Tuesday, May 13, 2014

オバマ大統領の声明の本当の意味 The true meaning of President Obama’s declaration

A lot of Japanese people are making misinterpretations of President Obama’s declaration.  There are many people who seem to think that this is a chance to review the Kono statement.


No.  This is wishful thinking.  The President of America is very serious.  As far as he is concerned, discussion is over.  He has decided that Japan was terrible to Korea.


Now will come Japanese obedience.  This is the President’s meaning.  If Japan tries to discuss the Kono statement, he will only get angry.


President Obama is going to enforce all demands by Koreans upon Japan.


OK, here is what I think will happen.


Koreans will write new Japanese school textbooks.  They will teach Japanese children that Japan is a terrible country, that did horrible things to Korea.


That all Japanese culture originated in Korea, Japan stole it.


They will teach that Japanese owe a cultural debt to Korea, and must support Korea financially.


Koreans will push for taxes on average Japanese people to support Koreans.


Koreans will demand that Yasukuni shrine be closed and destroyed.


Public display and use of the Rising Sun Flag is too be banned.


Now these things I am guessing.  But I think these are likely Korean demands.


By his statement, President Obama is saying that he will support Korea in it’s demands upon Japan.


Many Americans believe the source of trouble is that Japanese leaders worship at Yasukuni shrine, and that Japanese people say the Comfort Women system was not bad.


The Americans are afraid that Korea will leave the America/Japan/South Korea alliance.


The Koreans are saying that they are mad at Japan.  So to satisfy Koreans, according to the Americans, Japan must subordinate itself to Koreans.


I have been in private contact with some American officials on this matter.


I have tried to convince them that the History of Japan’s annexation of Korea was beneficial, not bad.


I have told them that the Koreans are not only interested in compensation, but their true goal is subordination and humiliation of Japan.


They understand that, but they say that the true history must be hidden. They are very afraid of what the Koreans will do if they are not satisfied.


Actually, I predicted this something like this situation in my blog in January.



The truth is, Americans are very suspicious of Japan.  It is easy for them to accept Korean lies as truth.


My background contacts with American officials, they seem to think that the only people in Japan who are angry are a few Right Wingers.


I have tried to convince them the entire population of Japan is very angry about the issue.  The problem here is that too many high ranking Americans spend all their time talking to Japanese officials in Nagatacho.


I spend my time in Shinjuku’s Omoide Yokocho.  I think I have better idea what the average Japanese person thinks.


The Americans think that if a few Japanese scholars participate in this new apology to Koreans, the Japanese population will accept it.


I have tried to tell them that Japan will explode.  The Americans are not listening.


I really do not think that Americans want to hurt Japan.  They simply are too afraid of the Koreans leaving the alliance.  I do not think they understand how the Korean demands will snowball and try to change Japanese society.


But once America starts backing Korean demands, starting with the Comfort Women issue, it will be hard to stop.  They have made a terrible misjudgment.


What should we do?


I have read comments from one prominent Republican, John Bolton.



We have to tell Republicans that what President Obama has done is very dangerous.  We have to convince American Republicans that this time, Japanese people are not going to accept America backing insane Korean demands on Japan.


Personally, I believe that President Obama simply hates Japan. He is letting his emotions influence policy.


I will be blunt here.  For the US global military and economic position, the US base in South Korea are not very important.


However, without Kadena, Yokosuka, and Yokota, US power and influence collapse around half the world.


So if anyone among my readers has any strong connections among the US Republican party, please send them my blog.


We have to convince the Republicans that President Obama has made a serious blunder.


I see this as the only hope to preserve the Japanese/American relationship.


Friday, May 9, 2014

韓国の従軍慰安婦声明についてオバマ大統領に質問 A question for President Obama concerning his Comfort Women statement in Korea

President Obama, with all due respect, you have really messed up.  You made your declaration that Japan was so very wrong in The Pacific War concerning the Comfort Women system.



However, did you know that the Korean government still continues a Comfort Women system for their own Army today?  Right now?



They are guarded by Korean military police.  This means the system is supported by the government.  The location in the above link is 40 kilometers from Panmunjon.


Photos of present day Korean military prostitutes in Korea.


By implication, by taking the Korean side in this issue, you are saying that they are correct, and that you support South Korean military prostitution.  Is this true?


The only difference I can see here is in the war, the Japanese run system had more protection for the girls, they were safer.  I make this comment because I have lived in Korea.


And in your home state of Hawaii, the US military and the government of Hawaii cooperated to establish a Comfort Women system at Hotel Street in Honolulu.


American sailors line up for Comfort women.


Mr. President, South Korea is certain to attack Japan over this issue, with your backing.  Japan has paid a lot of money to Korea.


But that is not their main interest.  Oh yes of course they want money.  But they also want to subordinate Japanese society to Korean society.  This is their true goal.


And you support this.  This is the meaning of your statement.  Why do you hate Japan so?  What has Japan ever done to you?


Mr. President, your actions are not contributing to a solution.   The Koreans will demand more and more, things Japan cannot except.  While the Japanese government may seem compliant, the people no longer are.


They are angry, all of them.  This is not just a few right wingers.  There will now be much more fighting and rancor.


What is your meaning Mr. President?  You attack Japan for events 70 years ago, when America did the same thing, and South Koreans still do it today?