Saturday, December 28, 2019

Breaking News: Virginia county forms militia ニュース速報:バージニア州の郡が民兵組織を作ります。

It is now only a few days until 2020.  What kind of year will it be?  For America, very bad.  I am sorry, but there just is no good news to report.


The Democratic party conducted an impeachment vote in Congress, but failed to pass the articles to the Senate for trial.  That means it can’t happen.  There are all kinds of rumors, they want a second vote on cooperation by Russia in electing President Trump, (totally disproven) or they want to impeach Vice President Pence also and install Nancy Pelosi as President.  That is a pipe dream.

民主党は議会で弾劾票を取ったけれど、裁判の為に上院に弾劾条項を渡していないので、弾劾に成りません。 理由は、多数の噂が有って、もう一度2016年選挙のトランプ大統領とロシアの協力について投票したい、(完璧に論駁です)、それともペンス副大統領も弾劾して、ナンシー・ペロシ議長を任命したいです。両方は空想的な考えです。

But the real danger next year is occurring in Virginia.  The Governor has stated his determination to pass a law through the State legislature in January banning many types of fire arms.


There are 133 counties and municipalities in Virginia.  Over 90 have passed second amendment resolutions to protect their guns.


One county, Tazewell county, has established an armed militia.  This is a militia, a semi military unit to fight the government of the State of Virginia and protect the citizens from forced gun confiscation.  It is established by the government of Tazewell county.  It is not a private militia.  This has not happened since 1861 in America.


A militia unit


One State legislator calls for the use of the national guard to confiscate guns.


Here is at least one National Guard soldier refusing to obey such an order.


The Governor has responded by declaring that all law enforcement personnel who don’t obey his orders will be fired.


What I think will happen is somewhere the Governor will find a few people to attempt gun confiscation.  And there will be violent shooting.  People will die.  It will be a suicide mission.


There are many States with 2nd amendment sanctuary laws, people in Texas and Kentucky are nervously watching Virginia, along with many other States.


Unless the Governor backs down, or by some miracle the law does not pass, civil war starts in January in America.


Sunday, December 22, 2019

I would like to introduce to Japan an outstanding American. 日本に優れているアメリカ人を紹介したいです。

Tucker Carlson is a news announcer on Fox News.  On his show, rather than simply read propaganda, he goes into the real reason for the troubles of America.

タッカー・カールソン氏はFOXニュースのアナウンサーです。彼の番組で、Tucker Carlson Tonight、プロパガンダではなく、現在、アメリカの問題の本当の原因を報道しています。

In the broadcast above, he says that a person can drive just about anywhere in rural America, and the scenery is about economic ruin.  Shuttered shopping malls, abandoned homes, closed factories.


Closed American factories


What happened?  These places were once busy with economic activity.  Mr. Carlson then introduces one example of of how rural America has been destroyed.


He introduces us, to a vulture capitalist, Mr. Paul Singer.


120 years ago, great American businessmen like Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt were strong, ambitious men.  Cornelius Vanderbilt built rail and shipping lines.  Andrew Carnegie built steel mills.


However Mr. Vanderbilt also built a university in Nashville Tennessee, donating the money.  Mr Carnegie is famous for building libraries at many institutions, so that people could study and rise to be great like him.


And the businesses that these men built were also things of use to the nation, steel mills and railroads benefited everyone.


Not so Paul Singer.  He is financier, but his way of business leaves only misery for many, massive profits for a very few.  He buys companies that have economic problems.  He outsources the labor to foreign countries, fires the management, and sells any valuable assets.  He even cuts employee pensions.


In the article linked above Mr. Carlson details how Mr. Singer destroyed an auto parts dealer called Delphi.  He also talks about the town of Sidney Nebraska.  It has a population of 6,376 people, and it’s main employer was Cabela’s, an outdoor goods company, that employed 2,000 people.


Cabela’s was in good financial health, but Paul Singer’s company, Elliot management, purchased 11% of the company, and pressured the management to sell it.  They sold it to Bass pro shops.  When Mr. Singer bought the company, the stock prices was $38 a share.  A week later when he sold out, it was $63 a share.

カベラス社は経済的健康な会社だけど、ポール・シンガーさんの会社、エリオット・マネジメントがカベラス社を11%買って、経営者達に会社を売るよう圧力をかけました。それで、バス・プロ・ショップスに売りました。シンガーさんがカベラス社株を買った値段は、1株当たり$38、1 週間後、全部の株を売った時に、値段は1株当たり$63でした。

The company was then liquidated, nearly everyone in the town lost their jobs.  Fox News sent a film crew to the town, but people were afraid of legal retribution by Paul Singer, so did not talk to Fox News.


