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FMラヂオつくば「KG Project 」 に出演します♪(9/1)

9月1日(火)22時から23時まで、FMラヂオつくば「KG Project 」 に出演します♪



「KG Project 」は、国際政治学者の藤井厳喜さんと、Kenny Suzukiさんが行っています。毎週火曜日、22時からです。

先週8月25日(火)も、FMラヂオつくば「KG Project 」 に出演しました♪ お聴き逃しの方もどうぞ!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

日本の夏;外国人から謝罪要求の季節です。 Summer in Japan, the season of apology demands

I am sick and tired of apologies being constantly demand of Japan.  Every summer, we go through a media circus of American commentators asking if Japan “Has learned it’s lesson”.


Americans should stop assuming the role of teacher, Life in America is not all that fantastic, and Americans should reflect upon what they have done in war.


Despite it ’s proven ineffectiveness as a military tactic, Americans still use bombing to achieve policy goals.  Today, it is drone warfare.


The truth, is Japan was not at all exceptionally horrible in WWII.  But every year American commentators demand more apologies.


No, no more.  In my books, I detail the truth of WWII.


To be honest, I have written these books for Japanese people.  I seriously doubt if I can convince many Americans to understand the truth about Japan and WWII.


So what should we do when in conversation with Americans?  What do we do when they say Japan was so terrible in WWII?


We change the subject.  We should tell them truly how much Japanese people love America.  And always have, even before the war.


The truth is, America provoked the war out of a mistaken belief that China would be America’s friend.  Americans feared Japan then, and still do now.


But we must convince them of Japan’s love for America.


And also, we must tell them the truth about Korea.  Some of the greatest problems about WWII in the modern age are created by Koreans.


One thing that will surprise Americans is the Korean culture boom that was until recently popular in Japan.  To the world, Koreans portray Japanese people as being inhuman monsters.


The fact that until recently, Korean pop music, movie stars, food, language study and general culture was very popular in Japan will cast doubt upon what the Koreans claim.


The Koreans have made a religion out of attacking Japan.  I wonder who funded this musical about the Comfort Women, when Korea is in such a bad state economically.  This advertisement below is on Times Square in New York City, it cannot be cheap.


Also, we are going to have to tell people that Korean hatred of Japan is really becoming an insanity.

それと、世界の人々に韓国人の日本にたいしての嫌悪感は 精神的異常と言う事を教えるべきです。

To create the sign in the photo above from the 2002 World Cup took at least several hundred people to create.  No other country does this.  No other country is this rude, this full of hate.


We should tell people about the vandalism that Koreans do at Japanese shrines and temples.


And Koreans insult many other people in the world, including Americans.


I wonder, what did Israel ever do to the Koreans?


And last August, while so many people in the West were worried about Prime Minister Abe’s speech, the Koreans did this:


Just what does the protest pictured above mean?


I am not really sure, but it is bizarre.


And we should tell people that one more apology to Korea would not help.  Japan has made endless apologies, and paid much money.


The truth of the issue is that Koreans always considered Japan to be an inferior country.


And they are humiliated that the truth of the matter is the annexation period to Japan was the best time in Korean society ever.


The population doubled in 40 years, public health was improved, education for the masses including women was established, railroads and industry were built.


The list of Japanese beneficial accomplishments in Korea is long.  In the war, they were loyal Japanese citizens of the Empire.  It was after the war that they decided to create a fictional fantasy of victimhood.  It fooled the Americans.


Telling the truth about them will pretty much destroy the reputation of Korea.   But it was their choice to go to various countries around the world, defaming Japan with false stories of the Japanese annexation period.


It is too bad, but they have provoked us.


And we should not be afraid of telling Americans the truth.  Never be afraid of truth.


And no more apologies.  If foreigners demand them, just say no, and ignore them.


America needs Japan as friend.  They need us more than we need them.  And we should be confident about the abilities of Japanese people in all areas of endeavor, including the military.


Monday, August 24, 2015

FMラヂオつくば「KG Project 」 に出演します♪(8/25)

8月25日(火)22時から23時まで、FMラヂオつくば「KG Project 」 に出演します♪



「KG Project 」は、国際政治学者の藤井厳喜さんと、Kenny Suzukiさんが行っています。毎週火曜日、22時からです。

Friday, August 21, 2015

第二次朝鮮戦争はどう成りますか?  How would a Second Korean War go?

