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アメリカ、法律が死んだ国 America, the land where the law died

America, from the end of World War Two until about 1980, was a fairly nice country to live in for most people. The middle class lifestyle lived by the majority of Americans was the envy of the world.


And that lifestyle is now crumbling into dust. What happened? Well, we are seeing the rise of a Corporate State. In this type of county, the government is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Power is devolving into the hands of several large corporations.


The beginnings of the middle class that has existed postwar in America can be traced to the labor movements of pre WWII America, where pitched battles where fought to protect workers rights.


It is an axiom to say that a strong middle class is essential for a nation to exist as a Democracy. However, since the end of WWII, there has been a quiet revolution going on inside America. This revolution was to repeal the laws that watched over business, and protected the existence of the middle class.


As we can see in the above chart, American business has succeeded dramatically. And the lives of average Americans are becoming an increasing hell of struggling to stay alive.


When I read the comments of Right wing Americans, they say this increasing income gap is the fault of the people. They say that people don't work hard enough. However, in America, higher education is getting extremely expensive. There is no national health care option, so getting sick can be kill you or destroy your financial status.


Basically, the type of health care proposed by Republicans seems to be "Don't get sick".


A conservative commentator in the New York Times, Mr. David Brooks, goes a little farther. He says that people who get seriously ill are an inconvenience since they cost so much money. They should just die. Mr. Brooks says that high medical costs are the reason for America's financial crisis.


Mr. Brooks makes no mention of the high fees charged by insurance companies in the US. No mention of the extreme amount of money that goes into the military. I wonder if he got sick, would he just die? Presidential Candidate Herman Cain has survived stage IV cancer. But he is wealthy.

ブルックスさんはアメリカの保険会社のすごく高い保険料を書いていません。アメリカの高い軍備費も書いていません。彼の場合、もし重病に成ったら、そのまま死にますか? 大統領候補者ハーマン・ケインさんはステージ4癌を治りました。しかし、彼はお金持ちです。

I will say here it is true that average Americans are way too optimistic. When I first came to Japan, I was amazed at how hard Japanese people work, and how much money Japanese people save. In the America I grew up in, people were optimistic, believing that their income would always rise.


Thusly you would have people borrowing money to have frivolous things, vacations, or cars they didn't need.


Difficult economic times do come, hardly any Americans have cash savings, they only have debt. Economic down times wipe them out.


The American political Right says that these people are stupid, they deserve what they get. Yet it is business itself that encourages people to borrow beyond their ability to pay. It is American banks and financial institutions that create mortgage loans that are designed to cause foreclosure after two years.


Are not these companies wrong? I do not believe we can trust American business. When a bank says that a homeless family is at fault for entering into a mortgage loan causes them to go homeless, and that loan was created by that bank, there is something very wrong here.


When people get sick, they are often fired from their job, the company based insurance companies don't want to pay. Or they search for some reason to deny coverage, such as saying that the disease is a pre-existing condition. They do not care that such actions are often death sentences, they say it is the fault of people who get sick.


In America today, one misstep, one mistake, or one bit of bad luck, you are destroyed. If you get sick, or lose your job, your life is over. And American companies easily fire people to save money. America is no longer a nice place to live.


In my last blog post, I have written how the American political Right has gradually destroyed legislation to oversee financial transactions since 1980. This period coincides with the great transfer of wealth in the chart above, that is no accident.

What of the American government? Well, many frustrated Americans say that the government is owned by Wall street. Well, I cannot prove that any particular American politician is being paid bribes by any particular industry. However, I find this very interesting. In September, I wrote about how the American government barely averted government shutdown.

Only three congressmen out of 435 showed up to vote. The rest felt that their vacation was more important than affairs of state. Visitors to Zuccoti park in New York City, write about visiting the "Occupy Wall Street" camp, they see no signs asking for help from Presidnet Obama, or support for the President. The Occupy Wall Street people are angry at BOTH the Democratic and Republican parties.


Well, looking at that government shutdown mess, it seems that the American government has abdicated to corporate America. Certainly, the Obama administration has made no meaningful effort to prosecute any of the people or corporations responsible for the 2008 Lehman shock. They are still involved in the same dangerous financial transactions.


America is no longer a country of laws. It is instead a collection of corporate fiefdoms, with a weak central government incapable of enforcing the law merely looking on as the corporate fiefdoms accumulate more power.


To my memory, in the America I grew up in 40 years ago, the perpetrators of the 2008 Lehman shock would all be in prison.


Where is the courage of the Obama administration?


And now the American government wants Japan to join TPP. Will this give American corporations unfettered access to Japanese funds? I fear so.


Will the lives of average Japanese people collapse like the American middle class? I fear so.


Is the future health care system of Japan to run by private American insurance companies, where only the wealthy get comprehensive care, and the average person gets marginal care for a high price? I fear so.


I cannot see any benefit for Japan to enter TPP with America. American agriculture is near collapse. The problem is not only oil, it is climate. America is entering a period of terrible extreme drought.


A look at the present state of drought in America confirms this.


I do not think it wise for the Japanese government to believe that we can depend upon American food resources. We must look to ourselves, and massively increase Japanese domestic food production.

Write your local lawmaker and tell them how you feel. And vote. Remember how your lawmaker votes, and use your vote accordingly.


We must save Japan's independence, and protect the Japanese people.


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Thanks for your contribution to exavating the evils of the TPP Conspiracies which will eventually destroy the cordial relations betwenn Japan and the US and lure into the anatagonism and conflict within one's socio-economic strata.