Tuesday, July 16, 2013

グレンデール市は従軍慰安婦記念碑を設置する事に決めました。 Glendale California decides to erect Comfort Women monument.

Well Glendale California went ahead and did it.  They decided to establish a Comfort women memorial on public land.


Frankly, they were very surprised by the Japanese protest reaction.  In fact, a comment by former mayor Frank Quintero shows that they are totally ignorant of Asian history and what they are doing.



"A 14-year-old girl doesn't voluntarily leave her village in Korea to go serve the Japanese army, give me a break," said Councilman Frank Quintero




Well Mr. Quintero, yes they did, they were sold by their fathers or other guardians.  This is how things were at the time.  Mr. Quintero is applying modern standards to try to understand the history of Asia 70 or more years ago, and that is a mistake.


In any case, it is very difficult for Americans to imagine any society different than their own.


However, what is unique is that not only are Japanese in Japan speaking up, but also Japanese Americans.




Americans seem to think that only conservatives in Japan are angry at the constant demand for war apologies.  A message to my American friends, no, it is all Japanese.  People here have had enough of foreign demands for apologies about the war.


Japanese people do not hold a grudge about the horrific bombings that America did, which had no military purpose.



Frankly, the Korean conduct is not that of a civilized nation.  Defacing the Japanese flag seems to have become the national pastime in Korea.


At the entrance to a Korean University.


Koreans defacing Japanese flags.


But is not only Japan that Koreans are angry at.


There are of course anti American protests in Japan.  There are problems with US bases, with the TPP trade pact.  But I have never heard of an instance where Japanese protesters did such a terrible thing to the American flag.


There seems to be an increase of wild Korean claims of dominating Asia in past times on the net.


It would be funny, except that Koreans are trying to enact punitive policies against Japan.  No, it is not at all a joke. 


Forty years ago, when I lived in Korea, they were not this arrogant.  They did not engage in all this flag desecration.  This is a new phenomena, it has developed in recent years.  But it proves that Korean people really can only think of themselves.  They simply do not understand what it is to be a member of the world community.


And to my American friends, again I will say, be careful with these Koreans.  They believe they are the greatest civilization to have ever existed in the world.  One day, they will attack you too.



Unknown said...
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hirosugi1960 said...

I strongly support your point of view, opinion, and an action to provoke fair discussion on this matter among American society.
I think for Japanese and Japanese American citizens it's time to stand together against irrational negative campaign by Koreans for our pride.

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hnkennedy said...

The GHQ personnel used the same type of brothels after the end of war in Japan. There were many widows, and women who were facing poverty. The GHQ asked the Japanese government to provide those faculties and there were women who applied for the job. Now, if Americans were so sympathetic to Korean comfort women because "it's a crime against women", we should build some statues of Japanese comfort women in the U.S. cities right next to the Korean statues. Those Japanese prostitutes were also "forced to work as sex slaves." If they were war widows, or lost their families or houses because of the war, then Americans are really be responsible for "forcing them to go into this horrible crime against women."
These Americans do not care about the fact that there is zero evidence of Japanese government/army kidnapping those Korean women? They don't care that so-called "testimonies of the victims" need to have the evidence? They don't care about the fact that there were a lot of legal private brothels everywhere in Asia that the Japanese government/army didn't need to kidnap any women at all especially during the war? And because they tend to ignore those facts, I have to say they are hypocrites.