This is the financier of today.  Not building any type of product that can be used by people, not donating anything to public welfare, but leaving an economic landscape of ruin and destruction across America.


This is why Middle America voted for and supports Donald Trump.  They hope and believe that he can save them.


Paul Singer makes extensive donations to Republican lawmakers, including Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska.  Tucker Carlson has called for the Senator to return the donations.


Tucker Carlson has shown himself to be an outstanding American, a man of honor and integrity.  There are already people calling for him to be a Presidential candidate in 2024.  Incidentally, he also advised President Trump to cancel airstrikes against Iran last summer, which the President did 10 minutes before they were to happen.


War with Iran would be a disaster, the US would lose badly.


Tucker Carlson is a great man, I would vote for him.


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Will the American civil war begin in Virginia? アメリカ内乱はバージニア州で開始?

Often on this blog I have predicted American civil war.  Perhaps some people may doubt me, as obvious civil war has not yet happened.  Yet for a long time political and cultural tension in the United States has been increasing.  Many American commentators call this the “Cold Civil War”.


Now however, there is a strong possibility of violent conflict.  In the state of Virginia, next month.  In November of 2019, Democrats in election for the Virginia State legislature won a small majority.  55 Democrats to 45 Republicans.


Now Democratic Governor Ralph Northam promises that he will sign a law placing various bans on firearms.  It also appears that the law will ban the teaching and practice of martial arts, as they are assumed to be militia activity.


Many counties have now stated that they will refuse to obey such a law.  They are declaring themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuaries.


The 2nd Amendment of the  Constitution guarantees the right of private citizens to bear arms.


At present, over 90 counties and municipalities in Virginia are declaring themselves gun sanctuaries.


There are 95 counties and 38 independent cities in the State of Virginia, for a total of 133.  This shows that while a majority of urban citizens in Virginia support a Left wing government, The majority of territory in the State is conservative.


In the map above, green are gun sanctuary counties.  Dark green have made stronger resolutions to defend guns.  Yellow will soon have a meeting to consider the issue.  Brown means there is progress towards becoming a gun sanctuary.  Red means no action has been taken.


The Red areas are all cities and towns.  It truly is an urban versus rural conflict.


One county Sheriff has already said that if the law is passed, he will deputize thousands of citizens in his county to protect their guns from State authorities.


Yet Virginia Democrats claims that anyone who supports the 2nd Amendment is racist.  One Virginia Representative, has called for the governor to send the National Guard to enforce the law.


This would certainly ignite civil war in Virginia.  For Conservatives, they believe the Right to Bear Arms as given in the Constitution is central to their existence.  They believe that if they lose this Right, tyranny shall arise in America, and the conservatives shall be destroyed.  For my Japanese readers, that means killed and enslaved.


Watching the actions of Corporate America and the crazy American Left, I believe they are correct.


Many Black Americans believe guns held by White people, especially police, are being used to enslave them again.  Unfortunately, most crime in America is committed by Black people, and they are the majority of prisoners in the US.  Many Black people believe this is prejudice, so they wish to disarm White people.


Due to years of strong Leftist propaganda, many American Blacks want to fight White people, and have a separate society.  Notice that the Virginia representative calling for the National Guard to forcibly disarm White people is Black.


However, support among American Black people for President Trump has increased from 18% in the 2016 election to 34% today.  This shows that more and more Black people desire the social stability that President Trump brings, and do not want Civil War.


These emotions of both sides are very strong, and will decide events.


The Virginia National Guard numbers some 7,500 soldiers.  If all the counties deputized 1,000 men to protect their guns, this would be force of 90,000 men.  By a basic rule of guerrilla warfare, to prevail over such a force, the left wing Democratic government of the State of Virginia would need ten soldiers for every Sheriff’s deputy, or potential guerrilla.


That would be 900,000 troops.  They have 7,500.  And most of these would would be gun owners themselves, so they would join the conservative side to protect their guns.


I think the only peaceful way out of this is for the Federal government to rule that a state cannot pass a law against the Federal Constitution.  But emotions are very high.  It is highly probable that Virginia Democrats will make some attempt to confiscate guns somewhere in the state, and violence will result.


Watch the news.  This will be too big for major networks to ignore.