Friday, June 10, 2011

米サラ・ペイリンさんの支持者の歴史を変える試み Palin's supporters try to change history.

Something in America happened recently that has disturbed me greatly. American Christian Fundamentalists have long been trying to rewrite American history. Their aim is to show that the Founding Fathers wished to create a Christian Theological government in America. This is not true. The American Founding Fathers were specific that they did not want to entangle religion and politics, that America would be an inclusive nation of all religions and peoples.


David Barton is one such Christian who pretends to be a historian, and to prove that historically America is a Christian nation. His history is seriously flawed.


Well, the historical revisionists are bad enough. But the recent event that disturbed me involves Sarah Palin. Right now she is making a promotional bus tour across America. Many people think the goal of this tour is to promote her run for President in 2012. She is visiting many historical sites. One of them is Paul Revere's house in Boston.


At the beginning of the American Revolution, Paul Revere rode out from the city of Boston to warn revolutionaries that the British army was on the move. The goal of the British army was to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams, American revolutionaries.


When Sarah Palin recently visited Paul Revere's house in Boston, she made several historical mistakes in a video interview. One big mistake was where she said that Paul Revere warned the British army not to take the guns of American patriots.


Well, this is simply not true. But what disturbs me is that Sarah Palin's supporters then tried to change the Wikipedia page about Paul Revere.


Sarah Palin has long been, "fact challenged". In fact, she is extremely ignorant. When she was campaigning for the Vice Presidency in 2008, she thought Africa was a country, she did not understand that it was a continent.


She was much more interested in shopping than studying.

But the disturbing thing is, there are many supporters who feel the need to change history to make Sarah Palin appear correct. History is history, and cannot be changed.


But such deep belief that Sarah Palin is correct no matter what mistake she makes, well this is dangerous. This is the road to Fascism. And with her religious affiliations, this will be a Christian Fundamentalist Fascism.


How many Americans are we talking about here. Well, according to this poll, 15% of Americans are enthusiastic supporters of Palin, and 24% would consider voting for her for President.


Mitt Romney, I do not think he has a chance. Americans will never vote for a Mormon for President. Also, Mr. Romney has said that humans are the cause of Global Warming. This will upset many Americans. Unfortunately, it is fact, but Americans are no longer interested in facts.


And WHY do so many Americans support Sarah Palin? There is this feeling in America: "She is just like me". It means she is stupid like many Americans.

In the last few years, there has been an increase in the feeling that elites are the enemy. Elites means educated Americans. This is part of the reason for the popularity of Sarah Palin. While I certainly do not support discrimination against ignorant or stupid people, I do not think that Stupidity is a reasonable qualification to become President of the United States.


I have long written about American ignorance and stupidity, and impending American collapse. If there are Americans who can no longer respect even basic US history, well, I think there is little hope for America.


And what would a Palin Presidency mean for Japan? Well, she is so stupid, she cannot speak American English in a proper fashion. How can we negotiate problems like trade or military bases if the American President does not know English.


I would like to end this post on a happier note however. For all my readers in Japan, you can participate in a bit of American Revolutionary history.


You see, one of the American revolutionary leaders that Paul Revere warned on that night, was also a Brewer. I do not like the more famous American beers sold in Japan. However, I recommend Samuel Adams beer highly!


So everybody! Let's join the American Revolution! Cheers!


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