Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Does South Korea intend to start a war with Japan? 韓国が日本と戦争する積りですか?

On December 20th, 2018, a South Korean warship locked an anti aircraft missile targeting radar on a Japanese Naval patrol plane.


This is an extremely dangerous and provocative act.  There are only two possibilities.  One, the crew of the South Korean warship went rogue, and did this by themselves.  Two, the South Korean government ordered this.


I have met many South Koreans who were military, their professionalism impressed me.  So no, I don’t think a crew suddenly went rogue.


There are several steps involved in initiating a missile lock on, they must be ordered by a senior officer, normally the captain or executive officer of the vessel.


Training of this nature, live fire exercises, is conducted in ones own territorial waters.  It is pre announced and other vessels and aircraft are warned away.


If the South Korean ship was truly looking for a North Korean vessel in distress, why not inform the Japanese Coast Guard?


And that this incident occurred deep in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone, makes it very provocative.


The location of the incident


So it was deliberate.  Why?  It is my belief that the Moon Jae In administration is testing the military and political response of Japan.


I believe this was done in preparation for some bigger event in the near future.  All Japanese people should be on alert and prepared now for hostile action.


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