Thursday, October 6, 2011

ウォール街を占拠せよ! Occupy Wall Street!

A few weeks a go, a sudden, spontaneous movement started up in America, Occupy Wall Street. In few weeks, it has spread across the nation. Many labor unions have joined in voicing their support. The following unions have declared their support for the movement.


United NY
Strong Economy for All Coalition
Working Families Party
TWU Local 100
SEIU 1199
CWA 1109
Communications Workers of America
CWA Local 1180
United Auto Workers
United Federation of Teachers
Professional Staff Congress - CUNY
National Nurses United
Writers Guild East

The above list is from the link below:


What is going on? People are angry. The charts below are from the website Mother Jones.

どう言う事に成っていますか?アメリカ国民は怒っています。下記のグラフは 、Mother Jones と言うサイトで見ました。

As this chart shows, the income gap has increased dramatically over the last few decades.


How as it affected people? They cannot live. There are stories here of people who need a room mate so that they can afford to buy food. There are stories here of students who graduate from University with impossible debt levels, and cannot find a job. And of course health care is also impossible for many. 1% of Americans have a very nice life. These are stories from the other 99%.


This is not the description of a healthy nation. To me, it sounds like the stories I read of as a kid in America, of some third world country under the rule of a Communistic dictator. And with America coming to the rescue.


However, the reality is, this is America.


How did this come to be? It is very simple, and I will quote from the link below. In 1980, close to 100% of financial deals traded in America were regulated by government New Deal era legislation. By 2008, 90% of trades were exempt from any regulation.

The American political Right said we could trust banks and financial institutions to do the proper thing without regulation. Obviously, this was a mistake.


How have Wall Street financiers reacted to the protests? Here is a youtube video. It shows protesters marching down Wall Street. Then the camera pans and shows Financiers on the balcony watching the protest. They are drinking champagne and laughing at them.

Last month, I wrote about the cruelty of the Tea Party people, laughing at people who died because they could not afford health care. Well the rich people of Wall street laugh at those who are struggling to live. By the way, "Swells!" which in Japanese means 素晴しい!Back in America in the 1920's it meant a rich person.

This spectacle of rich financiers drinking Champagne and laughing at people in trouble makes me think of Marie Antoinette and her comment, "Let them eat cake".


I cannot find it in my heart to laugh at person who is unfortunate. Perhaps it is because I struggle myself.


There are people in Japan who say, the best thing for Japan to do is to follow America in every thing it does. I say NO! The American leadership has been very stupid. It has often been said that Americans do not study history.


If you study history, you will understand that there can only be one result of the transfer of wealth in America, revolution. If you take away the means for people to live, they will revolt.


Some years ago, under the Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan, and President Bush in America, well the Americans really loved PM Koizumi. He did whatever America told him to do.


Under PM Koizumi, the system of 派遣、or part time worker was changed. Now we have many Japanese young people working under this type of system. They have no hope of getting married or leading a normal life. By following America, we have created a dangerous potential for revolution in Japan.


After the Lehman shock of 2008, American financial companies and banks showed no inclination to stop their types of financial trades, derivative swaps and sub prime mortgages that nearly destroyed the world economy.


Now these same banks and financial companies want access to Japan's funds. Again, I say NO! That is why I am very against TPP. The American financial business industry seems incapable of learning.


We must protect Japan. As for America, this is their fight, we cannot help them. The United States of America is headed for very difficult times. But there will increasing pressure from the US government for access to Japanese funds. NO! The American government cannot manage their own country. We must protect Japan!


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