Wednesday, March 21, 2012

アメリカのイラン制裁政策はボロボロです。 America's Iran sanctions policy in tatters

America's policy of sanctions against Iran is effectively ended. 11 nations, Japan, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Britain, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain are exempt from sanctions.


Since China, Russia, India and Pakistan have refused to obey the American oder for sanctions, this means the America effort is over.


As I wrote on my blog in January and February, this entire scare about Iran building a bomb was a fiction created by American Republican Presidential candidates and Israel.


And we did come close to a disastrous war with Iran.


All in all though, I do not think President Obama is really concerned about the failure of the sanctions measure. It will not be clearly reported in the American Mainstream Media.


The only reason for the President to proclaim such a measure was election politics. The Republican Right was attacking him, and in America in an election you cannot look weak.


That it was it was all about, not a real danger from Iran.


One thing though. The article does not list South Korea as being on the exemption list. With it's Free Trade Agreement with the US, South Korea has become a virtual colony of America.


Apparently, America is still pursuing negotiations with South Korea on this issue.

I grew up in the United States, and I know, that after having concluded such an unequal trade agreement, from the American point of view, South Korea is a subject nation, and should obey. Americans simply will not consider the South Korean situation.


Now South Korea may suffer. I feel sorry my Korean friends.


Japan, because we are NOT in TPP, can still be said to be an independent nation. There are benefits to independence.


So while other nations can still buy oil from Iran, South Korea perhaps cannot, they it may be that they must follow American policy, even if it is very misguided.


I think this should be a serious lesson for those Japanese people who still think that entering TPP and giving up Japanese independence to American control can benefit Japan.


It is much better to have relations with America from a position of independent strength.


Friday, March 9, 2012

アメリカ軍隊の将来 The future of the American military

America has withdrawn from Iraq in complete failure. America still has troops in Afghanistan, but that war is also failing fast. Pakistan has closed the supply lines several months ago, the supply line through Russia is not enough to sustain the war effort there.


The Obama administration is realigning US military forces. The good thing is, we will no longer see massive amounts of US troops invading other countries. The Bush administration idea of such open military dominance is finished. America is broke, they no longer have the finance to support such efforts.


What the future will bring is more use of US special forces. Also the Navy and Air Force will be funded. American officials are talking about the importance of Asia, and realigning their forces to combat Asian threats.


Well here the unspoken message is China is dangerous.


But what is the truth here? First of all, on the world stage, China is not that dangerous. Personally, I think the reason for this talk of redeployment to Asia is not because it is needed. It is not necessary for world peace. America is doing it because it is the only major world area where it has bases, and can still deploy forces.


However, some of the defense cuts being proposed are interesting.


The Obama administration is saying that it will cut 100,000 troops from the Army and Marines.


This is very good. But I think even more can be cut. However what is very exciting for me is a proposal where the US may cut it's nuclear arsenal to as few as 300 to 400 weapons.

At present, America has about 5,000 nuclear weapons.


The US Navy will maintain 10 fixed wing carriers.

Of course, the use of drones is too be expanded.


I agree with the emphasis on special forces. However, I think the Americans are still relying too much on high tech weapons. For example the record for drones in Pakistan Iraq, and Afghanistan is terrible. As I have often written, they are capable of killing many people. However, their operators are incapable of understanding who they are killing.


The fact is, even though high tech weapons are not very useful in likely future conflicts, Americans, being a new country, love new things. In the long run though, I don't think the Americans will be able to afford so many expensive weapons.


Well, what I mean by the above comment, high tech weapons, such as drones, used by Americans, cost them any possible chance they had to win in Afghanistan, and have almost started a war with Pakistan. The weapons work well, they kill people, but Americans just can't learn to understand who they are killing.


However for Japan, this is a great chance to reduce US military personnel and US bases in Japan. The US has even offered to remove the US 3rd Marine infantry division from Okinawa. This would be very good for Japan, they don't serve any useful purpose there.


Here is comment from Carlton Meyer, a former US Marine officer. He is correct that the number of Marines there is too small to be of any use in any possible war in Asia.


I agee with him that there is a lot of politics involved here. Mr. Meyer states that many Marine officers regard duty in Okinawa as a year long vacation. Well that is a very expensive vacation for both Japanese citizens, who host the bases, and pay for them, and for Americans who pay the salaries of so many officers.


In any case as I have written, the Japanese Navy and Air Force are quite sufficient to defeat any possible Chinese attack.


The idea of a North Korean attack is a joke.


However it seems that the present Japanese government does not want American Marines to leave Okinawa.


I find this very disappointing. It seems that too many Japanese leaders do not have the confidence for Japan to be independent, they are always looking for the American "Big Brother" to protect Japan.


As I have often written, One, it is not necessary. Japan is a powerful nation, we can take care of ourselves. Two, America is losing the ability to protect any nation, and American may not even be able to maintain itself.


And here we come to the second use of the American military in the future. That is domestic policing inside America.


Basically, the 1878 Posse Comitatus law has been repealed.


After the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865, the US Army ruled in the defeated former Southern Confederacy. However, many abuses of Civil Rights occurred. The Posse Comitatus used to mean that Federal military forces cannot be used for domestic policing.


Now the law says that the Federal US military will have power in case of emergency.


I have long been writing of American collapse. I have seen rumors on the net that the Pentagon has also been studying the same problem.


Last year, the US Army held a massive war game across the nation. It was simulating an American collapse, and the US military response.


In the above photo, some soldiers are playing rioters, some soldiers the military response team.


I have written about the possibility of American collapse due to oil depletion.

Economic collapse is already underway. Americans are becoming poorer by the day. Also, drought is becoming very serious in America. There is a very strong possibility that in one crop season, America will go from a food exporting nation, to a land of starvation.


In the future, Federal troops will be the only possibility of maintaining any kind of unity inside the United States. I am very sorry for some of my Liberal friends in America.


They are very angry about the loss of Civil Liberties. However for too long Americans have always assumed that the American lifestyle was sacred, and should not be changed.


They refused to understand that oil was limited, or the effects that climate change caused by the American lifestyle would have on the world.


Now, that change is upon us. In a world of starvation, no fuel to heat their homes or power their automobiles, Americans will find that Civil Rights no longer matter. The only important distinction will be; who shall live, and who shall die.