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Madness: The seeds of war Part I 狂気:戦争の種 パートI

It is now the end of the year 2018.  The world is sliding into chaos, due to the greed of human beings.  And this is not about President Trump.


I will now write about the situation of three countries, The United States of America, South Korea, and Japan.


The United States:


With the election of a Democratic majority in Congress, chaos is guaranteed in 2019.  Many Democratic politicians are preparing to impeach President Trump.  One Congressman is hoping President Trump will go to prison.


Many Americans, and the number is rapidly increasing, no longer see traditional politics as a vehicle for change.  They are looking to violence to effect change.


At the urging of Democrat politicians like Maxine Waters, Republican politicians are increasingly being confronted by leftist mobs in restaurants and other public places.


They are also conducting mob harassment of Right wing officials at home.


The vandalized home of a Pittsburgh judge.  Blue lives murder refers to Blue (police uniforms are basically blue) clothed police killing Black people.

ピッツバーグ裁判官の破壊された家です。 Blue lives murder の意味は、青(警察官の制服は基本的に青)制服の警官が黒人を殺しています。

Anitfa demonstrating in the judge’s neighborhood.


The Antifa came to The home of Tucker Carlson, a popular Fox News announcer at night.  They broke his front door trying to get in the house.  They shouted many threats.


There is a new word in the English language, doxxing.  It refers to openly publishing the home addresses of officials on the internet.  This is so Left wing activists can go harass them at home, or work.


In Portland Oregon, The Left wing city government orders police to stand down and let Antifa control traffic and physically beat motorists who do not obey them.


Seattle police also side with the Antifa.


Republicans in the Pacific Northwest no longer trust police to provide security at events, instead they use militia forces.


Simple harassment is no longer enough for Left wing groups, they are now openly planning assassinations of right wing politicians and people they don’t like on the net.  They include the target’s families in the kill list.


Twitter posts concerning Left wing assassination squads


The tactics described in forming kill teams and the weaponry of 4 to 5 people are very sophisticated.  They describe how to operate in small cells that can be combined.  This is traditional guerrilla warfare technique.


I read James Kunstler every week.  He describes the present American Left and Right as not political movements, but as opposing religions.  He includes an excellent article by Andrew Sullivan.  Mr Sullivan’s article is a little long, but he gets to the religious question in the second half.


I agree with this assessment.  People are set in their beliefs, any amount of logical arguing will have no effect.  There can only be one way forward now in America, and that is the road of violence.


This link shows a group on the funding platform Patreon, “The Red Guards of Austin” which is calling for war inside the United States.  They are saying that any Rightist or Republican must be killed.  There has long been a strong Leftist presence in Austin Texas.


Photos of Left wingers in Austin Texas


In 2019, violence will greatly increase.  The Democratic party will make every effort to impeach President Trump, and Vice President Pence.  If they succeed, Nancy Pelosi, who is likely be the next Speaker of the House, will become President.


If the Democrats do not succeed in removing President Trump and Vice President Pence, we see increasing governmental paralysis and chaos.  There will be more violence as Leftists turn to assassination as a political tool.


If they succeed in destroying the President, then the Right is likely to respond with all out civil war.  The military will split, the majority of combat soldiers joining the Right.  The Left, and the urban population of America will be slaughtered.


It is time for Japanese people to start thinking of America as being in a war zone.  So do not go as a tourist.  Do not go there to study.  If a person is being sent by company, do not go there with family.  It is much easier to evacuate a single man rather than a man with a wife and children.


At this point, America seems rather normal.  However, things can turn bad very quickly.  We have seen in the photos above Antifa demonstrating in a judge’s neighborhood.  They can go very quickly to the judgement that anyone living in that neighborhood is a criminal oppressor, and that would include Japanese expatriate people living there.  That would mean kill them.


A general guerrilla war can break out at anytime.  America can change quickly from the present seemingly normal to a combat zone everywhere.  Airports are very easy to shutdown, and very vulnerable to terrorist attacks.  Then it will be impossible for people to evacuate back to Japan.


Recently Gatwick airport in London has been shutdown for some days as unknown persons keep flying small drones over the runways.  It is that easy to shutdown an airport.


The violent Left, such as Anfifa, is insane, their violence is increasing, and it does include normal people besides politicians.


Of course, it is very difficult to predict the exact level of violence, when and how it will come about.  But it is moving in a more violent direction, and since people have taken a religious aspect to their beliefs, it means no solution, no forgiveness can be possible.  In the American, or Western way, one side must exterminate the other.


Unlike Asian people who have cooperative, non violent religions, in the West, religion means the destruction and slaughter of anyone who is different.


Europe, because of too many migrants, is also very dangerous.  If you want to go to a safe Western country, there is Australia or New Zealand.  If you want an excellent education in a foreign country, go to Russia.


In part II of this blog, I will write about South Korea and Japan


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