The situation in Korea is getting serious on the DMZ.


Some years ago, I wrote this analysis of how a second Korean war would go.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

鳩山元総理大臣が大きい間違いを行いました。 Former Prime Minister Hatoyama makes a grave error

Recently, former Prime Minister Hatoyama traveled to South Korea.  He performed a ceremony of submission at the site of a prison in the Japanese annexation era.  I think he honestly thinks such an apology will help Japanese/Korean relations.


No, he is very naive.  He is making things much worse.  What such a submission of bowing means in countries outside Japan is “total surrender”  “My life, my family, my country is yours to destroy”.


In English, such an expression of submission is called a “Kow-tow”


A Kow Tow in old China


What he is doing is totally playing into the worst Korean fantasies about the Japanese/Korean relationship.


In my studies of the Japanese/Korean relationship, I think I am beginning to find a reason for the insanity of the Korean stance.


It is Confucianism.  I think perhaps we can say it was even deeper in Korea than in China.  Before Japan annexed Korea, the Korean King always used to Kow Tow to the Chinese ambassador.  Thusly, to the Korean mind, since Japan is farther from China, Japan should Kow Tow to Korea.


Koreans think that they are superior in scholarship.  This is because of the nature of it’s Confucianist society before the Japanese annexation.


In their minds, they will always be superior to Japan.  In their minds, in the Meiji era, Japan should have come to Korea, begging for guidance.  This is the natural order of things in the Korean mind.


This thinking totally ignores the reality of Russian encroachment on Korea, and Korea’s own incompetence in governing itself and handling foreign affairs.


It bodes ill for Japan and Korea to ever have normal relations, or for Korea to ever have normal relations with any country of the outside world.


And also, Koreans are very jealous of Japan’s freedom and artistic cultural development.


Mr. Hatoyama visited a Korean museum.  But the exhibits in the museums today are like some sort of S&M fetish display.


Korean museum exhibits of the Japanese annexation era.


Here are some Korean Comfort Women exhibits that were displayed on residential streets in New Jersey, USA.


Frankly, I think such statues are porn, and should not be seen by children.


And that is partly where Korean thinking is on the entire problem of Japanese/Korean relations, they think of gutter level porn.  Koreans are simply not being rational.


Well, in truth, DID Japan torture people in Korea?  Of course, sometimes interrogations can be tough.  But definitive foreign accounts, by foreigners tell us a different story.


Alleyne Ireland, an English scholar, traveled to Korea well into the Japanese annexation era.  I have just begun to read his book, The New Korea.

アレン・アイルランド氏、英国の学者、日本併合時代中に当時の朝鮮を訪問しました。私は彼の本、「The New Korea」を読み始めたばかりです。

For my readers who don’t understand Japanese, in the youtube clip below, the photos that first appear are Korea before the Japanese annexation.  When 1910 appears, the photos show the remarkable transformation that occurred under Japanese rule.


I have just begun reading the book, but he does write about how Japan did ban torture in Korea.


It was common in the Yi dynasty era.


In fact, modern day North Korea is an almost exact copy of the Yi dynasty society.


I really think that things have gone so far with Korean insanity, the only for Japan to do is to show a strong face to Korea.  We should ignore them.  We should not travel there, we should cease to invest in Korea or loan them money.


Certainly, present and former politicians should cease trying to placate Koreans.  The Koreans will only use such actions for their own purposes.


They will only spit in our face.  And when they spread lies around the world about Japan, particularly the annexation ear, we should counter with the truth, and tell people around the world how it was the best time ever in Korean history.



Wednesday, August 12, 2015

アメリカ:ポリティカル・コレクトの地獄 America, a politically correct hell

Recently, America has gone crazy with political correctness.  Recently, legislators from California have introduced a bill to make a law forbidding the use of the words “husband” and “wife” in marriage ceremonies in the United States.  It is felt that those words insult Gay couples.


ポリティカル・コレクトネス(英: political correctness、略称:PC)とは、政治的・社会的に公正・公平・中立的で、なおかつ差別・偏見が含まれていない言葉や用語のことで、職業・性別・文化・人種・民族・宗教・ハンディキャップ・年齢・婚姻状況などに基づく差別・偏見を防ぐ目的の表現、およびその概念を指します。

The New York Department of Education attempted to ban 50 words from being used in Schools.  These included “Dinosaur” (offending those who do not believe in evolution)  “Divorce” (offending children whose parents have divorced), “Birthday” because Jehovah’s witness people do not celebrate birthdays.


