Friday, September 30, 2011

アメリカのシャットダウン:とりあえず大丈夫です。 US government shutdown, safe for the time being.

On Thursday the 29th, American time, the funding bill passed Congress, avoiding a shutdown of the US government.

But there was something very odd here. Only three US Congressmen were present when the bill was passed. Everyone else was on vacation. So the passage of the bill only took five minutes.


Normally, the US Congress has 435 members.


So what is going on here? My guess is that it was a conspiracy. I am guessing that The President, Democratic Party leaders, and normal sane Republican leaders conspired to pass the bill without the presence of disruptive and insane Tea Party Republican members.

いったい、どう言う事ですか?私の推測で、陰謀でした。私の推測は、オバマ大統領、普通の良識のある共和党リーダー達、それと民主党のリーダー達が、破壊的な正気ではない茶会の義員達がいない時にこの法律制度を 通す陰謀をしました。

If you look at the Wikipedia link above, you will see that the rules of the operation of Congress require that a majority of members, a "Quorum" be present to conduct business. 3 members out of 435 is certainly no majority.


Funding for FEMA, the issue that the Tea Party used to delay the bill, well funding for FEMA was cut.


What do I see with this? I think the American political establishment, and the President, have finally realized that they have a revolutionary situation here. I have often written on my blog how the Christian Fundamentalist movement, using the front group of the Tea Party, wishes to make a Civil War in America, and establish a Theocratic state.


By passing the bill in such a secretive manner, I think the American power brokers in Washington are realizing the extent of the danger.


This is good. After all, last month we had the Tea Party making their best effort to force the United States into default.


An American collapse would devastate the world economic and political structure.


What could have happened in case of a government shutdown? OK, let me list some possibilities.


In a government shutdown in 1995, the following happened:


In 1995, hundreds of thousands of Federal workers lost their jobs.


Many government payments to citizens were halted, there was no one to process them.


The military and and FBI remained on the job.


It would be very bad, and in today's economic environment, further hurt the reputation of the United States, and the world situation. I am very glad that the US government could pass the bill, even if they resorted to a trick to do it.


However, the fact that the bill could not be passed by normal process indicates that the Tea Party/Christian Fundamentalist movement has much strength, and possibility to disrupt American society.


And I am amazed at the attitude of so many members of Congress, with such an important law waiting to be passed, they went on vacation.


And this action is certain to make the Tea Party angry. I think we can expect more excitement in the near future in America.


And remember, the funding bill has to be redone by November 18th.


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