Friday, October 30, 2009

もっと税金を払わせて下さい Let us pay more tax

In Germany, a group of some 44 wealthy individuals has formed, and has petitioned the government of re-elected Chancellor Merkel that they be allowed to be pay more in taxes.


Their idea is, that they have the ability to pay, they have more money than they need, so they should be taxed more. They say that an increased "wealth tax" of 5% for two years would provide a lot of money to help fund investment in ecology, education, and social justice.


When I read this, I was quite surprised. In America, greed has destroyed the American economy. All Americans are guilty here, corporate Presidents, with their obscenely high salaries, financial traders who devised such complex transaction as derivatives, and the average people who thought that they could use their house as collateral to invest in stocks.


Just when the effects of Global Warming and Peak Oil are beginning to appear, American greed has destroyed their ability to finance measures to deal with these coming disasters.


Actually, the action of these few wealthy Germans shows us the ideal on how we will have to live in the future. Capitalism is certainly not an answer. America has shown us what kind of society pure capitalism leads to, what Americans have created is an economy that is based on greed, producing for the sake of profit for a few.


The average American is obsessed with buying things, and all this production and overuse of fossil fuels has created runaway Global Climate change, we are now staring extinction in the face. Our only hope is to bio engineer our way out of this mess.


Despite the denials of virtually all Americans, America is well along the path to disintegration.


To survive, societies will have to develop a more cooperative attitude. If a few individuals become rich by destroying the lives of many people, eventually they will destroy the nation and themselves. And climate destruction caused by Global Warming is going to affect us all, wealth will not allow us to buy our way out of that problem.


Living in Japan for 35 years, I have seen that in general Japanese have a group identity. Japanese corporate executive officers do not take the extreme salaries that American executives do.


Of course in the future, there will still be wealthy people, but I think the actions of these few Germans tells us something, that is that we are all on this planet together, and we are all going to have to help each other.



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