Japanese culture has become involved.  The museum of fine arts in Boston had an interactive exhibit where people could pose in front of a painting by Claude Monet.  The painting was “La Japonaise”, showing his wife wearing a Japanese Kimono.

日本の文化も問題に成っています。ボストン美術館がモネの作品の前でポーズが出来るインタラクティブ展示を行いました。作品は、“La Japonaise”、モネの奥さんが日本の着物を着ている作品でした。

Protesters felt that it was racist, vile, and imperialistic.


A protestor at the Boston museum event


Due to the Facebook protests, the museum cancelled the event.  By the way, the protests were not anti-Japanese, they were protesting what they called “Orientalism” or White people who like Asian culture.  I really don’t understand their point.


Last June, a white man killed 9 black people at a church in Charleston South Carolina.  This has ignited a firestorm of Politically Correctness attacks, upon the Southern flag and Southern culture.


Many of the people for whom political correctness is a fashion say that the Confederate flag, of the former Confederate States of America, is a racist symbol, and caused the man to kill those black people in church.


What the media did not print out is that the man who killed those people, his white girl friend dumped him and dated a black man.  This could be a reason for his hate, and guns are easy to get in America.

アメリカのマスコミが無視した真実は、この殺人男性の白人の彼女が彼を振って黒人の男性と付き合いしました。 もしかしたらこの事が彼の黒人嫌悪の原因で、アメリカでは銃が簡単に手に入ります。

But there have been so many attacks on Southern culture, and attempts to ban the Confederate flag.


There are calls to ban the movie “Gone with the Wind”.


Why, because people fear that this scene, showing Confederate wounded in front of Atlanta station in the battle of Atlanta, might elicit sympathy for the Confederacy.


Now the thing is, very few Americans who are screaming about this really understand the history of the war.


The North did not start the war to free the slaves.  President Lincoln did not make a declaration freeing the slaves until after the battle of Gettysburg, two years after the war started.


And yes, the North DID start it.  The South did shoot first, at a fort in Charleston harbor in South Carolina.  Which was in a Southern state.  But the North did forcibly invade the South.


At the beginning of the war, there were no free black men in the Northern Army.


But there were free black men in the Southern Army.


It is my guess that these photos come from Civil War reenactments.


When the Northern Army in it’s first invasions of Southern territory encountered back people, they did not know what to do.  Where these people property, or human beings?


This is still a very controversial problem today.  Of course, slavery was a terrible thing.  But today, Americans who attack the South over this issue, are merely creating more problems, not solutions.


I am particularly angry about the desecration of graves of Confederate soldiers.  Confederate flags are to be removed in cemeteries, and forbidden.


A Confederate soldiers cemetery.


Or in the case of some famous soldiers, people want to remove the grave entirely.


Of course, there are many Southerners who now defend their culture.


And most people in the North did not treat black people very well then.  Not now either.  They have no right today to make a claim of righteousness.


The only institution in American society that large numbers of Black Americans can succeed in is the US military, and government.  In the Corporate World, White people are very reluctant to let Black people in .


Things have gotten so bad, that Race War is a distinct possibility in America.


One of the first goals of people who espoused Political Correctness was to stop prejudice against black people.  Well obviously it has failed.


Political Correctness has become like a social fashion.


People who disagree with Political Correctness are attacked.  That is why so many scholars in America sign letters saying that Japan was bad with the Comfort Women system.


If they do not do so, they are attacked by feminists, and could lose their job.


An attack goes something like, statements in the press saying, “This person is not politically correct!”.


Then his University for example, would not renew his contract.  His life is destroyed.  That is why the Boston museum cancelled the kimono event.  They were afraid of some kind of attack.


If you are a white male in America, you are very vulnerable to attack.


And if Americans cannot understand their own Civil War of 150 years ago, how can I explain Japan and WWII to American people?


For the record, as far as I know, my ancestors fought on both sides in the American Civil War.  I had found letters in a family heirloom box written by a soldier in the Army of the Potomac, of the North.  My father told me of stories of an ancestor who rode with General J.E.B. Stuart’s calvary of the Army of Northern Virginia, the South.


To be continued, next, the tyranny of diversity.


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自著「太平洋戦争 アメリカに嵌められた日本」を語ります。