producers did not care about any kind of accuracy, they simply threw together some objects which they thought would symbolize Japan.

これを見ると、映画の制作事務所は正しく日本を見せる事を全然考えていません。 只自分たちの考えで、”これが日本”の様に自分たちの想像からシーンを作っています。

Well, as I said, it is an awful movie.  Hollywood often makes bad movies.  Tora tora tora was a much better movie about Pearl Harbor.


But Angelina Jolie claims that her movie is true history.  Then she should have done much more research.  And why the Olympic symbols in the movie posters?

しかし、アンジェリーナ・ジョリーさんは彼女の映画が 正しい歴史と言っています。沢山の研究を行うべきでした。それと、映画のポスターで、オリンピックシンボルはどう言う意味ですか?

I cannot see how those Olympic symbols could represent Mr. Zamperini’s efforts as an Olympian.  Is this insinuating that Japan is an unfit country for the Olympics?


Ms. Jolie should have been aware of the history controversy that is going on between Japan, Korea, and China at the present time.  She should have made efforts to ensure that all scenes in the movie are based on fact.


And she should have not relied simply on one old man’s testimony, even it is Mr. Zamperini himself.


With the Comfort Women issue, testimony is all the critics of Japan have.  And we have seen that such testimony is often mistaken, and changes constantly.


So until Ms. Jolie issues an apology and retraction concerning the cannibal scenes of this film, We should boycott this movie, and all her future productions.


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